10 Jan 2023 – Hands on Night

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Welcome to our Hands on Night

On a rather cold, wet and windy night, we got the hall set up for our first Hands on Night on 2023 with the assistance from the ‘Humpers and Dumpers’.  Can’t thank these guys enough for their help as they have really made the difference in getting everything set up and cleared away in record time.  If you are able to help and can get to the hall by just gone 6pm on these nights or able to stay on at the end, please let Darren know and he will add you to his list of helpers.  The more the merrier as it means we always have cover if any are away or can’t make it.

Prior to the evening we had several new people contact the Club expressing an interest in coming along, so we were really pleased to welcome 5 new guests to the Club along with all our usual members.  Although we had the four lathes set up, we only had three turners available to man them, but let me remind you if as a member you want to have a go, please feel free, we have smocks, PPE, chisels and even bits of wood to use, so if you see the lathe not being used why not have a go.  Likewise, we now have two sharpening systems, the Pro Edge plus a standard 6″ Grinder with finger nail profile jig, so if you can help anyone wanting to be shown how to use them offer your services.  We do need more experienced turners to come forward and have a go and possible teach your skills to others, so if you feel confident in doing so please get in contact.

With John Liles, Chris Fisher and Darren Brown manning the lathes they all soon had an audience gathering around to see what they were doing.  Darren took on the role to give 5 new beginners the basic intro talk covering all the important safety and the first steps to turning.  He did a brilliant job and the feedback we have received has been fantastic and much appreciated and three have now joined the Club, so welcome to you all.  He has heard it several times today already, but well done Darren!

Several items had been brought along to the Club to show, of which only some of them were photographed and can be seen in the Gallery.  Starting from the Feb Hands on Night, we are introducing an exhibition/critique table.  This is intended to be just like the Show n Tell that we do at the Workshop night that our online members get to see.  As the Club has evolved, we now have members that are only online and also those that are only coming to Hands on Nights.  So currently, the later miss out seeing the wide range of excellent work done by you, our members.  Also, photos don’t always do the items justice.  Having a display of work also will inspire our beginners/guests to see what can be done on this mystical thing we call a lathe.  If you have shown them already bring them along or if you plan to show them at the next workshop night please lets still see the item in person so to speak.  If you want critique on your item(s) please ask, if you don’t that’s fine.  We want them to be something to discuss so please discuss.  We will have some labels available that you can write your name on to put next to your item(s) so people know who made them.

As we had to cancel the meeting in December, Mick was busy dishing out hot sausage rolls during the evening which was much appreciated by all as was the box of Heroes that soon got devoured.  John and Paul had another busy night out in the shop.  Next time you go in the shop have a look at what project kits we have such as clocks, pens and various other metal parts and maybe think about having a go at making something different to expand your repertoire.

*Edit* Forgot to mention, at the next Hands on Night in February, we will be having a Pyrography master class by Chris Fisher, so if you fancy having a go, come along and get burning.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

What’s up next?

17 Jan 2023 – Workshop Night.  Meeting links will be sent out tomorrow night (Friday),  so if you have not had it, check your spam/junk mail and if not in there, please get in touch.  If you have any photos to go into the Show and Tell, please send them to me by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to is in the email.

If you are new to the Club and not been to our online Zoom meetings, please check out the information HERE on how to get started.  If you get stuck or not sure how to use Zoom, please get in touch, but don’t leave it until Tuesday night, as I won’t have time to help you.

Thanks and see you all soon.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Good to see more new members. Well done Darren.

    • Paul Tunmore

      Another great night for the club, so many new faces and new members. Thanks to Darren, Chris and John for their efforts and Mick for keeping us fed with superb sausage rolls which were excellent, no Tesco pap for LWWA lol. Didn’t spend a lot of time in the hall but did manage to catch Alan assisted by Chris demonstrating that PPE in the form of shin pads and steel toe caps could be a good idea in the workshop as pieces can fly off the lathe downwards as well as upwards.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Another good night well done Darren, Chris and John for turning and Mick for excellent sausage rolls , no Tesco pap for LWWA . For those that missed it Alan was turning ably following Chris’s direction when they demonstrated why you should consider wearing PPE on your legs and feet in the workshop. Thanks guys for another enjoyable evening

  • Alan buckle

    Good to see the club still growing, welcome to all the new members

  • Paul Tunmore

    I forgot to say how great it was to see the “Cockney Turner back on his feet and looking so well.

  • Mick Close

    A really good night once again. Thanks for all who made it a success. Nice to know
    that Darren’s newbies enjoyed the night and some have actually joined.
    Let’s hope every meeting we have this attracts the same enthusiasm.

  • Rob Smyth

    Had a good night great to be back after December cancellation. So many new faces, seems that Darren entertained them well, good job mate. John and Chris kept everyone interested and involved. Alan,Mick and Martin also played their part feeding and doing the necessary Admin and notices. Works really well like a well oiled machine thanks to you all. Upwards and onwards!!

  • David Crawford

    Sound like you all had a great night, shame I had to miss it. Looking forward to the next one

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