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We previously posted the following important notice attached to the last Workshop Night News Post, but since then, we have had no enquiries, so I am going to assume no one saw it, so here it is again:

All members should have received an email from our Club Secretary, Alan B a few weeks ago, informing us all that he is sadly having to step down for reasons that I won’t gone into on here. This will unfortunately leave the Club without a Secretary, which for any Club to run and to operate efficiently, we therefore urgently need to find a willing volunteer(s) from you the members. Alan is happy to advise anyone about the job and provide a handover.

What is involved? As you would expect, the role deals with any general enquiries received from the website, phone or in the post, calling of meetings, creating the agenda’s, taking of minutes at all Committee/Trustee/Sub Committee meetings plus the AGM. We hold 4 full Committee and 2 Trustee meetings per year. There may be the need for additional meetings as necessary. We also have Sub Committee meetings that are called as and when necessary. There will be the need to send out correspondence as required either by email or post (but mainly email). The willing volunteer really does need to be confident in the use of IT and standard Office type programs. All of those are standard duties that you would expect to do in the role of any Club Secretary. Since Covid, all Committee meetings are now done on Zoom, which saves on travel, cost of hiring the hall, plus it enables the meetings to be easily recorded. As they are recorded, it has enabled a simplified set of minutes to be produced and distributed.

Alan has also being doing the Programme Secretary job on top of the Club Secretary, because no one else from the 60+ members would volunteer to do it. To share out the required work, we would like for another member to join a small group set up to do this role as a group rather than one individual. What does this role do, well the clue is in the title, it sorts out the Club’s Programme for the year and working on future years, so that’s mainly for the demonstrators. The suitable demonstrator’s need to identified, contacted, booked and liaised with as necessary.

We all lead busy lives, whether you are retired or still in work, but without volunteers stepping forward and finding the time, Club’s such as ours would not exist. Alan has done a fantastic job over the years and it is without doubt his determination in keeping the Club going during covid has made the Club grow from strength to strength and really is something to be proud to be apart of. So please have a serious think and if you feel you can help in taking on either roles as above or want any more details please get in contact ASAP.

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