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Up to Oct 2018, we recorded all the demonstrations in the Village Hall with the kind permission of the Turners.  We then edited them and made them into DVD’s, that only Club members could buy or hire.  We do not sell to anyone outside of the club.  We have a massive collection of 113 DVDs listed below giving a wide range of projects, ideas and the insight in how somethings are made.  Please ask in the Club Shop if you want to hire or buy one, £2 for hire per month or £5 to buy.  Please remember we are Turners and not film producers so don’t expect too much.  You can search the list by name or what they were making to help find the one you are after, make a note of the disc number to ask for.

Full DVD Hire List

113Earring Stand, Ring Stand and Natural Edge BowlPhillip GreenwoodOct 18
112Part 1 - Christmas BaubleEmma CookOct 18
111Jewellery Stand,
Yew Box with Rose Engine Pattern
and a Trembleur
Gerry MarlowSep 18
110Lattice Rimmed Bowl and Tea Light HolderDavid LoweAug 18
109Clam Shell Box, Wine Bottle Coaster, Earring Stand and PendantSue HarkerJul 18
108Resin Infilled Tealight Holder, Mirror, Liming Wax Tealight HolderSteve GilesJun 18
107Chestnut Finishing ProductsTerry SmartMay 18
106Table LightRichard FindleyApr 18
105Part 2Rick DobneyApr 18
104Part 1Rick Dobney Apr 18
103Bird House, Airbrushing, Gold Leaf & PyrographyChris FisherMar 18
102Smoking Snowman and Open Sided BowlStuart Lowe & Norman SandersNov 17
101Tree Bowl and Candle Stick Part 2Richard KennedyNov 17
100Coloured Hollow Vase Part 1Richard KennedyNov 17
99Coloured Lidded VaseMick HanburyOct 17
98Art Deco coloured Bowl, Quaich and Miniature AppleIan CarressSep-17
97Carvers Mallet and Halloween PumpkinEmma CookAug-17
96Cocktail Sticker Holder and Textured DishRobin BarlowJul-17
95Self Closing Hollow FormRonald KanneJun-17
94Decorated Lidded Box and Natural Edge BowlAndy CoatesMay-17
93Hollow Form and Lidded Bowl Part 2Gary Lowe 'The Tartan TurnerMay-17
92Textured Dish and Hollow Form Part 1Gary Lowe 'The Tartan TurnerMay-17
91Pedestal BowlChris & Rita NortonApr-17
90A Tall StoolPeter TreeMar-17
89Hollow Form, Microwave Drying and Off Centre TurningChris FisherFeb-17
88Hollow Form Vase, Multi-Axis Clock SculptureRick DobneyNov-16
87Beads & Coves, Garden Dibber, Egg and Honey DipperPaul JonesOct-16
86Wine Glass Stem & Bottle CoasterPeter OsbornSep-16
85Natural Edge bowl (2 ways) + MushroomPeter OsbornSep-16
84Miners LampAdam StephensAug-16
83Salt/Sugar Shaker Bell:Pendants:SharpeningGary RanceJul-16
82Idiot Stick:Fob Stand:Apple:Letter OpenerGary RanceJul-16
81DVD removed from collection
80DVD removed from collection
79Chris Creates Volume 1Chris FisherMay-16
78Lace Up Vase and Coloured Tea Light HolderDavid LoweMay-16
77Finial VaseTom KittleApr-16
76Tea Light Holder & FinialStan BryanMar-16
75Pole LatheJulien ColeFeb-16
74Hollow FormAndy RounthwaiteNov-15
73Lidded Hollow VesselPhil IronsOct-15
723 point turning (candle holder), Birdbox decorationIan CaressSep-15
71Mushroom StoolTony WilsonAug-15
70Thin wall turning, piercing, colouring & texturingJoey RichardsonJul-15
69Acrylic Pen, Offset Pen, Hedgehog, Top, Card StandLesley ChurtonJun-15
68Heart Shaped bowl, turned and carvedEmma CookMay-15
67Offset Lattice Box, Textured Bowl, Specs holderRobin BarlowApr-15
66Beginners Guide to Wood Turning Vol 2Chris Fisher & John LilesMay-15
65Beginners Guide to Wood Turning Vol 1Chris FisherApr-15
64Hybrid Box, Ring Stand, FinialGuy RavineMar-15
63Finishing - Chestnut productsTerry SmartFeb-15
62Coloured and Decorated BowlMick HanburyNov-14
61Fruit and Onion turning and ColouringChris & Rita NortonOct-14
60Christmas Ornament, Off Centre CandlestickGerry MarlowSep-14
59Plant StandSteve HealeyAug-14
58{None Made}Mark BakerJul-14
57Scroll SawGianni DeiddaJun-14
56Double Headed CandlestickSue HarkerMay-14
55.2Inside Out TurningMargaret GarrardMar-14
54Gavel, pepper mill and door wedgeMartin PidgenFeb-14
53ColouringChris FisherJan-14
52CandelabraPeter TreeNov-13
51Natural Edge BowlsPhillip GreenwoodOct-13
50Textured plate and appleAndy RoundthwaiteSep-13
49Rectangular BowlSimon WhiteheadAug-13
48Zip Vase - dimple Tea LightDavid LoweJul-13
47Hollow Form and TopAndy CoatesJun-13
46Finial BoxRussell KebbleMay-13
45Light pull, stopper, wine coaster, diamond BowlMartin PidgenMar-13
44Double ended hollowingTom KittleFeb-13
43Earing stand/box and pen masterPeter HallumJan-13
42Thread ChasingJohn BerkleyNov-12
41Textured BowlRichard FindleyOct-12
40Bowls: asian, calabash and square edgeMark BakerSep-12
39Hollow form and boxSimon WhitheadAug-12
38DVD removed from collection
37Cloud bowl etcTony WilsonJun-12
36Laminated turningCarlyn LindseyMay-12
35Stopper, fruit, platterJim WestApr-12
34Tool sharpeningMick HanburyFeb-12
33Long hole boringJohn LilesJan-12
32Finishing - Chestnut productsTerry SmartNov-11
31Vases,rattle bamboo lid box, buffingGerry MarlowOct-11
30Router work and barley twistRichard FindleySep-11
29Spindle turning and clown clockRay JonesAug-11
28Pewter bowl and whistleSimon HopeJul-11
27Spalted bowl and rattleChris Fisher/John LyallJun-11
26DVD removed from collection
25Painted bowl and ear-ring standAlan CoatesMar-11
24Decorated bowlMick HanburyFeb-11
23DecorationsChris FisherJan-11
22Pewter turningSimon HopeOct-10
21Onion box, square bowl, gobletBill CareSep-10
20Heart and octagonal bowlsAlan TruemanAug-10
19Inside- outside turningSue HarkerJul-10
18Walking cane and topRichard FindleyJun-10
17Table lampChris NortonMay-10
16Four legged stoolPeter TreeApr-10
15Trembleur etcEli AviseraMar-10
14VaseTom KittleFeb-10
13Wet wood turningChris FisherJan-10
12Bowl and gobletNicos SirigasDec-09
11Rose machine turningLen GranthamNov-09
9ClockGerry MarlowSep-09
8Bowl turningTony WilsonAug-09
7Fruit turningJim WestJul-09
6Segmented bowl turningSue HarkerJun-09
5Elements of turning matching spindlesTom KittleMay-09
4Off-centre turningClem AnsellApr-09
1WoodturningMick HanburyJan-09

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