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Below is a Compatibility Chart of the the Chestnut products as guidance as what will go with what.  Also, there is a Thinning/Solvent chart to say what can be used with what Chestnut product.

Finishing School Videos

Chestnut Products have recently started to produce some useful and informative videos on how to get the best out of their products.  You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel to get notifications when they add more or view them on their website or come back here, as we will show them as well with the kind permission from Terry Smart.

Those of you that are on Facebook, have you seen ‘Conkers’ the Chestnut Products user group? There’s lots of information and ideas there, well worth a look!

Once you have learnt all about the products, come and buy them from our Club Shop at special discounted prices for our Members.

Finishing School 1 - Not 'Just' Finishing

The first in Chestnut’s series of videos about finishing, this serves as an introduction to the series and just how important finishing is.

Finishing School 2 - Using abrasives on Woodturning
Everything you need to know about how to get your turned work prepared for finishing to show it off to its best potential – and why it’s so important.
Finishing School 3 - How to use Sanding Sealers

The how’s and especially the why’s of Sanding Sealers are often misunderstood. Find out what you should be using and when you should be using them with Chestnut Products’ guide to Sanding Sealers.

Finishing School 4 - Using Wax on Turnings

Using Wax on Turnings is one of the quickest and easiest methods of finishing your work. Watch as Chestnut Products show you how it’s done and which waxes work best in which situation.

Finishing School 5 - Simple Wax Polishing on the Lathe

Getting a great finish on the lathe is easy using our sanding sealer and wax.

Finishing School 6 - Decorating an Ash Vase

A very effective and attractive method of decorating an Ash vase using Chestnut Products’ Ebonising Lacquer, Gilt Cream and WoodWax 22.

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