9 Aug 2022 – Hands on Night

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Welcome to our Hands on Night

Another rather warm evening for this month’s Hands on Night which may have been why the numbers were a bit down or its just holiday season.  On a beach with a cold beer or at the Village Hall woodturning….mmmm? let me think!  Anyway, thank you to the 22 who had ventured out and for all our excellent helpers for getting the Hall set up ready for the 7pm start.

As well as all our usual members, it was great to welcome some new faces, who are keen to learn the craft and have booked themselves already onto the Training Day on the 24 Sept 2022.  Remember it is first come, first served and places are going fast.  Chris Fisher and John Liles are now fully booked and we only have 9 slots remaining to fill.  Go HERE to book your place before they all go.

I was pleased to take delivery of our forth Record Power Coronet Herald lathe this week and got it set up and ready to go for this meeting.  Unfortunately, due to illness and holidays we were down on our Turners this month so it didn’t get used, but it will be ready to go next month.

Tuesday’s turners were Chris Fisher, John Liles and Ian ‘Zak’ Flack so a big thank you to them enabling these evenings to happen.  John had received bookings for some lessons in the use of the Skew and so that kept him busy with his two students.  Both did really well and hopefully now with John’s expert guidance on how its used they can go away and practice, practice and more practice. Zak was set up on the lathe in the corner giving a bit more privacy to a one to one instruction session previously booked last month.  Hopefully with these evenings now we are encouraging more people to have a go and enabling lathes to be booked, this will help our members turning skills to be improved.  If you do want to book a session with any of our turners get in contact as currently we have no bookings in place for next month.  Chris was kept busy teaching the art of goblet making and took Rob through the stages and ended up with a lovely little goblet pictured in the main image above.

During the evening, Chris was testing out a Charnwood magnetic led light pictured on the right loaned to the Club for the night by me, Martin, as it had been mentioned that the lighting at the lathes was not great.  This was proved to be a vast improvement and following discussions with the Committee today, it is now our intention to purchase 4 of these lights.  I contacted Yandles today who I had originally purchased the light from for £27.99 plus £3.99 postage to see if the Club brought 4, we could get any discount.  I was told that if we could get an order for 10+ to get back in contact as we could potentially get a discount and share postage costs.  We already have 4 other Committee members interested in getting one so if you are also interested please contact me asap.  For more details on the light itself, have a look HERE.

Thank you to Paul our stand in Shop keeper for the night, who was kept busy out in the Shop.

For more photos of the evening please check out the Gallery.

And finally,

What’s up next?

16 Aug 2022 – Workshop Night.  Meeting links will be sent out hopefully Friday night, so if you have not got it by Saturday, please get in contact.  Also, if you have any photos to go into the Show and Tell, please send them to me by no later than Monday 7pm.  The Dropbox link to send them to will be in the email.  Thanks.

23 Aug 2022 – Online demo by Trent Bosch from Fort Collins, Colorado.  For more info on Trent, please have a look at his website HERE.  PAYG members need to purchase a ticket to attend, click HERE.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Interesting evening in the shop, saw no woodturning but chatted to a number of members that I haven’t chatted to before so that was a bonus.

  • Dai Crawford

    Always a good night. Chatted a bit and had a go on the lathe as well.

  • Rob Smyth

    A very productive evening for me. I got so engrossed with Chris before I knew it was nearly 9 o’clock. Big thank you to Chris for his help and advice. Just love the way Woodturners happily share their knowledge.

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