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Workshop Activity Night - Online


19:00 - 21:30


Zoom Meeting

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The meeting will be open from 6:30pm. After any notices, we have two turners out of four who take it in turn on a rota to be set up in their workshops with cameras, which via the power of Zoom we put each turner in a breakout room so you can go between the rooms as you like to see what they are up to. Then after a break we have our Show & Tell feature to show off your work and then back to the breakrooms until approx. 9:30pm.

We would love to see anything you have made, irrespective if it went well or a total disaster, as we all learn by our mistakes, so share with us, it might just stop someone else doing the same.  Don’t be embarrassed, take part as that is what these evenings are for. Please send us some photos or videos of what you have been making before the Monday before the meeting so we can put them into our Show & Tell presentation.

This event is free to all paid members and you will automatically be sent the Zoom meeting link.

Why not come and join us.  Please go to our Contact Page and send a message to our Membership Secretary.

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