21 Feb 2023 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

This month twenty six members gathered round their computers to see what Chris and Mick would get up to in their workshops. As far as turning was concerned Zak was temporarily out of action but his evening was not solely devoted to observing as he gathered video clips that will be inserted into a promotional video to be shown on the club’s stand at the upcoming Newark show in March.

Chris and Mick were ready to go when the technologies gremlins who control Chris’s cameras decided that it was time to withdraw their labour. Whether this was to strike for better pay and conditions or simply to say they had had enough in the cold we shall never know and despite Chris’s best endeavours they refused to come back online, reducing Chris to a mere observer of the evening’s activities. Last man standing was Mick who rose to the occasion by producing two separate items.

First up was a boater hat shaped case for a clock insert. The piece of wood had already been prepared and was mounted on the lathe by means of a glue chuck. This allowed Mick to true up and form the back of the case and create a spigot. When finished this side of the case would have a brass hanging plate attached to it. The glue chuck was removed and the piece was mounted in the chuck using the spigot just created. Having decided which clock insert to use Mick marked out the diameter of the insert and started to hollow out the recess to accommodate it. Once the hollowing had been completed it was time to remove wood from around the clock insert and form the brim of the hat. That achieved to his satisfaction, Mick used a wire to burn two decorative lines into the timber. The piece was sanded through the grits, denibbed with wire wool and sanding sealer applied. Microcrystalline wax was applied and that part of the project was complete. All that remained was to reverse the piece, hold it in expansion on the chuck and remove the spigot. The same finishing techniques were used on this side of the wood. The final adornment would be a ribbon tied around the crown in order to create the boater effect.

Project two was the production of a Greek figure in the style of that produced by Cretan woodturner Nikos Siragas. For this Mick chose a piece of Yew which he mounted on the lathe. Having turned it into a cylinder Mick then used a paper template to mark out the location of the starting point of the various shaping points. These were cut into the wood with a parting tool and delineated the starting points of the base, bottom of the skirt, neck and hat. The serious shaping of the figure then took place starting with the hat, then the head and neck followed by the waist, bottom of skirt, “legs” and finally the base; all achieved using a spindle gouge. After sanding, as with the clock case, lines were burned into the wood at key areas using a wire. Application of sanding sealer followed by Microcrystalline wax completed the job. From beginning to end this project had taken twenty five minutes, a tribute to Mick’s woodturning skills and we thank him for keeping us entertained for the evening.

As usual the Show and Tell feature showcased some excellent examples of items produced by seven of our members. As always the diversity of items produced and the quality was first class.

Hopefully by next month the technology gremlins will have resolved their dispute with Chris and Zak will be back in his workshop, but if any other members would like to have a go in order to give our three regulars a break, then please get in touch. You will be well supported and your efforts will not be in vain.

Thanks Alan Selden for the write up and you can see all the screen shots taken during the evening in the Gallery HERE

And Finally….

28 Feb 2023 – Another new turner to our screens this month, this time by Jason Breach from Devon. PAYG members need to purchase a ticket to attend, click HERE

Sat 4 Mar 2023 – The Club Shop will be open from 10am to midday so you can top on on what you need.  Also and importantly, we need items you have made to put onto Stand 84 at the Midlands Woodworking Show on the 10 – 11th March 23.  Please bring what you have along on this day as it is your last chance before the show.  They need to be suitably wrapped and boxed to protect them.  Please ensure each item is clearly marked with your name on so we know who to give it back to.

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  • Chris Fisher

    I can only apologise for not being able to continue on at our Workshop Night.
    I have no explanation, other than OBS has a deep seated dislike for me, Obs is not alone I fear.🤣🤣

  • Paul Tunmore

    Another good evening with Mick being the solo hero showing once again that the club responds well to change and unexpected occurrences and soldiers on. We put so much pressure on our turners. Online , in the hall, training days and next the Newark show. Hopefully members will respond to Chris’s plea for more to set up their workshops to be able to assist. Unfortunately I’m just not experienced or good 3nough to offer but without that help we will have to revamp our schedule to ease the pressure on our heroic turners. Moan over and hopefully many more enjoyable evenings for all members to come

  • Dai Crawford

    Another enjoyable evening. Well done Mick.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Queue the violins lol

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