9 – 11 Mar 2023 Midlands Woodworking Show

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Sorry for the delay in getting this news post out, its been a busy week, that’s not finished yet, so expect the Hands on Night news post very soon.

We were pleased to see the Midlands Woodworking Show 2023 return to the Newark Showground on the 10 – 11 Mar 23 after 3 years of not running it due to Covid.  If we were to do the show, we were going to need help with the setting up on the Thursday, people to go on the stand over the show, demonstrators and then people to help clear up on the last day.  After a plea for help, we were thrilled with the response and we had a good team to put all the planning into action.

On a rather snowy Thursday, we arrived at the Exhibition Hall and soon got on with setting up.  Despite a few problems with the stand layout, we managed to overcome a table issue with a little help from another exhibitor.  We were amazed at the amount of exhibition items, you the members had provided and in total we had 110 items on display.  The wide range of different items showed off the craft perfectly and helped to remove the stigma that we just make brown bowls.  What was particularly nice to see was the different experience levels and that our novice turners were equally happy to display items that previously they may have thought were not good enough to go on public display.  Everything on display was a credit to not only the individual making it but also to show off the support being provided by the membership.  The display looked fantastic and I would say probably the best one we have done to date.

On the morning of the show it was again rather wintery but it got better during the day.  Unfortunately, the weather did put off some from coming and something like 1000 tickets had not been presented, but it was still very busy. We got a lot of interest in firstly the display, but also what we are doing as a club and how our online meetings have opened up our catchment area to become unlimited and open to anyone, anywhere in the country or the world.

With John Liles, Darren and Mick taking turns on the lathe whilst Chris demonstrated airbrushing and pyrography, we had something for everyone and these attracted at times quite a crowd.  Chris, aka @pyrography_doodles met several of his many Instagram followers which was really good and I think he really enjoyed the fame!  Before we knew it it was 4pm and closing time, so we all headed home for a rest and recharge ready for the next day.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and thankfully no snow.  Before the doors opened to the public we had one special job to do with a little help, literally, from Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’. She kindly spared a few minutes to come and present our Presidents Trophy to a very well deserved winner.  This was of course the Spindle and Skew master, Mr John Liles. John who has been in the Club for many years and now nearly at the grand old age of 88, he has demonstrated for the Club both on club nights, shows like this, hands on nights and our training days. He has done so much for the club over the years he is without doubt a worthy winner.  Well done John.

We soon realised that all those unpresented Friday tickets had turned up as well, so the hall was packed. Another really busy day and equally the same interest in the Club which was great and made it worthwhile all the effort put in to make it all happen.  As the crowds started to thin out we then had the job of carefully wrapping up all the exhibition items and boxing them up to hopefully give back to the right person.  Despite the show not actually closing officially until 4pm, we had the stand packed up and loaded in the cars and trailer in record time.  Thank you everyone who helped over the show and for those that stopped by to say hello.

Below are three videos I put together to give you an idea of what it was like and what you have missed.  For more photos please have a look in the Gallery HERE 

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  • Paul Tunmore

    As usual a great write up but I’m not sure who to thank. It was a really enjoyable two days. Friday and Saturday, and the time flew by. It was amazing the reaction we got from visitors with so many people saying they were interested in joining the club both novices and experienced turners, with some turning up at the Hands on night on Tuesday. I’m biased but think that out stand was head and shoulders above the other club stands borne out by the comments from our visitors, comments like professional, welcoming and what I think is our biggest compliment , friendly.

    • Lincs Wolds Woodturning

      Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment. I did the report in this case and generally will do all the hands on night reports and any notices. Alan or Zak provide the workshop night and online demo reports which I then put together a news post along with the associated gallery post. Martin

  • Chris Fisher

    Great write up Martin. I agree with Paul a brilliant 2 days, and as far as the club stand is concerned,it was magnificent. Our success is all down to the members who stood up and made the show a testament to what can be achieved when we work together as a club. So well done lads..and Lady Mel.
    I know that only two people and a dog will read or comment on this post, but it was still worth saying.

    • Lincs Wolds Woodturning

      Thanks Chris.

  • Rob Smyth

    Well done to everyone that helped to project the image of the club. The stand looked fantastic a very professional look with a very varied display of members work. Everyone I and other members talked to on the Friday were impressed with our friendly attitude towards them. As stated above I think that everyone who contributed to the show deserves a pat on the back.

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