15 Jun 2024 – Training Day

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Training Day

On Sat 15 Jun 2024, the Club held it’s third Training Day of the year.  We were again fully booked with 8 students booked in with Chris, Darren, John and Mick and despite a last minute cancellation, we were still able to fill the gap.  So although we may be fully booked, it is still worth registering an interest in any of our training days as you never know you might get the call.

The Training Days are an early start for all involved, so that we can get the Hall fully set up and ready to go before the students start arriving just before 9am.  For those that do not know, as we meet in the Village Hall which is used by other clubs/groups and private functions, we have to leave it as we find it, i.e. empty and clean.  We would love to have our own place and be able to leave all the lathes out and permanently set up, but unless we win the lottery or some kind sole leaves us a fortune in their will, that’s not likely to happen.  This day was expected to be no different, but it was to our surprise and delight to arrive at 8am as normal, only to find the magic pixie had arrived super early and had set everything up already and even had the water boiler full, hot and ready to make a cuppa.  Who was this fantastic pixie you may ask?  It was Dave Eason (tall pixie!) who could not sleep with the excitement and very kindly decided to turn up early and get it all done before we got there.  So a MASSIVE thank you to Dave for doing this which was very much appreciated by us all.  Can we book you for Sept?

Throughout the day, we had six new guests come along to the Club and two newish members taking advantage of our Training Day.  All of which were beginners and under the expert guidance by our instructors, all were able to safely make something to take home to show family and friends what they had been doing.  All went away happy and having enjoyed their time with us.  These Training Days are very popular and open to everyone, so this is why it is important to get booked onto them at the earliest opportunity.

It has become a regular thing it seems on these days, as well as a good day of teaching and turning, we are also being spoiled with some delicious homemade delights.  This time Chris Fisher had been baking again and brought along some yummy tear and share garlic and cheese bread and some equally yummy coconut cake.  Thanks Chris they were both fantastic.

We can’t do these days without our band of willing instructors, namely, Chris Fisher, Darren Brown, John Mitchell and Mick Close this time, and also Ian ‘Zak’ Flack that will be sharing the day with Mick on the next training day in Sept.  An equally MASSIVE thank you to you guys.






For more photos of the training day, please check out the Gallery.

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  • David Eason

    Not too sure if the pixie will be available in Sept to lend a helping hand. I hope my little fairy (Allison)will be taking me on holiday, well she does require someone to carry her cases, apply sunscreen and fetch drinks. I`m glad that all the students went away having learnt something from our master turners. Well done to all concerned especially to Martin for giving the shop a spring clean. x

  • Paul Tunmore

    Well done Dave in all these events the effort and planning that Martin puts in goes largely unnoticed. I will also note that Chris provided some of Jan’s superb baking so will remind him that I’m designated tea boy for September!!!

  • Mick Close

    Avery enjoyable day with everyone going home with a completed project.
    Excellant feed back from my 2 students with a future booking made for later in the year.
    Thanks to Martin for running the day so smoothly.

  • Chris Fisher

    A real suprise to find everything set up for us, thanks Dave.
    I agree with Paul, the members have no idea how much work Martin puts in behind the scenes. It’s the usual thing with most clubs I imagine, ‘someone else will do it’.
    Another excellent Training Day. The students leave happy, so will the Instructors once they’ve cleaned up and put everything away.

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