26 Oct 2021 – Philip Greenwood Online Demo

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26th October saw our IRD from an old friend of the club, Philip Greenwood, from the days when we could meet in the hall. After our usual news and notices new members were welcomed to their first demo night.

Phil started by explaining how he has reverted to using traditional tools that most of us have as starters to woodturning before describing the two-part bud vase that. If not joined together, this could serve as a trinket box or the basis for many other projects. A 6 ½ X 3-inch Lime blank mounted between centres and turned to round with a roughing gouge. He then used a parting tool to put a tenon on one end before reversing to create another on the opposite end. The proportions of the vase were decided and marked before parting the two elements.

Although this seemed at first to be a simple project, Phil managed to keep our members engaged with tips and tricks and on using all the tools we have to hand in our workshops. This included several hollowing methods and the best way to achieve a good, tooled, finish to reduce the need for extensive sanding. The top/lid of the vessel was first to be shaped and readied to match up to the base, which was then mounted in the jaws and drilled and turned in a similar way to the top.

The tools used included carbide tipped and both standard and negative rake scrapers, the pros and cons were explained in detail and the best uses for each; lots of great advice for new turners and even tips for some of our ‘old hands’. When the two halves were glued together, with super glue to speed up demo, the two halves were then shaped to match. A small V cut, created with the skew point, was used where the two meet to disguise/feature the join before applying sanding sealer and hard wax finish.

We managed a five-minute break, although some stayed to chat with Phil, before starting on a spalted Beech ‘Weed pot’; another simple demo we thought, however, Phil managed to again to fill this section with more information on tool management including sharpening and different systems available with the contrasting benefits of each one. Something highlighted during this was how the light and dark contrast in the spalting gave the impression the work was out of balance, which it wasn’t. Parting off the weed pot illustrated how you can get a good tool finish with the parting tool or skew chisel again minimising the need for lots of sanding: finished again with sanding sealer and hard wax.

All in all, a good evening was agreed by all and a big thank you to Phil for keeping us entertained for the evening.


Our next Club meeting is the Hands on Night on the 9 Nov 2021 at the Village Hall, where the Club Shop will be open as normal, so hopefully we will see you there.

The previously advertised Christmas Workshop is now cancelled.  This was going to take place on the 6 Nov and open to 4 people, but due to a total lack of interest from our membership and having had only one non member show any interest, it is very disappointing to have to cancel it.  The Shop will therefore not be open on that day.

Mick will however be opening the Club Shop on Saturday 20 Nov, 10am to midday, so please support this and come along to the Village Hall and make it worth his time and effort to bring this facility to you.

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  • Ian F

    A good demo night with lots of handy and useful tips, a little something for everyone. looking forward to next hands on night in the hall.

  • Chris Fisher

    I know its unusual….but I agree with Zak.🙂🙂 Some nice little tricks and tips shared by Phil. Overall a very satisfying demo.

  • Andrew Harris

    Really enjoyed Phils demo
    A nice down to earth turner with a wealth of experience.
    Joy to watch

  • Rob Smyth

    Really good informative demonstration. He was freely passing on some great tips for old and new turners. A very good evening well presented by Phil.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Looks like I missed a good one very frustrating, but I’ve been told that sometimes family comes before woodturning opening up a whole hornets nest lol. Hopefully see you all on tuesday in the hall

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