25 Jun 2024 – Online demo by Rick Dobney

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25th June 2024, this month’s revised program, due to our program secretary muddling dates, Rick Dobney kindly swapped his booking for us, all the way from Wingerworth, Chesterfield.

Rick has demonstrated for us before both in the hall and as an I.R.D. This time a new project for him in his demo repertoire, a small Ash box with inserted lid and turned aluminium finial, coloured with spirit stain and lime wax.

Rick started with an Ash blank 5 by 3 inches which he planned to use for both the body and lid of the box, mounted accurately between centres to maximise the dimensions of the finished piece he quickly turned to a cylinder with a roughing gouge and formed a tenon on the headstock end with a parting tool. Before the lid was prepared, Rick drilled a shallow 8mm hole to receive the finial, and then parted halfway through from the main body creating a datum mark which will be used later when the box is hollowed. At this point the lid was dome shaped and reduced to its finished diameter whilst still attached to the blank. The body of the pot could now be shaped to a gentle downward curve with a wide top to receive the inset lid.

Onto preparing for colour, the piece was sanded through the grits to 320, this allows for the next stage which is to brush out the short grain from the Ash with a brass wire brush, moving with the grain to prevent scratches to the harder grain. Rick’s preferred method to colour was spirit stain airbrushed in several light coats to achieve an even coat and colour depth.

At this stage the Ash was removed from the lathe, this allows for it to dry whilst the finial could be formed, the finial was to be made from 20mm aluminium bar, Rick suggested 60-83 T6 bar was ideal for turning with your woodturning tools, providing you take care to preserve both your tools and yourself by using Moly slip grease for the tools and gloves for hands. The swarf from the turning the aluminium is very sharp.

The bar was mounted on O’donnell, jaws but you could use any parallel pin jaws, the finial was turned using standard woodturning tools, Rick uses Moly slip grease to help reduce the heat on the tip, frequently dipping into the grease. The aluminium was turned into a pleasing domed shaped finial and an 8mm tenon formed on the base to insert into the lid. To complete the finial, it was sanded to 600 grit and polished with auto-chrome cream polish; the fit to the lid was tested to make sure a snug joint to the lid. And on to the next stage.

Lime wax to the vessel and lid came next, liberal amounts worked into the grain to contrast against the black of the spirit stain, this was allowed to dry whilst we all had a few minutes comfort break before resuming. Rick needed to remove the wax from the high points, highlighting the grain and contrasting with the much harder wood; when the thick wax was removed, Rick used Lemon oil to work across the grain to clean off the residue that he didn’t want. Finished the outside with Woodwax 22 to give a sheen to the piece.

The top is parted before deciding how to finish the underside of the lid, using the tell tale mark created at the very beginning of turning a “ram chuck” was made to hold the lid to finish that part. Rick’s method of hollowing was new to many of us as he used a ring tool, describing in great detail, from drilling a pilot hole to the use of both sides of the tool to reach the bottom of the pot with ease. A final sanding and fitting the lid, then on to parting off the vessel with another first for some of us as Rick used his skew to part off the bottom, this meant a fairly clean finish to the bottom which meant only a little light sanding and the project almost complete apart from finishing the bottom and securing the finial to the lid.

Rick certainly offered value for money and as a bonus demo he showed us how he makes a windswept Christmas tree, with a seasoned laburnum blank he proceeded to mount between centres forming a large tenon so that he could turn the off-centre a Christmas tree shape. Using a combination of tools and moving the blank in the jaws to give the off-centre effects, Rick made it look very easy. Again, as he had done throughout his demo, he explained in great detail his actions and all aspects of safety and reasons for what he was doing and always open to questions from our members. A selection of screen grabs show better than words what went on which can be found in the Gallery HERE.

A big thank you to Rick for both generously changing his dates and helping to keep LWWA demo nights on track.

Thank you Zak for not only capturing the demo into the above words but also taking the time to provide the edited video of the demo which Rick kindly allowed us to record. The link to his video has now been sent out via email to all those eligible members who missed the demo or wanted to watch it again. If you are a PAYG member that missed the demo, you have also been sent details on how you can purchase access to the video.

And lastly,

What’s next?  9 July 2024, we open up the Village Hall doors again and get set up for our popular Hands on Night.  Since your last visit, you will notice a nice new kitchen has been installed improving the halls facilities.  The Club shop has taken delivery of some more timber from NE Woods GB and our first order from Hampshire Sheen.  So once the Shop team have got it all priced up and onto the shelves they will be open for business as normal, please bear with them as there is quite a bit to do.  See you all there.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    If you missed the demo watch the video it was excellent.

  • Chris Fisher

    Good write up as well.

  • Zak

    I think Rick did a great job for us at short notice, he had just arrived on holiday the day we spoke on phone, and saved my embarrassment at getting dates mixed up. The interaction from members is also getting better, we always said we are a friendly bunch. Our off shore membership also making a great contribution to the club,
    Onwards and upwards 😀😀

  • Rob Collin

    A cracking demo and a first class write up.
    I watched Rick demonstrating at the Newark show and was impressed with his style of demonstrating then too.

  • Rob Smyth

    Yet another good demonstration from Rick. Well presented in his thorough and laid back manner. Good to see him use tools and methods not seen before. Even his wind swept Xmas tree was different to the norm. A good evening and a good write up well done all involved.

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