9 Apr 2024 – Hands on Night

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Hands on Night

That time of the month has come around again and last night saw us setting up the four lathes for our monthly Hands on Night.  We had Chris, Darren, John and Mick manning the lathes, so thank you to them all for all their efforts making it a really successful evening and we wish Zak a speedy recovery who was unable to make it.  We seemed to have a few more through the door this month which was good and made the hall very busy.  Whilst Darren, Mick and John took some new turners under their wing, Chris kept everyone entertained with a few projects.

The exhibition table was again well supported and we saw more amazing work from our members.  We love to see what you have been making whether it went well or you had problems which can be discussed with others so we can all learn from them.

Paul, Mel, Rob and Dave out in the Shop had again been busy and have stocked up with some more timber from various sources hopefully giving our members a better choice of the more common dried timbers and various sizes that are ideal for new turners to get the hang of before spending out on the more exotic woods.  We are still looking to expand on this, so if there are any shapes and sizes or timbers you would like for us to stock, let the team in the Shop know.

With your help, we are gradually reducing the stock held of some items that we have had for while and therefore we are getting more spaces appearing on the walls and shelves.  What we would like to know is if there is anything you use that we could stock.  We are often able to obtain discounts from the Suppliers that we can then pass on to our members as we are not out to make a big profit.  It also saves you the postage and hopefully is more convenient.

In the lean to, we do have quite a bit of timber still with the bark on that unfortunately some has started to crack and may no longer be of much use for turning and more suited to burning.  There are some larger bits which are still for sale, but there will be other bits that are free to a good home, so help yourself but just ask in the shop first.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

16 Apr 2024 – Workshop Night.  The meeting links will be sent out over the next few days, so if you have not had it by Sunday evening, check your spam/junk mail and if not in there, please get in touch. Also, if you have any photos to go into the last Show and Tell, please send them in by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to will be in the email.  Thanks.

2024 Training Days – With our next Training Day this Saturday which is fully booked, our other Training days are filling up nicely. The 15 Jun 24 is now also fully booked, but if you have missed out, please check out the one in Sept and Nov as both have several free slots.  Remember these are open to the public and not just members, so if you want to secure your place, book now, don’t delay.  To see what we have available and to book your place, please look HERE.

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  • Rob Smyth

    Great to see some new faces in the hall on a well attended evening. All 4 lathes where busy with novices gaining valuable sound advice and instruction from our in house mentors. Good to catch up with other members and share knowledge and ideas. Well done to all the organisers who make it possible.

  • Rob Collin

    A good evening at West Ashby. A good range of items on the exhibition table again. Great to see all 4 lathes in action. There was no one on Mick’s lathe for a while so I prompted one of ‘my’ new members to have a go, which they thoroughly enjoyed making a trial piece for a project of 5 duplicate items they had in mind (which has now been completed safely and with much satisfaction ). Thanks Mick!
    There was some interesting action on Darren & Chris’s lathes too.
    The shop was busy early on as per usual with the new wood blanks getting plenty of attention. Well done guys.

  • Paul Tunmore

    A good night at the club again very busy and lots of activity. The shop did well again and thanks to Dave for expanding the choice of woods available most of which we are selling at cost price as benefit to members. Remember , it is your shop so tell us what you would like us to stock.

  • Mick Close

    A good hands on night again. Nice to be back on the tools again but unfortunately people were a bit shy of having a go. This slack time gave a good opportunity to natter with new and old members over many turning topics.
    Eventually, as Rob said one of huis pals wanted to make a multiple ped clothes hanger so between us we made an easy to follow prototype so they all should look the same.

    • Rob Collin

      They are now completed and in service. Thanks Mick.
      Photos will be sent for ‘show & tell’

  • Gordon cummings

    Mick, you gave me the confidence, and showed me the power of bead tool, so I went and bought one and turned some beautiful peg hangers which my wife is delighted with.

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