Zoom Meetings


PLEASE NOTE: All Zoom meetings will open at 6:30 pm with a prompt start time of 7:00pm.  If you know you are going to join late, please let us know, as we will may lock the meeting after its started.

IMPORTANT: For the security of the meeting, we are using the “Waiting Room” function to monitor who is entering the meeting, can you please ensure that your full name is displayed, not your email address, not your device name or anything else.

On entering the meeting if you have not previously created a Zoom account, you will be asked to enter your name. If you have a Zoom account, check in your profile and amend as necessary if its not displaying your full name.  Why do we need this?  If we don’t recognise your name when you appear in the waiting room and its not on the members list who have previously said they want to join these meetings, as the saying goes: If your name ain’t on our list, you ain’t coming in.

All 2020 Zoom meetings are being provided free of charge to our Club members only.  If you have not already paid the 2020 membership fee of £15 or want to join our Club, contact Alan Selden, the Membership Secretary, see Contact page

Meeting details with the link to join the meeting will be emailed to you 2/3 days before the event, please check your email and if possible place a flag against it when received, that way it will be easy to find on the day.

All Club demonstrator meetings, the microphones will be turned off during the demonstration, however if you have a question please use the chat feature in Zoom to send the question or alternatively use the “Hands Up” function and your microphone will be turned on.

Never used Zoom before or having problems? Have a look on the Zoom website for help, click HERE.

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