Zoom Meetings


PLEASE NOTE: All Zoom meetings will open at 6:30 pm with a prompt start time of 7:00pm.  If you know you are going to join late, please let us know, as we may lock the meeting after its started.

Please ensure whatever device you are using to join our Zoom meetings has the latest version of either the App or Zoom Client before joining the meeting.  To enable us to use Zoom to its full capability we need everyone to running on the latest version.  Not sure how to do that well go and have a look HERE to find out how.

IMPORTANT: For the security of the meeting, we are using the “Waiting Room” function to monitor who is entering the meeting, can you please ensure that your full name is displayed, not your email address, not your device name or anything else.

It is free to have a Zoom account and we encourage you to sign up and set your profile details so it displays your name automatically everytime you join our meetings.  This also means by having your own account, you could use it to keep in contact with loved ones and friends and have your own meetings, which are limited to 40 minutes.

On entering the meeting if you have not previously created a Zoom account, you will be asked to enter your name. If you have a Zoom account, check in your profile and amend as necessary if its not displaying your full name.  Why do we need this?  If we don’t recognise your name when you appear in the waiting room and its not on the members list who have previously said they want to join these meetings, as the saying goes: If your name ain’t on our list, you ain’t coming in.

Meeting details with the link to join the meeting will be emailed to you 2/3 days before the event, please check your email and if possible place a flag against it when received, that way it will be easy to find on the day.  If you have not received the email and are a paid up member (i.e have paid the 2021 fees), contact our Secretary via the Contact Page.

All Club demonstrator meetings, the microphones will be turned off during the demonstration, however if you have a question please use the chat feature in Zoom to send the question or alternatively use the “Hands Up” function and your microphone will be turned on.

Breakout Rooms – During a Workshop night, we will use Breakout Rooms, which depending on the number of available Turners, we will have a Breakout Room set up in each of their names.  Just like being in the Village Hall you can effectively move between rooms to view what is happening on each lathe.  When we open the rooms, select the button on your screen which looks like a small square window with four boxes in it. Select which Turner you wish to view and select Join.  Once in the room, click on the video feed of the turner and select Pin or if on Apple IOS, double tap on the turners video feed and select pin.  This will keep their video feed in your main screen irrespective of other people talking.  When you want to move to a different room, select the breakout room icon, select the turner and then select join. You also have the option to Leave the room which will return you to the main meeting area.  Be careful not to select Leave Meeting as it will bin you out of the meeting completely.  Don’t worry, just join it again and we will let you back in.  For more details on Breakout Rooms have a look HERE.

Never used Zoom before or having problems? Have a look on the Zoom website for help, click HERE.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette

  1. It is a good idea to check your video and audio prior to meeting, Zoom enables you to do this by going to zoom.us/test
  2. Ensure that you have a neutral background where possible (you can pick a background in “Video” -> Virtual Backgrounds”
  3. Ensure your Microphone is on mute when entering a meeting and use the space bar to speak.
  4. Remember that you are on video and audio (it is easy to forget to mute the mic and have inappropriate background noises.(statistics show many participants have been heard using the facilities)
  5. When showing pictures, videos on Zoom please check the background.
  6. Stay focused on the meeting – inappropriate language or discussing items that are not relevant to be avoided
  7. Zoom meeting is not the platform to voice your disapproval (raise any issues with the committee)
  8. Unacceptable behaviour by participants during a meeting may result in your audio and video being turned off and ultimately the participant can be expelled from the meeting.
  9. Meetings may be recorded, and inflammatory comments/behaviour should be avoided.
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