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31st October online IRD with Dave Landers from Este Park Colorado, the project for the evening Natural Edge Big Leaf Maple Burl Goblet. Dave told us a little about his woodturning journey, mostly self-taught until about 10 years ago and how joining a local club opened his mind to all the possibilities in wood.

We were shown examples of what was to be turned, a three-part goblet, the bowl and foot/base from a Mable Burl and the stem from a plain Maple blank. The burl was heavily figured throughout with a natural edge this he said was important to the final look of the piece. The ratio top to bottom was approximately 3inch bowl to 2inch foot. The bowl turned first between centres, starting with the bottom at the tailstock to preserve the burl natural edge and allow a small chucking point to be created.

Dave has kindly sent us a full handout of how to make a similar piece, this will made be available to our members, also included a tool and equipment list.

With the bottom turned and the piece now mounted in the chuck the inside of the bowl hollowed to a uniform thickness and maintaining the decorative natural edge, throughout the evening Dave described in great detail each stage and reason for small adjustments he made to make the project run smoothly. Safety always in mind he described the sanding process and need to protect firstly yourself and then the delicate edge of his work.

The foot although looking a fairly plain domed base the work went through a few stages to firstly mount the small blank in the chuck before creating a dished-out faceplate/ram chuck to hold against the tailstock to finish the bottom, and finally the foot was taped to the faceplate, the tailstock removed, and the centre portion completed.

The stem, a 6-inch piece of straight grained Mable mounted in mini jaws turned to round, the shape to be created, a Bead at the centre point with a tee shaped spindle both sides leading both to the bowl at the top and foot at the bottom, Dave explained at this point in great detail tool presentation in creating V cuts beads and removing even amounts of material to create a thin balanced stem to support the bowl. Sanding explained and colouring, Dave likes to use Indian ink because of its black colour consistency, and it shows any grain through to the finish. The lathe Is used to as a clamp to both align the goblet so that it doesn’t lean or wobble. Two-part epoxy was recommended to join the three pieces as the joints are quite small, leaving to dry overnight. Dave’s preferred finish is with a spray lacquer.

As previously mentioned, the complete goblet handout is available for members in PDF format.  If you would like a copy pop a message in the comments or send us an email, details on the contact page.

Thank you to Dave for entertaining us and sharing you knowledge and tips.

Screen grabs from the evening in the Gallery.

Thanks Zak for another great write up and another good demonstrator booking.  Martin.

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  • Chris Fisher

    A good write up, well done.

    • Paul Tunmore

      Good demo and very detailed description of how to achieve the same product . The detail didn’t leave anything out which meant every little questions at the end

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