14 Feb 2023 – Hands on Night

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Welcome to our Hands on Night

On an incredibly foggy evening in February, we still had a good turnout for a slightly different evening than normal.

Chris Fisher was not going to be on a lathe this month and was set up to give a special master class on pyrography and airbrushing.  With several pyrography tools brought in by various members for others to have a go on, Chris soon had a table full of those wanting to have a go and get all artistic.

Meanwhile in the other corner of the hall, we were pleased to welcome a guest appearance on the lathe by Chris Chance to demonstrate a Fluting Jig with a Hinge Plate.  This enables a router bit to be moved accurately over a piece of work to form flutes, grooves and shapes giving some interesting patterns as shown in one of the items Chris had brought along.

Darren had been kept busy doing all the PAT testing needed on the electrical appliances we use at the Club and need to take to the Midlands Woodworking Show at Newark in March.  Once finished this vital task, he then got set up on a lathe and was able to help one of the members struggling with turning bowls and how to present the bowl gouge to achieve a smooth transition from the sides into the bottom of the bowl.

With the key to getting a good finish on anything we make is having sharp tools, several members were keen to get some instruction on the Robert Sorby Pro-edge sharpening system.  John Mitchell was on hand to pass on his experience and soon gathered a crowd.  With Mick off sick, Paul was also kept busy with the Club Shop and ensured everyone had what they needed to make and finish their current or future projects.

This month was the first where we had an exhibition table for members to bring along items they have made to show us all or for critique, if wanted.  An excellent display of work as you can see from the photos, so lets see more next month.

Another excellent night and thanks to all those helping setting up and clearing away and of course all of our members for your continued support making our Club one of the best.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

What’s up next?

21 Feb 2023 – Workshop Night.  Meeting links have already been sent out, so check your inboxes. Also, if you have any photos to go into the Show and Tell, please send them to me by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to is in the email.  Thanks.

Sat 4 Mar 2023 – The Club Shop will be open from 10am to midday so you can top on on what you need.  Also and importantly, we need items you have made to put onto Stand 84 at the Midlands Woodworking Show on the 10 – 11th March 23.  Please bring what you have along on this day as it is your last chance before the show.  They need to be suitably wrapped and boxed to protect them.  Please ensure each item is clearly marked with your name on so we know who to give it back to.

28 Feb 2023 – Demo by Jason Breach.  PAYG members need to purchase a ticket to attend, click HERE

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  • Chris Fisher

    Thanks to everyone who did turn up for Hands on Night the weather wasn’t great. I think a few enjoyed the Pyrography class.

  • Paul Tunmore

    I didn’t see a lot in the hall but on my visit for coffee and a chat there were members engrossed in the various activities on offer. My idea was to shut the shop for a while and visit the hall but a constant stream of members kept me busy. It’s very entertaining chatting to members that maybe I wouldn’t have in the hall and hopefully most of the time disguised the fact that despite being the shopkeeper of the night I’m in no way an expert on the skills of woodturning. No matter what jobs we do at the club it always makes for a very entertaining evening

  • David Crawford

    Sounds like it was another good night, shame I missed it.

    • Paul Tunmore

      Always a good night Dai

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