23 Nov 2021 – Chris Parker Online Demo

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Tuesday 23rd Nov. Chris Parker entertained us for the second time via Zoom by producing two textured items, a purple/blue bowl, and a blue plate/platter. 34 members tuned in to see Chris complete both pieces from blanks to the end product in the three-hour demonstration; a full description follows here.

An 8 Inch Ash blank was mounted on the lathe, explaining all the basic safety guidance for the benefit of our newer members; started to turn to round with a bowl gouge and cleaned both faces before creating a tenon to hold later in the chuck. The bottom of the bowl shaped to a pleasing curve to accept the texture. Throughout the demo Chris described his progress which meant we had only a few questions. A reed effect texture would be achieved by using a rotary cutter in a micro motor, similar to a Dremel but much faster. With the lathe turning at a very low speed the pattern was achieved over the whole bottom of the bowl.

The texture was then cleaned with a hard nylon rotary brush in a handheld drill. Chestnut Colour was applied with an airbrush, light blue, royal blue, and purple graded from bottom to top. Chris explained that he would usually finish the bottom with a satin lacquer before reversing and mounting the bowl in the chuck. The face was prepared for some more texturing on the rim, this with the same tool as the bottom. The same purple colour was the applied to the rim. On to hollowing with a variety of tools including bowl gouge and negative rake scraper, Chris explained in detail each stage of his make before reversing onto Cole jaws to shape the mounting tenon into the foot for the bowl.

Project Two, as Chris likes texture and colour, and his second offering was for a shallow platter, again with both his favourite elements. An 11-inch by 2-inch Ash blank mounted this time on a faceplate to shape the bottom and create a tenon. The base, curved from the tenon to the rim and shaped with bowl gouge and using the negative rake scraper again. Chris then formed a very shallow bead to accept some fine texture to compliment that which would be applied to the top.

Reversing the piece and mounting in the chuck, the face was shaped and two levels were formed, a flat rim into a small cove then shaped down to a steeper curve before the dished bottom. The pictures explain the shape better than the words. An Arbortech rotary texturing tool was used in both the cove and curve. This was highlighted with a graphite stick which made the texture pop out.

Light blue Chestnut stain was then applied to the textured areas. Chris wasn’t happy with the result and although our members could not see any problem, he turned off the texture and quickly re-did the process. The bowl shape was turned into the bottom of the plate and Chris maintained his attention to getting the finish to his high standards. As we had already seen the removal/reshaping of the tenon into the foot Chris ended the demo with the opportunity to ask a few question.

A full evening with Chris showing his passion for both turning and sharing his skills, a big thank you Chris.

Thanks Zak for another great write up.


To save repeating what I posted in the recent workshop night news post, please go and read the news post HERE for all the details on the forthcoming Christmas Fayres and Social Night.  We are going to be attending two local fayres where we need items, you either would like to just display or possibly sell to the public.  We also have our last Club event of the year on the 14 Dec 2021 where you are invited to come along for a free buffet, a chat, a raffle and not forgetting the turning competition.  Hope to see you all there.

And lastly,

The Club Shop will be open again on the 4 Dec 2021, 10am to Midday but at the same time, we will be trimming the hedges around the carpark to make more space. If you can spare the time and are capable of helping out we would be pleased to see you. If you have any suitable trimming/cutting tools etc to carry out this job, please bring them along and don’t forget any applicable PPE to ensure this job is done safely.

Your membership renewal for those who paid around this time last year is now able to be paid by BACs or PayPal.  You should have received a letter/email from us with the details of how to pay.  The good news is the fees remain unchanged from last year.

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  • Chris Fisher

    A good night informative and interesting. I didn’t have any problems with the sound, did anybody!!

    • Paul Tunmore

      Another enjoyable evening not a great fan of texturing especially when the wood being used has really good grain i will probably use it on dull plain wood but good to sere how its done. No real problem with sound either. Pete is right, you can hear the sound of the wood in the hall BUT you can’t always see in detail how chisels are presented to the wood so swings and roundabouts personally I like the close ups offered by zoom

  • Ian

    A good night again from Chris, something for everyone, not had any comment about sound before but have been working non stop since Tuesday to see if there is a general issue with Zoom sound for all. Will report back shortly.

  • Chris Fisher

    Hey Zak
    Glad to hear your working non stop on an issue we don’t have. Take a break mate.

  • Alan Buckle

    It was good to watch Chris again, I enjoyed his demo and how he used different texturing tools (something to consider), not sure that the sound issue (if there was in fact a sound issue) was something that distracted from the demo. Some people moan for the sake of moaning (my personal opinion). There is always the opportunity to be on the committee. Enough said.

  • Rob Smyth

    Great demo well presented very informative and well delivered. Well done Chris !!

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