15 Mar 2022 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

For the first time in several months all three of the troublesome threesome were back in their workshops having between them conquered illness, technical problems and personal injury. The stage was therefore set for Alan, Chris and Zak to entertain and educate the 21 members that had signed into the meeting.

Alan had a piece of Sycamore and opted to make a box with a difference. The finished article (hopefully!) would resemble an egg sitting in an egg cup, with the top half of the egg being the lid. With the advent of Easter, the intention was to create an egg that could house the odd chocolate or two. Having marked out the dimensions of the two halves, Alan started to shape the egg and at a suitable point parted off the bottom half that would become both the bottom of the egg and the egg cup. The top half that would be the box lid was hollowed out and a lip formed that would allow the top to fit onto the base of the box.

The top complete Alan then mounted the bottom half of the piece onto the lathe and set about hollowing the bottom of the box ensuring that the lid was a comfortable fit. That achieved, the rest of the egg cup was shaped and for good measure not only a bead was added to the stem but also a captive ring. The finished article did indeed look like an egg sitting in an egg cup with the added bonus that there was room for a couple of chocolates. Alan had created a very interesting and skilful variation on what was initially described as a simple box.

Zak meanwhile was working his magic on a piece yew which had many inclusions and irregularities, in order to turn a natural edge bowl; the first job being to shape the outside. Zak made the point that he had no preconceived ideas for the shape, he would let the shape evolve as he took into account the natural edge and what was pleasing to the eye. Having achieved that objective the wood was reversed on the lathe so that the hollowing out could commence. At this point Zak marked the wood at what would be the maximum diameter for the bowl in order to maintain the irregular natural edge.

Hollowing complete, the bowl was sanded and polished, care being required with both processes in order to avoid fingers coming into contact with the natural edge and inclusions. The result was a very pleasing bowl showing both the beauty of the wood and the skill of the turner.

And so to Chris who, by popular demand, was not doing any turning! His mission which he did choose to accept was to demonstrate colouring and pyrography, two things we all know Chris is, to say the least, is very good at. Chris started by talking about how to use both spirit stains and paint, the effect they have on the wood, how they are absorbed and how colours can be built up or mixed to achieve different effects and illustrated the techniques by applying then to various wooden pieces. In achieving many of his designs, Chris uses many different things as templates for masking out areas, everything from leaves both in a negative and positive format, string stretched across a metal coat hanger in a random fashion, soaked in PVA and then cut out to form a template, bristles from a broom sandwiched between two pieces of wood, French curves – the list goes on. The point being made was that if you let your imagination have free rein the possibilities are endless.

Chris also talked the members through the technicalities of air brushes, how to achieve both light and more intense covering of the wood using different needles and pressure and also stressed that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on an airbrush, indeed Chris highly recommended his £25 brush which in many ways was better than one costing £150. He then moved onto pyrography, talked about the various machines available, their pros and cons, before demonstrating the art itself something which Chris makes looks so easy.

This was a fascinating evening and went down so well with the members that Chris will be doing a pyrography and airbrushing session at the next hands-on evening in the hall. So if you have a pyro machine and want some expert guidance take it along to the hall in April.  If you want to have a go at either pyro or airbrushing could you please bring along something to pyro or paint onto such a a small bowl, plate or whatever you like.

As usual the Show and Tell section was well supported and we were able to see some excellent pieces produced by our members. As always we thank the members for submitting their photographs.

All in all this was an excellent evening, where many different skills were on show which, together with comments and banter from the members, ensured there was no lack of entertainment.

Thank you Alan Selden for another great write up of the nights activities.

Club Shop

Please be aware that Mick will be opening the Club Shop on Saturday 26 March 2022 between 10am to Midday.  If you can, please pop in and see our large range of woodturning supplies and get yourself restocked ready for some more turning in your workshop’s.

And Finally….

As mentioned before, we are pleased to now have a working group of willing volunteers to help with the heavy work setting up and clearing away at Club meetings and events made up of some willing volunteers and lead by Darren.  If you are able to help in anyway possible, please get in contact, as the more helpers we can get the better as this will enable Darren to set up a rota to ensure we have cover for all future physical meetings.  Appreciate there may be those who can help at the start of the night which is usually from 6pm so we are ready to start for 7pm, but not at the end or vice versa.

Alan B has managed to find us yet another new Turner to watch on our screens following the Club’s AGM, next week on the 22 Mar 2022.  We are pleased to welcome, Darren Breeze from Lowestoft in Suffolk.

You all should have received an email from Alan with the AGM minutes from last year and all the reports and Agenda for this year.  If there are any questions on any of those documents please send them in to Alan by Fri 18th.  Also, we are always wanting new people to help with the running of the Club, so any volunteers/nominations please get them into Alan as well asap.

Please don’t just sit back and let others do everything, we are all in this together to make our Club the best one around and something to be proud of, so why not be apart of that team that makes it all happen in whatever way you can.

The AGM zoom meeting will be opened up from 6pm and we plan to start the AGM promptly at 6:30pm.  This is so we will be finished by 7pm ready for the demo.  Hope to see you all there.

As per last year’s AGM/Demo, please can I remind those PAYG Members for the need to be purchasing a ticket as soon as possible if you want to watch the demo after the AGM.  You are all welcome to come along to the AGM, as is your right as a member, but unless you have purchased a ticket for the demo, we politely ask you to leave the meeting before the demo starts.  Click HERE to go and buy your ticket. Any problems with doing this contact us.

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  • Rob Smyth

    Thanks again for a packed evening of entertainment all 3 demos well thought out and delivered !!

  • Paul Tunmore

    Great evening as ever. Chris makes paint and pyrography loom so easy but we all know how much skill he has . Will have another go at hands on but I fear as with all woodturning skills I’ll be too heavy handed lol

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