12 Apr 2022 – Hands on Night

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On Tuesday 12 April, our group of willing volunteers set up the hall ready for our Hands on Night.  We saw a good turnout of 29, some of which were old faces we had not seen for a while who were warmly welcomed back and also some new members attending for the first time signed up to join our friendly group.  Though out the evening, John, Mick and Darren were kept busy on the lathes.  We saw John making a natural edge bowl, Mick doing some one to one tuition with a new turner and Darren made an elegant vase with a combined finish using a scorching technique and Hampshire Sheen green wax.

We must point out that Darren was specifically careful when performing this scorching technique taking precautions to reduce the risk as well as having a fire extinguisher in his tool box directly behind him.  Extreme care is required when using a naked flame from a blow torch to apply scorching to wood and this should always be performed outside and away from a dusty workshop and ensure a suitable fire extinguisher is readily available.  Question – Do you have a fire extinguisher in your workshop, if not, it is highly recommended to get one?

Continuing with the burning wood theme, Chris was set up for a pyrography workshop with several members bringing along their Pyro machines to share with others.  Some new to the burning art and others just wanting to improve their technique.  This activity seemed to go down well and we will aim to run it again at some point in the future.  If you would be interested in seeing anything specific on these nights, please get in touch as we are always looking for new ideas.

Zak set up the Clubs video equipment to demonstrate how it is set up and how to use it. This got a lot of interest from those wanting to get involved in creating their own video content for our online workshop activity nights or just to watch back and improve their technique which can be very useful. Zak has previously produced three YouTube videos on how to set up the free downloadable software, i.e. OBS and Touch Portal, you can find them here Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The purpose of the Hands on Nights is to educate our new members just starting out in the craft and to improve the skills of those already turning. We encourage anyone to have a go and or use the opportunity to get some one to one help and advice from the Turners present. That is not just those on the lathes, but from any of the other more experienced members present. The Turners on these nights are not necessarily there to provide you with a demonstration, they are there to help you, so please use their experience, ask questions and if you want to, ask could you have to go.

To capture what goes on at our meetings, relies on normally Chris, Zak or Martin to take some photos or videos. Quite often we get tied up with other things, so we don’t necessary get time to capture all the action of what is going on the lathes etc. So we would really like someone to volunteer to take on the role as Club photographer and during the meetings take some photos/videos and send them through to us via Dropbox. That way we have plenty of pictures to choose from to share on this website, Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in this job, please get in touch.

Thanks to everyone who made it a good night and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

And lastly,

19 Apr 2022 – Workshop Night – The meeting link for next week has been sent out earlier today, so if you have not got it yet, get in touch.  Can I remind you to send us your photos/videos of anything you have been turning to include in the Show and Tell.  Currently, I have received only two member’s work, so unless more is provided, it will either be carried over to next month or it will be a very short presentation at this rate.

Club Shop – We won’t be opening the shop up on any Saturday’s this month as both shop keepers are off on holiday.  Due to very few customers coming to the shop on the last few Saturday’s we will also be reviewing the need for the Saturday openings now that we have the Hands on Night at which the shop is open.  Hopefully it will encourage more of you to come along to the Hands on Nights.  It is yet to be confirmed whether we will be opening during the weekends in May, so watch this space for further updates.

Turners Retreat discount – You may have seen emails from Turners Retreat offering discount to Club Members on presenting your membership card of which, in previous years we have registered our card with them. The discount given is only available in store and not available via their online store.  The % discount is also less than what we have negotiated with them if ordering via our Club Shop plus you would end up paying P&P.  If you are after anything from them, have a chat first with the Mick who might be able to save you a bob or two.  On some items, there is the possibility to have them delivered directly to you.

Next online Demo – 26 Apr 2022 with Gary Lowe ‘The Tartan Turner’.  We have previous seen Gary before in the Hall in May 2017 for an all day demo and it will be great to see him again, but this time via an IRD on Zoom.  For more details go HERE and if you are a PAYG member don’t forget to watch this demo you will need to purchase your ticket.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Great write up Martin I feel like I was there.🤣🤣

    • Paul

      I second Chris’s comment on a great write up on a really interesting friendly evening. Chris was inspiring as usual but “random ” patterns don’t seen to flow from others as it does front the master. It was also good to hear from Martin how to transfer pictures for more traditional pyrography. Great to see old and new faces the club continues to go from strength to strength

  • Rob Smyth

    An enjoyable evening learning something new. As usual Chris was very forth coming with his knowledge of pyrography. Such deep concentration was evident amongst all who tried this new skill, the evening flew by.

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