2019 Programme

29-Jan-19No DemoAGM - Talk by Alan Buckle on First Aid
26-Feb-19Peter HallamPotpourri Pot and Yew Vase
26-Mar-19Tony KitchenMushroom Needle Holder, Screw top matched grain box.
30-Apr-19John LilesSquare/multifaceted lidded box with a finial
28-May-19Mick HanburyColoured, pierced hollow form
25-Jun-19Margaret GarrardBowl with Leaf shaped Inserts
30-Jul-19Andrew HallBird box, Egg Bowl, Egg Cup
27-Aug-19Joey RichardsonThin wall turning, piercing, pyrography and airbrushing techniques
24-Sep-19Rick DobneyNatural Edge Goblet and off Centre Bowl within a Bowl
29-Oct-19Emma 'the Tiny Turner'Triangular twisted box and snowman hat, colouring, texturing
26-Nov-19Peter Tree
10-Dec-19No Demo or Hands on nightXmas Party
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