19 Dec 2023 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

The last meeting of 2023 saw fifteen members in front of their computers to se what the evening had in store. This month it was it was the turn of Chris and Zak to brave the elements in their workshops to keep us entertained.

Before the turning however we had the usual Show and Tell feature which gave us an excellent selection of work from six of our members including some items turned specifically for Christmas.

Zak opted to make a lantern in which he would put a LED tea light complete with handle/hanging ring. The starting point was a seven by three inch piece of Ash Into which Zak drilled on each face to create the “windows” of the lantern. Mounted between centres the job of creating the body of the lantern commenced. The base was cleaned up and a tenon formed, two beads and a cove were added. The diameter of the body was then determined and the shaping completed. That done Zak parted the base off from the rest of the wood starting with a parting tool but completing the operation with a saw. With the body put to one side it was time to create the top of the lantern. The required length was marked onto the wood and the rough outline of the shape created ensuring that the diameter was correct to match the body.

The inside of the top was hollowed out and the final shaping of the outside took place complete with a knob that would be used to lift the top off and also provide an attachment point for the handle. With the top sanded it was replaced on the lathe by the lantern body and the top fitted onto it. This enabled the waste wood and tenon that had held the top to be removed and the shape of the knob refined and completed. That done the top was put aside and Zak set about drilling the hole at the top of the body that would accommodate the tea light. Having ensured the light fitted the body was reverse chucked, held in expansion and the tenon on the bottom removed. The piece was complete, the lid fitted and the light worked. All that was left was for Zak to show us how he fashioned a hook that was intended to hold a shower curtain into the handle and attach it to the knob on the top of the lid. Zak’s work however was not done, by popular demand he mounted a piece of wood between centres and set about turning a snowman that would sit inside the lantern.

Chris offered his audience a choice of three items, a dubious looking piece of Apple from which he would turn an end grain plate, another even worse looking piece of Apple which was very wet and a piece of spalted Beech that would become a tea light holder. Naturally, the first choice of the audience was the worst piece of Apple.

With the wood mounted on a screw chuck Chris created a spigot, remounted the wood using the spigot and removed the bark with a spindle roughing gouge to reveal a surprisingly nice piece of wood which would now be turned into a bud vase. Chris set about shaping the outside of the top and neck of the vase before drilling a hole down the centre. Following that the inside of the neck and rim were shaped before the job of creating the outside shape of the vase commenced. This was done with Chris’s usual attention to detail as to how the shape should be. The onlookers also offered opinions and made suggestions which, since it was Christmas, Chris took on board (when it suited him of course). It was commented that the final, very pleasing shape, resembled a water droplet hanging from the neck.

The vase turned it was time for the second project, this time using the other piece of Apple which would be turned into the end grain plate. Chris had already turned a tenon on both sides of the wood and with it mounted on one of those tenons he set about shaping the bottom of the plate.

It was then reversed and mounted onto the second tenon to allow the shaping of the topside of the plate to begin. There were areas on the rim that were very soft and so Chris removed these which gave the rim an irregular shape. As is his wont Chris turned the edge of the plate down until it was very thin before “hollowing” the centre portion of the plate down to that same thinness. Once complete the plate was finished with Danish oil.

With some time still left the final piece of wood found itself on the lathe and the turning of a tea light holder started. The first job was the creation of the hole for the tea light. That done Chris rounded the top swooping down to a narrow neck before opening out to form a cone shaped base. As with the vase there was discussion about the final shape but eventually there was agreement and the tea light holder lived.

And so the final workshop of 2023 was over. We thank all of the turners, Chris, Mick and Zak and not forgetting John who has recently joined the ranks of the workshop turners, for all of their hard work every month. Their collective work is always instructive and entertaining incorporating both seriousness but, more often than not, humour and banter which always makes these evenings so enjoyable.

We wish all of our members and families a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you both in person and online in 2024.

Thank you Alan for another great write up and for doing these during the year.

To see more of the screen shots taken during the evening please check out the Gallery HERE.

And Finally….

Well that’s it for 2023!  So thank you all for your support and hope you have enyoyed our programme during 2023.  It would be great to hear what you think and provide suggestions on what or who you might like to see in future or any other suggestions on where we can improve.

So that just leaves me to wish you and your families all a very merry Christmas and hope you have a happy and healthy New Year and we will look forward to seeing you at our first Hands on Night on 9 Jan 2024.


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  • Zak

    An enjoyable evening my this side of the screen with plenty of chat and friendly banter, looking forward to the Christmas break and all the club had to offer in the new year, thanks to all the members for supporting the club this year. Seasons greetings all and a happy new year.

    • Chris Fisher

      Totally agree Zak.👏👏 I’d like to add my appreciation to the four people who actually read and comment on these posts. May Santa bring you a sharp Skew for Christmas. I would also like to thank Martin for keeping the Club on the straight and narrow, and for keeping the Club moving forward this year. I would also like to thank John Mitchell for looking after the Club finances, Paul Tunmore for taking over and sorting the shop out. In addition, I would also like to thank Alan (write a review) Selden for his over worded assessments of our Club meetings,and not forgetting his strong arming of members to pay their subs. Finally the Instructors both qualified and unqualified for Training Days and Hands on Nights. We have a great Club, let’s keep it great.

      • Paul Tunmore

        Another great night with friendly chat and banter , as well as some instructive woodturning. Spent most of my time with Chris , who as a Christmas treat, actually did what his audience asked. I concur with both Zak and Chris so won’t repeat their comments. We have a great, thriving club so let’s keep it that way. Any suggestions from members would be gratefully received to keep moving forward.

        Wishing all members a Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January

  • Rob Collin

    Well done to Chris & Zak for another entertaining evening. A fitting end to a great year of Workshop nights!
    Great write up as usual Alan.
    Seasons Greeting to all.

  • Alan Buckle

    Just an observation, based on the show and tell there are some really talented woodturners in the club, which is going from strength to strength. Can I wish members a merry Christmas (may all your presents be woodturning) and happy new year.

  • Mick Close

    Another year over, many thanks to everyone who has supported the Club in any way, the Committee, the Club’s demonstrators/tuitors and most important the general membership for being around at the meetings.

    Another great digi night, thanks Chris and Zac for your demo’s. It was great to be indoors watching you both.
    Nice to hear from Alan “B”, hope you and Eileen are keeping well.

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
    Looking forward to 2024!

  • Rob Smyth

    Thank you to all involved in running the club so well for the past year. You are all appreciated by the other members for the dedication and hard work you all put into making this such a wonderful club to be a member of. Wishing one and all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See you all on the other side!

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