8 – 9 Mar 2024 – Midlands Woodworking Show & President’s Trophy Winner

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Midlands Woodworking Show

Last week was rather busy to say the least for the Club. On the 7th March 2024, John, Rob C, Mick and myself loaded up our cars and headed off to the Newark Showground to set up Stand 84 at the Midlands Woodworking Show which was taking place on the 8th – 9th.  Meeting up with Alan S and Zak at the showground, we soon had it all set up and ready to go the next morning.

This is now our sixth show, which first started back in 2016 and was every year until Covid struck in 2020.  We obviously then missed a few years as it was not being held, but once it was safe to do so, we were able to start again in 2023.  This year, we followed the same format and had a large display of member’s work showing such a wide and varied range of woodturning from all levels of experience.

It was a credit to the Club and our members to be able to put on such a magnificent display which seems to get better each year.  We had at least 172 items on display unless I have miscounted!  We had many comments from the show’s visitors coming onto our stand, admiring all the work, taking photos getting ideas, and asking how things were made.


As well as the display, we had Darren and John on Friday and Zak and Mick on the Saturday manning the lathe entertaining our visitors.  Chris was demonstrating pyrography and airbrushing over both days which as per previous years, has been very popular and in Chris’s normal way he encouraged others to give it a try.  Thank you to all of them for their time and support.  Also a big thank you to Alan S, Rob C, Paul T, Mel, Tim, Dave E, Dave L and Jay (providing some very tasty biscuits!) plus all the other members and several old familiar faces who came and said hello during the show.

We had a lot of interest in the Club over the couple of days, which with the Club’s introduction of the online demos it seems to be attracting potential members from further a field.  Add into that our Training Days, which since the show, we have had further bookings come in plus several saying they hope to come along to our next Hands on Night and hopefully join us. So all in all, it was a very successful show yet again, raising our Club’s profile to be one of the best Club’s around.

For more photos of the show please check out the Gallery HERE.

Thank you everyone for your support.


President’s Trophy Winner

Our Club President, Mr Vic Atkinson, co founder of the Club, very kindly introduced the President’s Trophy a number of years ago to reward any member for their services given to the Club over the years.

After discussion with Vic, it was agreed and I am pleased to announce that this year’s winner is….drum roll… Mr Chris Fisher.  Congratulations Chris.

Whilst at the Midlands Woodworking Show, we took the opportunity to get a fellow Pyrography artist that he knows and respects to present the Trophy to him which I think came as quite a surprise.  Kez Halliday from Spirit & Bear was thrilled to be able to do this for us and is pictured giving Chris his Trophy.

Chris has for numerous years provided extensive service to the Club in various ways such as, giving full demos, Hands on Nights, Training Days, attending various events, online Workshop nights, all passing on to our members his vast expertise in woodturning, pyrography, airbrushing and  texturing.  Along with Alan B and Zak, the three of them were pivotal in getting the Club back open again online during Covid using Zoom and lots of web cameras in their workshops.  Chris has also created several videos for the Club, he runs our very successful social media Instagram account and of course he is also on the Committee helping to make it all happen.  A big thank you to him for all the work he has done and continues to do, plus everything I have may have missed.  Thanks Chris.

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  • Dave Eason

    Well done Chris

  • Rob Smyth

    Congratulations Chris you are a credit to the hobby and the club ,a well deserved recognition of all the time and effort put in over the years. Pleased to see the club had another successful Newark Show well done to all those involved.

    • Chris Fisher

      Morning Rob 👋 thanks mate.

  • Karl leverton

    Congratulations Chris!!such a great asset to our club and the turning community thankyou for all your help and commitment!!

    • Chris Fisher

      Thank Karl. See you later.

  • Chris Fisher

    Thanks for asking Kez to present the Presidents Cup to me, it was a complete suprise. I was wondering does award come with a monetary prize or free gift, possibly some new tools.🤣🤣🤣

    I think its just possible this year’s Woodturning Show was better than last year’s, Well done to lads who set up our wonderful display.

    • Chris Fisher

      Thank you Mr Eason.👋👋

  • John Mitchell

    Well done Chris, a much deserved recognition of the time and effort you have put in over the years to help make the Club the success it is today.

    I would like to echo Martin’s thanks to all those that helped to make the Show “happen” again this year. All the planning and hard work were worth it to hear the compliments paid to us by the visitors that included some well known professional woodturners.

    • Chris Fisher

      Thank you very much John.👍👍

    • Paul Tunmore

      Well done Chris , always the first to step forward to help members and non members showing and developing unique skill that us mere mortals could never reach. Thank you Kaz for presenting the trophy bringing a tear to his eye that wasn’t caused by the wind. One final comment on Chris he is moving his allegiance from Jaffa cakes to digestives, which must be McVities, and donations are always welcome.

      The show itself was a great success with floods of visitors both old , new turners and those thinking of starting. Also thanks to the professional demonstrators who also took the time to come and see us face to face and pass on such positive comments about the club.

      A last mention to the one who is often left out and that’s Martin , he arranged and organised everything so that From early Thursday morning to late afternoon on Saturday everything went like clockwork.

      A great couple of days with some fantastic oeooke

  • Chris Fisher

    Thanks Paul.
    I’m educating my taste buds and Digestives are next on my bucket list.🤣🤣

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