28 Jun 2022 – Phil Rose Demo

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This evening twenty-nine members were transported across the Atlantic for our second foray this year to the USA. This time we were heading to the studio of Phil Rose in upstate New York.

Phil specialises in split turning, making an object, cutting it up and rearranging the pieces into something completely different. He then uses many different art techniques and combines different media to produce some outstanding pieces.

The first half of the demonstration started with a piece of maple (23 by 5.5cms) that would be turned into a flat-bottomed bowl that would be split, joined back together in a different shape and then coloured.

Phil mounted a jig into his chuck that had four screws protruding from it against which he held the blank using the tailstock. He then trued up the blank, used his compasses to mark out the diameter of a recess and formed the recess. The blank was then reversed and the recess used to secure the wood in the chuck. The process for forming the recess was repeated but this time a tenon was formed on what would be the base of the bowl. Shaping the outside followed and during this process Phil explained his choices of gouge and the different grinds he uses in order to perfect the shape he is looking for. He stressed how important it was to have the wall of the bowl straight as it approached the rim so that when the bowl was split one half of the rim would sit perfectly on top of the other half. The final shaping was achieved using a negative rake scraper and Phil explained that he had found that a scraper with an angle of twenty degrees on both sides not only gave a good finish but also seemed to prolong the life of the burr.

The outside complete, the bowl was reversed, held by the tenon and the hollowing out commenced. Not far into the hollowing process Phil determined the width of the wall he required and then ensured that he maintained that width as he removed the wood from the inside. Once near the bottom of the bowl Phil took time to ensure that the bottom was perfectly flat, offering up a piece of card so that he could see any high spots that were then carefully removed. This part of the bottom did not extend to the total width of the bowl so that there was a small lip that would determine where the cuts to the rim and wall would end.

The bowl was again reversed but this time held in Cole jaws so that the tenon could be removed and the bottom finished.

So now we had a finished bowl it was time for the fun to begin. Phil showed us how to mark out the lines for the cuts that he would make using a scroll saw which would remove one half of the side of the bowl. This half would then be glued to the other half, effectively the rim of the cut half glued to the rim of the wall that was still intact. Phil explained this complicated procedure in great detail using pieces he had previously prepared.

It was now time for Phil’s artistic abilities to come to the fore. Phil did not colour the piece itself but used demonstration pieces to show us the paints and techniques he uses to achieve some stunning results. Using oil based Pebeo paints He selected a range of colours that he would spread and mix onto the wood. We were shown what they looked like when wet but until the paint had dried no one knew what the finished effect would be as the paints mix and homogenise in an indeterminate way. We were also shown what could be achieved by airbrushing and, if the surface was irregular, picking out the peaks by applying a contrasting colour. As with all of these techniques the finished article is determined only by the imagination of the artist.

Throughout his demonstration Phil explained his choice of tool, how best to use those tools and what he was aiming to achieve and similarly with the colouring and finishing of the piece.

This was a demonstration that was of value and interest to all of the audience bearing in mind that not all woodturners have the artistic ability, or indeed inclination, to be able to achieve sophisticated coloured patterns and designs.

We look forward to our next visit to upstate New York.

For more photos of the demo please have a look in the Gallery HERE.

We should also be getting access to the recording of the demo by Phil which once we get the link, it will be sent out to all full members and those PAYG members who had previously purchased a ticket.


This Saturday, 2 Jul 2022, from 10am to midday, we will be having a Tool and Equipment Sale at the Hall.  For more details and a list of some of the items for sale, of which several may have already been sold, please have a look at our previous news post – check it out HERE.  Please remember this is Cash/Chq sales only.

We also intend to open up the Club Shop for you to stock up on your woodturning supplies.

And lastly,

Dates for your Diary:

12 July – Next Hands on Night – We will have the one to one booking form for August’s meeting.

19 July – Next Workshop Night – Please send in your photos/videos of items you have been making.

23 July – Training Day – £10 per 1 hr session, one to one instruction.  At the time of posting this, we only have 3 slots left now, so get them booked ASAP  – Please go here to Book

  • 11:30 to 12:30 with John Mitchell
  • 15:40 to 16:40 with Chris Fisher
  • 15:40 to 16:40 with Mick Close
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  • Paul Tunmore

    Amazing demo from Phil Rose made everything clear and explained everything so well very few questions were asked. A great fan of decorating and explained various techniques and mediums.

    If you’re a member and missed it I recommend that you watch the video which should be with us soon.

    I think Phil will be returning to us as we plan for next year.

    Another example of how far we have come as a club now having world acclaimed turners on a regular basis. Long may it continue

  • Chris Fisher

    Well said young Tunmore.👍👍🤭🤭🤭

  • Paul Tunmore

    I do like the “young” !!! Going down tomorrow to get the tools I ordered and see if there’s anything else

  • John Mitchell

    Excellent demonstration with every step explained in details and some great camera angles to show how to make the cuts. Having made the piece Phil went on to show a couple of techniques to finish it using coloured mediums. Hope to see him again soon. Another “world class” turner live in rural Lincolnshire thanks to Zoom!

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