14 May 2024 – Hands on Night

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Hands on Night

This month’s Hands on Night seems to have come around again quickly.  We welcomed some new guests who were able to get on the lathes with John and Darren where they were expertly shown the ropes and certainly seemed to have enjoyed their time with us and hopefully will be joining us.  Meanwhile, Chris was kept busy encouraging other members to have a go on his lathe to develop their skills further.  The Village Hall is finally having some work done to redecorate and install a new kitchen, so we look forward to seeing what they have done next month.  It was another busy night and before we knew it it was time to start clearing up.

Thanks also to our small band of willing Humpers & Dumpers (H&D) for their usual hard work. Unfortunately, their numbers have reduced slightly for various reasons and we would therefore like to get a few more physically able volunteers to come forward to offer their services.  For those new members or those not aware, as the hall is not our building, we have to leave it as we find it, i.e. empty and clean.  The H&D group help the Committee to get the hall set up and then all cleared away and swept up at the end of the night/event after the majority attending have all disappeared.  Some are able to get there early (around 6pm when we first open the doors) and some are only able to help at the end, whilst some, do both.  Next time you are in the hall, look around and see all the equipment, tables, refreshments etc that all of it has to be put away and the shavings/dust swept up before we can all go home.  The more helpers we get, the quicker it is and as not everyone can attend all meetings due to holidays, illness etc, it enables Darren Brown in charge of the H&D, to ensure we have cover in place for the Hands on Nights and this should also include our Training Days.

It is not really very fair on our Turners on a Training Day to be expected to turn up at 8am, to then have to set up the hall with four lathes etc and then after teaching all day, have to help to put everything away.  They do all that already and don’t complain, but it would be nicer for them to be able to pack up their tools etc and go and ideally a small team of H&D arrive to do the setting up and clearing away.  We have already had one new member offer their services during Tuesday’s meeting to help out when they can, but if you are reading this and feel you are also able to help, please contact us.

The exhibition table never ceases to amaze us with another batch of amazing items that our members have made, whether that be turned or like the Landrover and trailer, made by Richard Holland, which had turned wheels, the level of detail and expertise in general woodworking is second to none.  Please keep making things to bring along to these nights to show us all and also, if you can take some photos to share with our online Workshop Night community that would be great.

Thanks also to Paul, Dave, Mel and Rob who were not as busy as normal with shop sales but it gave them more time to sort out a few things and decide what was needed to go onto the next Chestnut order.  They want to know what other products that you use regularly that we might be able to stock in the shop which would then save you on postage if ordering online.  If there is any specific timber shape, sizes and types you are after, again let the shop staff know and they will see what can be sourced.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

21 May 2024 – Workshop Night.  The meeting links will be sent out over the next few days, so if you have not had it by Sunday evening, check your spam/junk mail and if not in there, please get in touch. Also, if you have any photos to go into the last Show and Tell, please send them in by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to will be in the email.  Thanks.

28 May 2024 – Online Demo.  We have yet another new turner to your screens.  This time it is Kirk DeHeer from Provo, Utah, USA. Check out what he does HERE.  PAYG members don’t forget to go and purchase your ticket to watch this online demo which can be done HERE.

2024 Training Days – Our next one is on 15 Jun 2024 of which is currently fully booked, but occasionally we get cancellations which we would endeavour to try and refill the space if possible.  So if you are interested in going on a reserve list, please let me (Martin) know asap.  The Sept and Nov training days still have sessions available so please go and get booked on so you don’t miss out.  Remember these are open to the public and not just members, so if you want to secure your place, book now, don’t delay.  To see what we have available and to book your place, please look HERE.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Another good evening chatting to new and old faces, the shop was fairly quiet, not sure why but we are restocking Chestnut products that had run low or empty. We are not getting requests for what members want in the shop that we haven’t got. If you don’t tell us we can’t sort it for you. You don’t have to wait for the shop to be open emails and tests are available anytime
    Looking forward to next week’s workshop night

  • Chris Fisher

    Paul.. what sort of tests can we get, will it be like Spec Savers.🤣🤣

  • Rob Smyth

    Good to see some new faces at the hall, also enjoy catching up with everyone else. It is always interesting to engage with the members about their items on the exhibition table, as stated by Martin the standard and quality is excellent. Even Chris’s sarcasm helps to make it enjoyable.

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