17 Feb 2024 – Training Day

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Today we have held our first Training Day of 2024.  This year we have increased the number of these very popular Club events to five so that it would spread them out over the year and to give our Club members and guests more opportunities to get booked in.

Thanks to our residents Instructors, Chris, Darren, John, Mick and Zak for giving up their Saturdays to enable these days to happen.  Thanks also to Chris Chance for coming across to help setup first thing, giving another pair of hands which was much appreciated.

We had an early start to get the hall set up and ready for our first 4 students arriving to start at 9am.  So the kettle was put on and once the first brew was ready we could make a start.  With three complete beginners booked in for the mornings sessions, all the basics were covered to enable them to safely move on to creating shavings and produce something to take home.

Whilst you can book in for one, two or three hour sessions, we highly recommend that for anyone just getting started out in the hobby to go for a 3 hour session.  This will enable the basics to be covered to get you to a point where hopefully you would be able to make something simple to take home at the end.

The morning sessions seem to fly by and before we knew it, it was lunch time and the next bunch of students were starting to arrive.  The afternoon sessions were much the same with a couple of beginners plus two members who were wanting to improve their skills.

It was another successful day and all our students went away having had a good time and hopefully will be back for further Training Days later in the year and maybe they will decide to join the Club.

Not booked onto a Training Day yet? well here is your chance.  The 13 April 24 Training Day is now fully booked, so your next ones which have spaces, but these are filling up fast are, 15 Jun 24, 14 Sept 24 and 16 Nov 24.  Go HERE to book.

For the photos taken during the day please have a look in the Gallery HERE.

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  • Chris Fisher

    It was a really enjoyable day, all the students went home happy. It’s a long day but so worthwhile. As a club we are fulfilling
    our promise to educate our members in art of woodturning.

  • Tim Taylor

    Thoroughly enjoyed my session with Chris again. I was a bit of slow learner but eventually made a nice goblet, came home and immediately made a second one before I forgot all the moves – very happy!

  • Paul Tunmore

    A big thank you to the turners that continue to give their time and efforts to forward what is a fantastic club . I’m sure the students had a great time . And a special mention for Martin who administers things on the day, never gets a mention but having done it once I know how wearing it can be meeting the demands of the turners, “are you going to make the tea or what!!”. Well done everyone

  • Chris Fisher

    Really pleased you enjoyed it Tim. When you have finished the goblet let’s see some pics. Well done Sir👏👏

  • Mick Close

    A really good afternoon. Very nice to see from the report a lot of new quests taking part. Hope we can can keep them all interested in the the hobby and join in other Club activities. I have just had a phone call from Ray, my guy, from Saturday saying how much he enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to have another go.
    Well done everyone they all took something home from the day.

  • Darren Brown

    As one of the turners, it is really nice to hear positive feedback from your students. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the day. Paul, you are right to mention Martin, he is the driving force behind these days, a lot of work and effort is put into organising and running these events.

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