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On 8 March 2022, we held our monthly, Hands on Night, back in the hall and what a good night it was.  A big thank you to our new Working Group who helped to set up and break down the equipment on the evening.  It is true that many hands make light work as the hall was set up in record time.  An excellent turnout of 29 old and new members, some faces we had not seen for a long time. It was a challenge to get around to speak to everyone, as we are a friendly bunch and try to welcome everyone.

Thank you also to John Liles, Chris Fisher and Darren Brown for manning the lathes and helping us all have a worthwhile night out. Sharing skills and stories is what the club is all about, with help and advice always on hand for any problems you might have.

Pleased to announce for those onliner’s that we will still be doing the workshop IRD next Tuesday, due to popular demand, so any pictures or videos you have to show, please send them in ASAP.

Social Media

It has been highlighted that some of you were unaware that the Club was on Social Media, in other words Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  We do have a big Social Media Banner on this website in several places with buttons to take you straight to them. I have now moved one on the home page further up so hopefully its makes it easier for you to find it.  So what is on them you might ask?

Facebook – We have two sites, one is our public group, Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association – found HERE which anything posted on it will be visible to everyone on Facebook across the world and anyone can like, share, comment and see the content.  We tend to advertise any meetings/events etc and will post write ups, photos, videos afterwards.  We currently have 455 followers, thanks to Zak’s hard work in posting what we are doing.

Then we have a closed members only group, Lincs Wolds Woodturners – found HERE.  To join this you have to be a Club member and need to apply or be invited to join it.  The person requesting to join have to answer a few simple questions, like are you a paid up member? and then submit their request to join.  If the person is not a member, we politely refuse entry and redirect them to the public group and encourage them to join the Club first.  In the closed group, members have the opportunity to post photos, comments or ask questions to other members between our meeting nights.  We also can share links to videos on our YouTube Channel that are not listed in the public area.  We currently have 34 members so would love to see more join in.  So if you are a member of the Club and on Facebook but have not yet requested to join, please go and have a look.  It is not instant access, as I have to see the request and act upon it when I get the chance.

Instagram –  This is a very popular means of sharing what we are doing in the Club with the world.  Photos and videos are uploaded and tagged with keywords, such as #woodturning, to name just one.  People choose who and what to follow that is of interest to them, so what we do and post, then shows up in their news feed for them to like and comment upon.  We currently have 1093 followers from all over the world and have done 776 posts which is from the hard work that Chris Fisher, aka on Instagram as ‘Woodbug1’ has done in promoting the Club via this medium.  A big thank you to Chris.  We have a long way to go to match the number of followers and posts that Chris currently has, which sits at 30.2k followers and 1393 posts, but with his expertise I am sure we will one day.

YouTube – The Club has what is known as a YouTube Channel which can be found HERE.  We upload any videos of what we do and make some available to the public to find and view through their searches.  If they particularly like what we post and don’t want to miss any, they have the option to Subscribe to our Channel.  We currently have 977 people from all over the world subscribing and have 85 videos uploaded.  We have the option to make videos Public, Unlisted or Private.  All of our videos are either Public or Unlisted.  If a video is Unlisted it means unless you have the direct hyper link to it, sent via email or shared in these news posts, you would not be able to search YouTube for it by the use of tags, such as ‘woodturning’.  There are some great informative videos in our channel recorded by various members, so if you have not already had a look, I strongly recommend you do so.  One of Chris’s videos of him making a bowl has now reached 253,762 views which is amazing.

All the above require and rely on fresh new content being provided, by YOU our members.  The more we post, the more interest it gets, to promote what we are doing as a Club and gets our name out there.  So when you see, me, Chris and Zak taking photos/videos at the Club or you send them in via our Dropbox facility you now know why.

So if you have missed the links in the above text and still unsure where to find our social media exploits, here are some big buttons just in case.

And lastly,

Workshop Night – The meeting link for next week has been now sent out, so can I remind you to send us your photos/videos of anything you have been turning to include in the Show and Tell.  Currently, I have received nothing to go into it, so it will be a very short presentation at this rate.

AGM – Don’t forget on the 22nd March, we are having our online AGM followed by an demo by Darren Breeze, yet another new turner to our screens.  You all should have received a copy of the 2021 AGM minutes, Agenda and reports for 2022.  By providing them like this, will enable you to have a read through in slow time and any questions you may have are to be sent into Alan B, Club Secretary by no later than Fri 18 Mar 22.  Also if you are prepared to volunteer to help in the running of the club or if there are any nominations for any position please get in touch.

The demonstrator is booked for 7pm so we will be opening up zoom from 6pm and a prompt 6:30pm start for the AGM.  We appreciate the AGM is not necessary the most exciting of things, but we have to do it and as its your Club, we would love to see as many members as possible supporting it.  Look forward to seeing a full screen of faces on zoom on the night.

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  • Chris Fisher

    I was so pleased to see so many lads helping to set up before the meeting, not mension the cleaning crew at end of the evening. It was a goodnight. The early part of the evening saw Chris Chance on my lathe, we were sorting out the shape of a goblet he’d started, his tool handling has massively improved, well done Chris.
    Alan Selden drifted over to my lathe to have a go, he turned a small Spalted Beech goblet, and I have to say he has turned into a very competent Woodturner. Notice from the photos above that Alan is covered in shavings, I’m still waiting to hear if he was aloud in the house.
    Hands on Nights are for the benefit of members. We are there to help you with your turning, we are not there to show our skills, we are there to help you….so just ask.

  • Ian F

    Great news post Martin, no-one should be in any doubt as to what we are doing and what is happening, really enjoyed last Tuesday in the hall. Hopefully as we reach more people the club will continue to flourish.

  • Rob Smyth

    Great to see so many faces at the hall. A good evening of demos and social interaction.

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