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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted, its been one of those weeks.  Tuesday the 18 Jan 2022 saw us back on your screens for the first Workshop Night of 2022.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Hands on Night in the hall the week before, but with Covid restrictions being relaxed, we are now planning to open up as normal for the February meeting.  Our Workshop Night had to be run on a slightly different format to normal, due to our three wonderful turners being out of action or not fully back fit and well again and capable of turning all evening.  We rely so much on the guys to bring you these evenings, so when things don’t quite go to plan we have to adapt and overcome.

Thank you to all our members that have now renewed their membership this year, your support is much appreciated especially during these difficult times.  Without you, we would not have a Club or be able to afford to book the demonstrators, so a big thank you.  A gentle reminder to those who have not yet renewed, if you can get it paid as soon as possible it would be appreciated.  We can now take payment by BACS or PayPal or for those not so up on technology, cheque is accepted and you can always pay cash to the Club Shop. Whilst the majority of our members, the renewal is due now, we do have other members that join during the year so they are not due yet.  Please remember, if you are on our PAYG membership (£18 per year), to attend any demos at the end of each month, you need to purchase a ticket costing £8 prior to the evening. Only after you have paid, will you be sent a Zoom link for the demo.  Any queries on this, get in touch.

We started off with a question from Jay on how to recover from those turning disasters when you go a little too thin on the bottom of a bowl and find your self with a nice hole.  Do you put it in the bin or can it be recovered?  Discussions led to various suggestions and Zak showed a prime example of such a bowl that had a nice design opportunity.  During the evening Zak skillfully rectified the problem and we hope to show you the finished item at the next months Show and Tell.  Zak had previously shown Part one of his videos in which he made box with inlays, so we started off with Part two where he made the lid for said pot.  To see the video yourself again, please check it out on YouTube HERE.

A good question from Graham, on how to use colour and what to avoid, Chris our resident airbrush expert and all things bright and colourfull provided some top tips which led on nicely to one of his videos where he showed that the surface preparation is key to getting a good result and whilst an airbrush gives the best results, it is possible to apply colour without one.  Check out the video HERE.

Next up was Darren, who showed us some more colouring and texturing that he did on a dish that had originally not come out how he wanted.  By applying some of the colour by airbrush to the under side and then texture to the top and middle with some gold gilt cream rubbed in, he produced yet another impressive and vibrant dish which can be seen HERE.

We then went on to our monthly Show and Tell which can be seen in the video below.  Another great selection of items being made by our members.

Last video of the night was one of Martin’s in the making of a sphere using a jig from Paul Howard to produce a perfectly round sphere.  You can watch the video HERE.

Club Shop

Please be aware that Mick will be opening the Club Shop on Saturday 5 Feb and 26 Feb 2022 between 10am to Midday.  Please pop in and see our large range of woodturning supplies and get yourself restocked for some spring turning in your workshop’s.

And Finally….

We are setting up a working group for the Club made up of anyone who is physically able to help in anyway they can.  There are heavy lifting jobs to be done, but also some easier ones to do as well. This is to help with setting up and clearing away the hall for the Hands on Nights and other Club events as necessary.  We, the Committee are unable to do everything, so we need your help.  If we get enough people to volunteer to help, there might be the possibility to have a rota.  We need to be able to rely on the group to sort out amongst themselves who is able to attend on what nights to ensure there is always cover in place.  Appreciate there may be those who can help at the start of the night which is usually from 6pm so we are ready to start for 7pm, but not at the end or vice versa.  The more help we can get the better.  If you would like to volunteer to help please let us know.

Don’t forget we have another new Turner to our screens on the 25 Feb 2022, Chris Fisher, The Blind Woodturner, see you all there.  PAYG Members need to be purchasing their ticket as soon as possible if you want to watch this demo.  Click HERE to go and buy your ticket. Any problems with doing this contact us.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Another good informative evening it’s so good that we can raise our problems without the fear of embarrassment and ridicule and get a range of suggestions and advice.

    I never cease to be amazed at the quality of work produced by members, from the older stagers like Chris with his “I don’t plan what I’m doing with pyrography i just doodle” producing wonderful designs that look look they took hours to plan , to the realative new comers like Darren who produces work that those with 50 years of experience could only dream of achieving. I carry on making my basic stuff but our fascination and thrill of woodturning brings us all together in a magical club. Long may it last

  • Rob Smyth

    Well said Paul I think we have all come to appreciate the vast range and depth of knowledge our members have. The fact that turners in general are very willing to share this knowledge freely is a wonderful quality in this modern world. Yet again another great evening spent with like minded individuals.

  • Mick Close

    I agree with everything said by Paul and Rob. What a great Club we have. Everyone gets on well together and the support given to members who have queries is second to none.
    Looking forward to getting back in the hall next month.

  • Ian

    A great write up about the evening, thanks to everyone for their support going into the new year, for anyone who missed it, check out the videos on YouTube to see what you are missing.

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