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Online Demo by Roberto Ferrer

30th January saw our first online demo of 2024, we were joined all the way from Chicago by Roberto Ferrer, who describes himself as an artist – sculptor.  Check out his website HERE

With a large following on Facebook and Instagram his pieces draw a big audience of admirers.

Roberto let us into some secrets of his texturing and how he enhances some simplistic shapes into pieces of art and also showed some really intricate shapes and forms that take some time, even months to create.

Before we were shown how to use simple texturing on different shapes, firstly he mounted a tall hollow form and marked out a simple design with pencil to give a general feel of design before using a rotary tool, similar to those that lots of us have in our workshops, to enhance and create the texture. We were shown examples of how this would look after colouring. Secondly a round blank was mounted on a recess chucking point and turned to give a flat surface, again Roberto used pencil to give a guide to his potential design idea before showing a few basic turning techniques on tool presentation and safety. A wide range of woodcutting Burrs are available, and Roberto explained and demonstrated how to use, and what effects could be achieved with just a few, by changing angles and how you present the tool to the work.

We were shown several examples of the more intricate pieces that Roberto creates through a mixture of turning, carving, texturing and colouring which hopefully will inspire us to have a go and think outside the brown wood.

We rounded off with questions and Roberto offered for us to contact him if we had any particular issues or problems that he might help with. Thank you, Roberto, for an insight into the world of texture and colour to enhance our work.

Thank you Zak for another great write up and the screen shots.

To see more of the screen shots taken during the evening please check out the Gallery HERE.

And Finally….

13 Feb 2024 – Hands on Night – Can you please bring along any items you would like for us to display at the Newark Show 8-9 Mar 2024 to this meeting. Please clearly mark each item and the box with your full name and package accordingly to enable safe transfer to and from the show.  The Club will take care of your item(s) but as it’s a public show we will not be held responsible for any breakages.  If you can’t make it on the 13 Feb, we also have a Training Day on the Sat 17 Feb 24 at the Village Hall, so you could drop them off during the day.

See you soon


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  • Mick Close

    Sorry – not my scene. He hit “the nail on the head” when he said “it’s like watching paint dry. I’m still waiting to put on a second coat.
    Looking at his web site I thought his work was excellant but is demo certainly was not. His cameras work was poor and his voice not in sync.
    A few of our members could have put on a better show plus there would have been the usual banter and ribbing also.
    I’m pleased I had a couple of large, strong rum and cokes to ease the pain!
    If his demo had been a quarter as good as Zac’s write up it may have been worth watching.

    I noticed a few left the meeting early without responding.
    Zac does a great job of booking turners and you feel bad when things go bad. I had a couple of bad demo’s when I did the bookings and you feel you have let everyone down.
    Keep up the good work Zac, we are all behind you.
    Martin . These are my feelings only. I will not be offended if you do not print them.

  • Chris Fisher

    I completely agree with everything you said Mick. The demonstration appeared to be thrown together without any though to content. He made the whole thing easy for himself, although I did get excited at around 9.15pm as I knew the pain would soon stop. There may have been 7 to 10 mins of turning, the rest was ( this is unprintable) not the standard we expect from a very experienced turner. Not worth the money we paid, and that is echoed by the folks who left before the end.
    Let’s be clear, Zak can only book turners who’s work looks acceptable to our needs, we don’t know what will happen on the night. As you say we are behind you Zak…never in front.🙂

    • Darren Brown

      I agree with Mick and Chris, not the best demo. Zak, you can’t win them all, you have booked some brilliant demos over the last few years, keep it up mate its really appreciated.

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