2022 Programme

COVID-19 – At the time of publishing this, we can’t be 100% sure whether we will be able to continue with the Hands on Nights back in the Hall in 2022 that we restarted in Sept 2021, but if we can, we will, so watch this space.

As far as the Workshop Nights online, these will take place as advertised.  We also have a full programme booked for the 2022 Online Demonstrators as detailed below.  This whole situation has had one positive in that it has enabled the Club to be able to provide demonstrations from turners from around the world and parts of the UK, which it is too far to expect demonstrators to travel to us or make it too expensive for us.

25 Jan 2022Chris FisherOnline IRD
22 Feb 2022Glen LucasOnline IRD
22 Mar 2022AGM with Darren Breeze demoOnline Meeting and IRD
26 Apr 2022Gary LoweOnline IRD
24 May 2022Cindy DrozdaOnline IRD
28 Jun 2022Phil RoseOnline IRD
26 Jul 2022Rick DobneyOnline IRD
23 Aug 2022Trent BoschOnline IRD
27 Sep 2022Laurent NiclotOnline IRD
25 Oct 2022Colwin WayOnline IRD
22 Nov 2022Richard FindleyOnline IRD
27 Dec 2022Christmas Break No demo
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