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Hands on Night

Our last Hands on Night of 2023 was looking like it would be a quiet one due to the thick fog or heavy rain and many members and guests would therefore decide to stay at home.  How wrong we were! We were pleased to see 39 members and several guests and a few old faces brave the weather. This was probably the busiest evening we have had for a while.  Whether it was the promise of warm sausage rolls and mince pies kindly provided by Mick Close (thanks Mick they were great!), refreshments by John Cox (thanks John) or some fab homemade biscuits by Mel (thanks Mel) or the potential to buy some timber from a new supplier, who knows, but thank you all for coming along, it makes all the effort to put on these nights worthwhile.

We had Chris, Darren and John manning the lathes whilst Mick was selling some tools and serving out the food.  With three guests booked in for some one to one training for an hour on the lathes Darren and John were kept busy.  Chris as usual, had a crowd around his lathe and it was great to see several people having ago which is what we want to see and not just our turners demonstrating all night.  If you want to book yourself in on a lathe, of which we normally have two lathes set aside for just that, there are 4 available slots per hands on night.  To book these, either just drop us an email or go to the relevant event in the calendar and fill out a booking form and submit.  Did I say it was free, well it is!  Thanks to all our resident turners for all your support during 2023 as without you we would not have such a thriving Club.

Thanks also to our Humpers & Dumpers for their hard work during the year.  They get the hall set up and then all cleared away and swept up at the end of the night after the majority attending have all disappeared.  Some are able to get there early (around 6pm) and some are only able to help at the end, whilst some, do both.  It was quite noticeable last night, that one minute we seem to have a full hall and then the next minute, we are left with only a handful of people to put everything away.  Next time you are in the hall, look around and see all the equipment, tables etc that all of it has to be put away, the shavings/dust swept up before we can all go home.  The more helpers we get, the quicker it is.  Unfortunately, its not our building so we have to leave it as we find it, i.e. empty and clean.  It is easy to just walk out and leave it for someone else as its not your problem, but if you are able to help in anyway, please offer your services as we can’t do it all without you. Please contact us if you are able to help and be willing to join our Humpers & Dumpers run by Darren.

Another fantastic selection of exhibition items on the table this month which is always great to see

Thanks also to Paul, Dave, Mel and Rob who had a very busy night out in the Shop and with special offers on several items, they were able to shift some of products that we seem to have had in there for quite a while.  Still likely to be some special offers in the new year, so watch this space.  As mentioned at the start, we welcomed Nathan from NE-Wood-GB selling his kiln dried timbers.  We have brought some of what he had to sell to stock in the shop and are planning to have other timbers in various sizes in the new year.  If you want anything specific us know.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

Other Notices:

Membership Renewals – As we are soon to enter 2024, for those who’s membership renewal is due now or early Jan 24, you will have been sent an email from Alan Selden, our Membership Secretary inviting you to renew.  Pleased to say the membership fees have remained the same as last year.  Please note the change of bank details if you paid last year via BACS.  We hope to see everyone renew and look forward to welcoming you all to our 2024 meeting and events.  Check out our 2024 programme HERE.

19 Dec 2023 – Workshop Night.  The last meeting of the year and then a well deserved break until next year.  The meeting links will be sent out over the next few days, so if you have not had it by Sunday evening, check your spam/junk mail and if not in there, please get in touch. Also, if you have any photos to go into the last Show and Tell, please send them in by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to will be in the email.  Thanks.

2024 Training Days – All dates are now open to take bookings.  Remember these are open to the public and not just members, so if you want to secure your place, book now, don’t delay.  To see what we have available and to book your place, please look HERE.

Hope you and your family and friends all have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Fantastic turnout and another enjoyable evening thanks to John Cox for the tea coffee and biscuits , Mick for the superb sausage rolls and mince pies and Mel for her impeccable biscuits. These members, turners , humpers and dumpers, shop staff, committee members etc make our club what it is so spare a thought for what they do for you and help in any way you can even by commenting on these news post and letting them know you appreciate what they do. Back to my own area , the shop. We have spent the last year taking over the reins of the shop which rapidly grew from a few supermarket trays to a full blown shop. Thanks go to Mick Close and John Radford for the development of a fantastic facility. When we became a charity we were told to rationalise our stock holdings. We have reduced certain items but ideally we will continue to provide what products you the members want. To that end I’m asking you the membership what it is you want to see in the shop that isn’t there. We will be largely consumables based, Chestnut products, Pro-edge belts , wood for turning etc so if there’s anything that you require let me know

    Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year and see you January

  • John Mitchell

    Another great evening with a number of new faces as well as some old ones. Thanks to Mick and Mel for providing the refreshments; very much appreciated on a wet winter night!
    Several of us have been to Nathan’s timber yard over the last few months. He has a stock of kiln dried native timber which constantly changing. He is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Give him a call before you go to make sure that he’s around. He is normally open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9 until 12.
    Looking forward to the great program that has been announced for 2024

  • Zak

    Great to see so many members turnout for our last meeting in the hall,for 2023. Thanks again to those who provided the refreshments as named above. We’ll all be back hopefully and looking forward to 2024, we’ve got a full program of pro turners, ‘Hands On in the hall plus our interactive online workshop nights with members in their respective workshops.
    Merry Christmas all.

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