20 Feb 2024 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

This month twenty one members, plus one guest, turned on their computers to see what the resident turners for the evening (Chris and Mick) would do to provide knowledge and insights, not to mention banter and entertainment to keep the audience both engaged and awake.

As usual the evening commenced with the Show and Tell feature and as usual we were shown a superb selection of exhibits from six of our members. The standard and diversity of the work on show never fails to impress.

Chris offered his viewers a choice of three projects and accepted their choice of using a dubious looking piece of Ash to make….something! With the wood mounted on a screw chuck it was quickly reduced to a cylinder and a tenon created at the tailstock end with Chris emphasising the need for the angle between the tenon and the body of the wood to be at exactly ninety degrees thereby ensuring that the piece will run true on the tenon. Once mounted on the tenon Chris sought opinions from the audience as to what he should make and as a result started to shape a goblet.

Having shaped the outside of the goblet’s bowl Chris then drilled a hole down the centre stopping at the depth he required for hollowing. That done the bowl was hollowed out using a combination of gouge, carbide hollowing tool and scraper. It was then power sanded to complete the operation. It was now time to create and shape the stem and base. Chris, as always, was meticulous in achieving the correct contours where the stem and bowl met creating a small cove and bead at the junction. The rest of the stem was shaped initially with a cove leading to a series of steps down to the base but following discussion these were removed to create a simpler more aesthetically pleasing design. The goblet was sanded and was declared complete, but not quite. Having been turned from wet wood it was put to one side so that Chris could decide what next to do with it. There is no doubt that when next seen it will have been subjected to colouring, texturing, pyrography either as a single finish or in combination and will look stunning.

With still some time in hand Chris now opted to turn an apple. He drilled a 3mm hole in one end of a piece of wood which would accommodate a 4mm screw chuck, mounted the wood on the chuck and reduced the wood to a cylinder. Using a spindle gouge the top of the apple was shaped followed by the body which was curved in towards the base. Another 3mm hole was drilled into the top again to accommodate the screw chuck. The apple was sanded before being reversed in the chuck which allowed the waste wood to be removed and the bottom of the apple shaped with a combination of spindle gouge and scraper. The apple was sanded and then Chris demonstrated how he used a clove to represent the calyx. A stalk, previously turned from a small piece of wood was inserted into a 3mm hole, drilled at an angle, in the top of the apple. His evening’s work was done.

As Chris had done, Mick also offered his audience a choice of projects. They opted for hm to attempt to turn a piece of wood that still had its bark, was hollow in the centre and had many other irregularities. Mick had previously secured the wood to a glue chuck and it was mounted onto the lathe. Unfortunately it didn’t stay there for long once the turning started so it was remounted using a face plate. This didn’t work either so that project was abandoned in favour of a piece of Yew that would be turned into a box. The yew was on a previously created tenon, a tenon created at the other end and the wood that would be the box top parted off from the bottom piece. Mick created a recess on the bottom and added some decoration to it, the width of the base being narrower than what would become the hollowed out section of the box. He shaped the outside creating a stem that widened out to support the box. Once complete the outside was sanded, treated with sanding sealer and finished with wax polish. The box was then reversed, held in the recess and hollowed. A groove was turned at the rim into which the lid would sit. Once the hollowing was complete the inside was finished as per the outside. The wood for the lid now replaced the box on the lathe. The inside of the lid was hollowed, a rim formed and decoration added. Mick then started to shape the outside of the lid but as it was to incorporate a finial there was only so much that could be done before it had to be remounted before work on the finial could continue. The lid could not be held in the jaws of the chuck so another way of holding the lid was necessary. Sadly though time had run out so the lid remained incomplete but at some point we will see the finished article and we look forward to that.

Once again another entertaining evening thanks to Chris and Mick, not forgetting those members that contributed to the Show and Tell section.

Thanks Alan Selden for doing another great write up and Zak for capturing some screenshots that can be seen in the Gallery HERE.

And Finally….

We have another new turner to our screens on the 27 Feb 2024, Mark Beckett, so see you all there.  PAYG Members need to be purchasing their ticket as soon as possible if you want to watch this demo.  Any problems with doing this, please contact us.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Another good night flitting between the two breakout rooms both making intriguing projects. One thing I would say is that whoever is turning had quite a job deciding what to do. Could members please send in suggestions of what they would like to see either projects or individual skills/ techniques x

  • Rob Smyth

    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening being entertained by Chris and Mick both did a sterling job and kept their audience involved and interested. They always endeavour to come up with something different, which is difficult. So as Paul suggested members please come up with what you would like them to do for you. All our in house demonstrators need this input so get your thinking caps on. Thanks to all involved in making the evening enjoyable and entertaining.

  • Mick Close

    Thanks to the folk who joined my demo. Sorry for the way the wood for the sculpture went, it’s now back as a door stop until I can think of something else for it! May be use the chainsaw or angle grinder to cut bits out – who knows!
    I finished off the box on Wednesday morning. I turned the finial top held in
    cole jaws, I had to hand sand part of it because of the jaw pegs and then buffed it up on the buffing wheels using stick mycrocrystiline wax to match the base.

    Thanks again for the support during the evening. An excellant ‘show and tell’ well done everyone. I must try to find a way to submit for it – didn’t think I’d be capable of doing on-line demo’s but I got there in the end.

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