2024 Programme

We are pleased to announce our 2024 online demonstrators programme as detailed below.

30 Jan 2024Roberto FerrerOnline IRD
27 Feb 2024Mark BeckettOnline IRD
26 Mar 2024AGM and Mike MahoneyOnline Meeting and IRD
30 Apr 2024Stephen KearvellOnline IRD
28 May 2024Kirk DeHeerOnline IRD
25 Jun 2024Ernie ConoverOnline IRD
30 Jul 2024Keith GotshallOnline IRD
27 Aug 2024John BeaverOnline IRD
24 Sep 2024Rick DobneyOnline IRD
29 Oct 2024Colwin WayOnline IRD
26 Nov 2024Richard FindleyOnline IRD
31 Dec 2024Christmas Break No demo

Download a pdf copy of the 2024 Programme HERE

Previous Programmes

To show who we have had before and when, here are the previous years programmes:

31 Jan 2023Kade BolgerOnline IRD
28 Feb 2023Jason BreachOnline IRD
28 Mar 2023AGM with Chris Parker demoOnline Meeting and IRD
25 Apr 2023Craig TimmermanOnline IRD
30 May 2023Jason ClarkOnline IRD
27 Jun 2023Lyle JamiesonOnline IRD
25 Jul 2023Jim EchterOnline IRD
29 Aug 2023Phil RoseOnline IRD
26 Sep 2023Darren BreezeOnline IRD
31 Oct 2023Dave LandersOnline IRD
28 Nov 2023Les ThornOnline IRD
26 Dec 2023Christmas Break No demo
25 Jan 2022Chris FisherOnline IRD
22 Feb 2022Glen LucasOnline IRD
22 Mar 2022AGM with Darren Breeze demoOnline Meeting and IRD
26 Apr 2022Gary LoweOnline IRD
24 May 2022Cindy DrozdaOnline IRD
28 Jun 2022Phil RoseOnline IRD
26 Jul 2022Rick DobneyOnline IRD
23 Aug 2022Trent BoschOnline IRD
27 Sep 2022Laurent NiclotOnline IRD
25 Oct 2022Colwin WayOnline IRD
22 Nov 2022Richard FindleyOnline IRD
27 Dec 2022Christmas Break No demo
26-Jan-21Colwin WayAGM - Online Zoom Meeting
23-Feb-21Martin Saban-SmithOnline IRD
23-Mar-21John Boyne-AitkenOnline IRD
27-Apr-21Dennis WakeOnline IRD
25-May-21Sue HarkerOnline IRD
22-Jun-21Tod Raines Online IRD
27-Jul-21Andrew HallOnline IRD
24-Aug-21Les ThorneOnline IRD
28-Sep-21Jeff HornungOnline IRD
26-Oct-21Phil GreenwoodOnline IRD
23-Nov-21Chris ParkerOnline IRD
Dec-21No Demo
28-Jan-20No DemoAGM - Talk by John Liles on Windmill
25-Feb-20Peter HallamNatural Edge Bowl and Vase
31-Mar-20Andy RounthwaiteCancelled
28-Apr-20Chris ParkerCancelled
26-May-20Dennis WakeCancelled
30-Jun-20Chris ParkerOnline Demo
28-Jul-20Pat CarrollOnline Demo
25-Aug-20Richard FindleyOnline Demo
29-Sep-20Stewart FuriniOnline Demo
27-Oct-20Cindy DrozdaOnline Demo
24-Nov-20Emma CookOnline Demo
Dec-20No Demo, Workshop Meeting TBCOnline
29-Jan-19No DemoAGM - Talk by Alan Buckle on First Aid
26-Feb-19Peter HallamPotpourri Pot and Yew Vase
26-Mar-19Tony KitchenMushroom Needle Holder, Screw top matched grain box.
30-Apr-19John LilesSquare/multifaceted lidded box with a finial
28-May-19Mick HanburyColoured, pierced hollow form
25-Jun-19Margaret GarrardBowl with Leaf shaped Inserts
30-Jul-19Andrew HallBird box, Egg Bowl, Egg Cup
27-Aug-19Joey RichardsonThin wall turning, piercing, pyrography and airbrushing techniques
24-Sep-19Rick DobneyNatural Edge Goblet and off Centre Bowl within a Bowl
29-Oct-19Emma 'the Tiny Turner'Triangular twisted box and snowman hat, colouring, texturing
26-Nov-19Peter Tree
10-Dec-19No Demo or Hands on nightXmas Party
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