10 Oct 2023 – Hands on Night

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Welcome to our Hands on Night

Sorry for the delay in posting last week’s Hands on Night news post, its been one of those weeks and I’ve  just run out of time.  As we have the Workshop Night on Tuesday, this will be a quick post.

A good turn out from the membership which is always good to see, plus we welcomed a new guest, Tim, who we hope will now join following an introduction to woodturning by Darren.  I am pleased to announce that since last Tuesday, Darren has now successfully passed the AWGB ‘Approved Tutor’ course which is fantastic, so well done Darren and well deserved.

On the lathes we had Chris Fisher, Darren Brown, Ian ‘ Zak’ Flack and John Mitchell. Thanks to all those for their continued support and also to all our fantastic helpers that get everything setup and cleared away.  We are always looking for other able bodied members to help out with this, as there is a lot to do and it does not just magically happen.  Also, not forgetting John Cox, who sorts out the refreshments and keeps us well supplied in tea/coffee and not forgetting the biscuits!  Thank you.

Mick still has several items for sale which he had set up in the bar area.  Please stop by next month and see what he has on offer.

Paul, Dave and Rob were kept busy out in the shop, but found time to start looking at restocking certain popular products.  We had hoped Nathan from NE Woods GB was going to come along with some of his wood blanks to sell, but unfortunately he had to cancel.  We hope to get him along next month.  He has kiln dried ash, oak, sycamore to name a few all at good prices.  We then might be able to stock some of his products in our shop, but watch this space.

It was good to see a large selection of member’s work on the exhibition table this month.  We have some excellent turners in the Club and their work never ceases to amaze me.  Well done everyone.  The exhibition table is just that, no competition, all just for show and makes a great talking point with other members.  Let’s keep this going as it is brilliant!

Pleased to announce that the Nov Training Day is now fully booked, but still have a couple left to pay, so there might be some last minute cancellations to be had if you have missed out.  This is our last training day for 2023 and following the success of the 4 we have done this year, we expect to be able to do the same next year.

We Need You!  – Yes, we still need someone to fill the post of Club Secretary despite various requests, so please have a think and step up and take on the role.  Club’s like ours don’t run themselves and its only the fact we have a group of us who have volunteered to do the various jobs do we keep operating.  Take away those people and we no longer have a Club.  If you can help in someway, please get in touch.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

What’s up next?

17 Oct 2023 – Workshop Night.  Meeting links were sent out on Fri 13 23, so if you have not had it, check your spam/junk mail and if not in there, please get in touch. Also, if you have any photos to go into the Show and Tell, please send them to me by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to is in the email.  Thanks.

31 Oct 23 – Demo by Dave Landers from Estes Park, Colorado.  Check out his website HERE.  PAYG members need to purchase a ticket to attend, click HERE

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Another massive surge of members commenting, as Alan has said we desperately need a secretary to help run the club as it’s been a while now and surely someone out there is will to take it on to keep the club going? You belong to probably the best value club of any sort. You get club nights at West Ashby, zoom nights online. Training days, a shop , refreshments etc at very little cost and why? Because a small band of volunteers provide it for you and still pay the same as you for membership. Giving up a little if your time would help the club to continue smoothly

  • Chris Fisher

    Well said Paul. How ever it will fall on deaf ears as no one either looks or comments on these posts.
    Nice try though.👏

  • Martin Pigott

    It is not Alan writing this news post, it’s Martin by the way, but we’ll said Paul.

  • Darren Brown

    Well said Paul, and Chris I read these posts!!!

  • Paul Tunmore

    Sorry Martin I lose track who does what , you, Alan, Zak. Chris but I know it’s an overworked Committee member who isn’t the Secretary lol

    • Martin Pigott

      No problem Paul. Alan S normally provides me with the report for the Workshop Night, Zak does the demo night and I do the Hands on Nights and any other adhoc news posts. All photos have to be edited to resize them for the website. Anyone could write up what they think about the meetings as to get other peoples thoughts would be good.

  • Chris Fisher

    Yes Paul a massive surge in comments thanks to Darren. Percentage wise, that’s a huge increase.🤣🤣

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