15 Feb 22 – Workshop Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

On Tuesday 15 Feb 22 we opened our virtual doors to welcome members to our monthly workshop night.  Unfortunately, technology was not on our side and despite Alan and Chris battling with cameras, computers and zoom all day, their valiant efforts were unsuccessful and we were unable to bring the usual live turning from their workshops.  A big thank you to Alan and Chris for their hard work in trying to get things working.

After the usual notices, a discussion was had on what the members want in regard to the Workshop Nights now that we are back in the hall for Hands on Nights.  As you are aware, we introduced the online Workshop Nights when we could not use the hall due to Covid, so now we are back open again and restrictions are being reduced further, do we still need the online version?  A suggestion of initially reducing the Workshop Nights to bi monthly was proposed and voted on and the majority of those present agreed.  So our next Workshop Night will now be on the 19 Apr 2022.  Please amend your diaries accordingly.

Darren had been busy again in his workshop again and kindly recorded the long process over several weeks of how he made his amazing segmented Tornado Bowl.  He must have lots of patience, but the end result was simply brilliant.  Zak had the job of editing many hours of video into two parts which are available now to view on our YouTube Channel, Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Alan showed us a short video he had made on the Simon Hope Easy Hollowing Jig which uses a laser to show how thick the material is at the tip being used to do the hollowing. Quite a clever piece of engineering that bolts onto the lathe bed, supports the hollowing tool, articulated arm and the laser, making it really easy to use and less effort and strain on the turner.  The laser can also be replaced with a camera which he is in the process of sorting out.  We have previously seen the system being used during an all day demonstration by Richard Kennedy back in Nov 2017.  For more information on the system have a look at Simon’s website HERE.  It also has a video showing how to set it up and use both with the laser and the newer camera systems.  So if you are into your gadgets and want to get that even wall thickness and feeling really flush, as its not the cheapest tool on the market, but then, it is really well made, this is the tool for you.

For those who had missed the Hands on Night on the 8 Feb 22, Zak has kindly put together a short video of the night to wet you appetite and encourage you to come and see us next month.  You can see it HERE.  Also, for a bit of fun, we had another video from Zak that he had recorded back in 2015 when he had just started out his journey in getting into woodturning.  He was making an acrylic 7mm pen, and a good job he did as well, which over the years, his skills and confidence have grown and he is now one of our regular turners.  Can you spot all the bad practices of which he has learnt not to do now for the various safety reasons.  No one was hurt in the making of the video, but things could have been a lot different. Check it out HERE. Give us your answers in the comments below, no prizes, just for fun and to bring awareness to all our new and old turners, that safety does matter!

Martin showed the last in the 3 part series of the making of a Singapore Ball.  Previously, Part 1 covered the making of a jig to hold a sphere to enable the drilling and then Part 2 was the making of the sphere itself using a Paul Howard Sphere turning jig.  Then Part 3 shown on the night was the drilling of the holes, the making of and inserting the tear drop spikes.

We finished the night with the usual Show and Tell Powerpoint as shown in the video below.  Another great selection of some fabulous pieces of work made by you our members, so keep on turning, grab the camera and lets see what you have been making.  Please send any photos and videos to us in time for the next meeting in April.

Club Shop

Please be aware that Mick will be opening the Club Shop on Saturday 26 Feb 2022 between 10am to Midday.  As we are now back in the hall for the Hands on Nights, where the shop will be open, we may stop opening up on these additional days during the month.  There have been very few members coming across recently on these Saturday mornings to make it worth the effort.  If you can spare the time, please pop in and see our large range of woodturning supplies and get yourself restocked for some spring turning in your workshop’s.

And Finally….

We have now set up a working group for the Club to help with the heavy work setting up and clearing away at Club meetings and events made up of some willing volunteers and lead by Darren.  If you are able to help in anyway possible, please get in contact, as the more helpers we can get the better as this will enable Darren to set up a rota to ensure we have cover for all future physical meetings.  Appreciate there may be those who can help at the start of the night which is usually from 6pm so we are ready to start for 7pm, but not at the end or vice versa.

Don’t forget we have another new Turner to our screens on the 22 Feb 2022, Glenn Lucas from Ireland, see you all there.  PAYG Members need to be purchasing their ticket as soon as possible if you want to watch this demo.  Click HERE to go and buy your ticket. Any problems with doing this contact us.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Two great videos by Martin and Darren. Both projects were a long time in the making so well done to both turners. We are lucky to have them as members.

  • Rob Smyth

    Although there was no live demos the evening was still packed with good items. As Chris said the recordings where informative and interesting. Both should be pleased with the efforts. Great to interact with members from the comfort of home.

  • John Mitchell

    Another great evening. Not the usual format but still a very interesting and informative event with some excellent work on display. We are fortunate to have a lot of support from members prepared to share their experiences. It has allowed the Club to carry on and get stronger while other less innovative organisations have fallen by the wayside!

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