16 Jan 2024 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Night

The first workshop evening of 2024 saw twenty members fire up their computers for an evening of all things woodturning. Zak and John were the designated turners but things conspired against John, especially the cold temperature in his workshop and so Zak was centre stage for the entire evening.

Zak’s intention was to make a three cornered box complete with lid and finial. He had pre-prepared the wood by taking a cube of sycamore and marking it out to determine how it would initially be held on the lathe, what surfaces would remain and what would be turned away. He also made some Sapele plugs, drilled holes in the three surfaces that would form the box and inserted the plugs; these in turn becoming a decorative feature that would be visible on both the outside and inside of the finished box. The wood was mounted between centres and a tenon created at the tailstock end. The wood was then reversed and held in the chuck on the newly created tenon. Another tenon was then turned and the base of the box created.

The wood was again reversed into the chuck so that the hollowing out of the box could commence. The initial hollowing was achieved using a forstner bit allowing Zak to drill into the wood until the approximate depth of the box was determined. It was then a case of “simply” removing wood with the bowl gouge and ultimately a scraper until the final depth, shape and wall thickness was achieved. This was a job that required care and accuracy as at the tips of the box the cuts were alternating between wood and fresh air as the wood rotated. As always however Zak achieved his objective skilfully and the finished shape emerged. Zak then created a ridge on the inside of the box for the lid to rest on.

A piece of tulip wood was mounted on the lathe and a tenon created. Once held on that tenon the inside of the lid was shaped and hollowed including a recess which would allow the lid to be held so that the outside of it could be turned. That done and a perfect fit achieved it was time for the finial.

An appropriately sized piece of wood was held in the chuck and Zak set about creating the finial. Once satisfied with the shape and dimensions he coloured it black with Indian Ink. With the lid back on the lathe Zak drilled a small hole in the top of it and the finial was pushed into place. The lid was removed from the lathe and placed on the box – the job was done.

An extremely interesting evening enhanced as ever by the interaction and banter between Zak and his audience.

Thank you Alan for another great write up.

To see more of the screen shots taken during the evening please check out the Gallery HERE.

And Finally….

Next meeting is on the last Tuesday, 30 Jan 2024 from 7pm and this will be our first online demo by another new turner to our screens,  Roberto Ferrer from Chicago, USA.  Please check out his website https://www.ferrerstudioart.com/  PAYG members will need to purchase a ticket for £8 to watch this demo from the event page HERE.

See you soon


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  • Dave Eason

    Great demo Zak

  • Paul Tunmore

    Great demo by Zak who is a joy to watch as he’s so relaxed and listens to what suggestions and comments . I can’t remember another club meeting online or in the club where Mr Fisher was missing but happy anniversary to him and and Jeanette, how does she do it? Martin suggested splitting the evening between turners , I see his point but it would mean smaller projects or completed if months. Will members respond? More likely his request will be met with the usually stoney silence

    Another good night thank you Zak

  • Chris Fisher

    So, the Workshop Night was success for Zak, congratulations Zak well done.
    I thought Workshop Nights were two handers, so why no mension of John, was he invisible on the night. When you go on a lathe in front of Club members you are there to be shot at, so it doesn’t suit everyone. We’ll done John for volunteering to be shot at.

  • Rob Smyth

    Yes Zac did a good job entertaining everyone. The item he made with his relaxed style was well thought out and demonstrated. My sympathy goes to John for trying to withstand the bitter temperature in his work shop to deliver an alternative to Zac. Well done for your efforts. On the point of number of turners I think 2 is ideal, this gives the members a choice and should ease the pressure on the demonstrator.

  • Zak

    Thanks for kind comments, it was quite enjoyable from my end, I think two turners give everyone a choice and different perspective of style and ideas, technical failures happen and we can’t control the weather, so great to have a choice each month and options of who to use.
    comments and suggestions always welcome, at the end of the day members make a club and decide what works best.

  • Rob Collin

    Sorry for late input….
    Great demo Zak. I felt bad that John got no-one in his room, especially as he’d set his steel to battle the very cold temperature in his workshop. The only plus is he kept warm, but do appreciate the effort required to get prepared to be on duty, thank you John. It’s Sod’s law that everyone chose to start with Zak. I was looking forward to dropping in to John’s discussion…. it’s good to talk.
    I agree that 2 turners is the best number, for the reasons already mentioned above.
    I don’t know if it’s possible or what others think, but could each room be recorded to give ‘viewers’ the chance to catch up with parts of the evening that may have been missed?

  • Zak

    Rob C thanks for input, I tried recording at a previous meeting thinking it was only going to relate to the room i was in but it then went to gallery view so you could only see a small image of the lathe/turning. problem is if you only have one screen then the turner can only see either his own view or the gallery, will try and see if there’s a work around.

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