26 Jul 2022 – Rick Dobney Demo

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The last Tuesday of July already and it was the clubs Demonstration IRD, this month with Rick Dobney all the way from Chesterfield Derbyshire. On a warm evening everyone made their way to a favourite armchair to tune in. After our usual welcome and notices, Rick who has been seen ‘live’ at the club took the stage and described his project for the evening. An off centre multi axis candlestick, that sounded complicated we all thought, but as the night progressed Rick described each stage in great detail that by the end several of us thought we might be able to achieve it.

Two pieces of Sycamore 2 ½ by 12-inch and 5 by 2-inch blanks to make stem and base were prepared; the stem had the centres marked out to turn between centres before mounting and roughing down to round and a tenon put on each end. Safety was pointed out at each stage as we moved along. We had an explanation of how and why the project was devised, from a simple straight candleholder to something more decorative and impressive.

A small portion from the tailstock end was parted off with this formed a 25MM plug with a spigot, the reason for this was to be explained later.

The new face, now exposed, was finely cleaned off with a 3/8th spindle gouge.

A 25mm forstner bit was used to drill a hole to match the candle holder cup, this 25mm seemed to be a theme; the face then shaped to receive the cup and sanded to a finish. Now the plug that was created could be tested to fit the cup hole, NOW that 25MM MAKES SENSE. With the plug fitted a datum line was drawn along the length of the blank using the tool-rest as a guide.

A centre punch was used to make off-centres 10mm from the centre point and marked symmetrically on each end.

The off-centre shapes are created by turning either on ‘true centre’ or a variation one and two and vice versa. Rick used true centres to turn the tulip shape top which houses the cup and also the bottom which joins to the base.

The pictures do tell the story of how this looks at the end. On completion of the main event, the curvy bits, another 25mm spigot was formed at the bottom to join to the base. The base was a simple affair with an ogee shape and 25mm hole drilled into the top: the plug/ram chuck was then used to reverse mount the base to finish the bottom. Sanding and finishing was explained, and Rick has kindly sent full instructions on how to turn this project.

If any member wants a copy, then leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we will send to you.

Lots of positive comments have come in regarding the demo, well explained, great tool presentation and many more, so thank you to Rick, sure to be on our invite list for future.

Thanks Zak for another great write up.

Please check out the full set of screen shots taken during the demo in our Gallery HERE.

For Sale

For Sale – We have two TV Stands on wheels for sale – £40 each (minus the wires shown) and two Samsung 32″ Flat Screen TVs – £50 each.  If anyone is interested or know of anywhere local to you that might be interested let us know.

And lastly,

What’s up next?

9 Aug 2022 – Hands on Night.  John Liles our resident Skew master will be giving some one to one tuition to a couple of lucky members who have booked an hour each with him.  If you also want to do that at the Sept meeting, we will have a booking form so you can put your name down.  First come first served.

Can I please remind you all of the following points and basic rules that need to be abided by at the Hands on Nights:

  • Refreshments are self service, costing 20p per cup or a donation of your choice.
  • Please wash up and DRY your mug once finished with it and put back in the plastic box.  Don’t just leave it for someone else to do it.
  • If you spill it, clean it up, we don’t want people slipping on a wet floor.
  • Be careful on or around the lathes for trailing wires and loose shavings on the floor.
  • If having a go on a lathe, you must be wearing suitable footwear, i.e. stout shoes or even safety boots if you have them, but certainly NO open top shoes or flip flops, even its a warm night.
  • You MUST wear face/eye protection when having a go on a lathe.
  • Ensure any jewellery, rings are removed or covered.
  • Ensure long hair is tied back.
  • We have smocks you can borrow to keep your clothes clean.
  • Whilst watching the turning action, if the lathe is on, please stand back away from the lathe as we don’t want you to get hurt by anything coming off the lathe unexpectedly or the turner getting carried away waving around sharp chisels.  If you do wish to wear safety glasses or a visor please feel free.  We don’t however have enough to supply everyone, so if you have your own (which you should do!) please bring them along.
  • Please ensure you have read, understood and abide by the Club’s Health & Safety Policy.
  • Committee members will be monitoring that health & safety measures are being followed.  Its for your safety so don’t be offended if you get told off.
  • A well stocked First Aid Kit and Eye Wash Kit is available and is kept on the entrance table along with the smocks and spare PPE.  Dave Lee is our resident trained First Aider when he is able to attend due to work commitments, working for the NHS Ambulance Service.
  • If you hurt or cut yourself during the meetings or become unwell, please let one of the Committee or Dave know immediately.
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  • Mick Close

    An excellent, informative and well presented demo. as is always done by Rick.
    Always look forward to seeing Rick’s demo’s either in Club or at shows.
    Please book again, it’s been ages since his last Club visit.

  • Chris Fisher

    I agree with Mick an excellent Demo.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Great demo, Rick explained everything precisely and demonstrated well. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure getting those crisp edges is not as easy as it looked. Great to see top quality British turners as well as our new friends from across the water.

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