Nova DVR 3000TM Lathe for Sale and Donation of a lathe to the Club and WhatsApp

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The Club has been contacted about a Nova DVR 3000TM Lathe for sale.  Unfortunately, as the gentleman does not do computers, he is not on email and therefore can’t provide any photos.  If interested or wanting further information, please contact John on his contract details below:

Nova DVR 3000TM Lathe,

Out rigger,

Rotating headstock,

Chuck, tools and accessories,

M33 x 3.5mm thread,

Variable speed,

£880 ono

Contact Mr John Knight,


Tel: 07542 915444


The Club was contacted by Mr Daniel Gaiger from Holbeach, as he had a brand new variable speed Axminster Craft AC305WL lathe, Axminster Clubman SK100 Chuck Set, 4 prong drive, rotating centre and a basic set of Axminster chisels that he brought new back in 2021.  Since then, it has remained in its box and has been to Africa and back.  He has never used it and thought as he could not see a time when he might, he asked if the Club would be interested in it or not.

After some discussion with Daniel, he has now very kindly decided to donate it all to the Club so that all members could benefit from us having a fifth lathe for use on our Hands on Nights or used at events as necessary.  Being a much smaller lathe than the 4 big Record lathes, this is much easier to move about, so we hope it will get plenty of use.

We would therefore like to thank Daniel for this very kind donation to the Club.

WhatsApp Main Page

The Club tries to ensure that all members know what is going on via various means, such as, this website, email, Instagram and Facebook.  It would also be nice for members to be able to contact each other between meetings and share ideas, ask advice etc.  We had set up a private group on Facebook, but it has had very little use, mainly because not many of our members actually have a Facebook account.  Likewise, the use of Instagram and even this website, how many people actually take the time to read our social media posts and newsposts like this?  With the decline of landlines over the next year or so and the increased use of mobile phones, there are not many members now that don’t have a mobile number, so it has been suggested that perhaps the use of WhatsApp might be another and better means of communication, but we will continue with the others anyway for now.  If you are reading this thinking, what is WhatsApp and want to find out more, have a look HERE.  Its available on Apple, Android devices.

We have taken the decision to set up a Community Group which is open to all members with a mobile number and the WhatsApp (free App).  There are already several of you that use WhatsApp so you may have seen an invitation to join us or have already done so, thank you.  In the Community Group, we have a General Group for chats about anything club related, Announcement Group that anything we need to tell you specifically will go in there.  A copy of the Kirk Deheer pdfs are currently in there.  Then there is the Humpers and Dumpers Group for all our willing helpers to arrange who is available to set up and clear away and lastly, there are two closed groups for the Committee and Trustees for the management of the Club.  Any other suggestions for groups let us know.  If you would like to join the community, drop Martin a quick email with the mobile number you would like to be used and we will add you.  To be decided but we may look at asking members when joining or renewing if they want to be added or invited.  Some basic rules to follow:

Please keep all chats in the various groups to do with the Club and woodturning.

Remember the General group everyone can see what is posted, so be mindful of what you post and please be nice.

You can post photos, but we don’t want to see photos of anything that is not to do with the Club or woodturning.

Depending on your WhatsApp notification settings, you may find every time someone posts something you get a notification which may become annoying, so please check your settings.

If it is found the above rules are ignored you may find yourself being removed from the Group/Community.

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  • David Eason

    Well done in setting up WhatsApp and many thanks to Daniel for his generous donation

  • Paul Bradbury

    Yes, echo what David says, whats App is a good way to communicate quickly and easily also with pics.
    Great donation also 👍

  • Rob Smyth

    Always helpful looking for new ways to involve members and keeping them informed. The donation is a good additional asset for the club thank you Daniel.

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