27 Apr 2021 – Dennis Wake Demo

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Another busy night with LWWA saw us welcome Dennis Wake, who had originally been booked to do a live demo at the club last year, now equipped to present at our Zoom meeting. Dennis who is used to teaching and face to face presentation talked us through workshop safety and a general overview of his intention for the demonstration. It looked like a tall order from his plan to produce a pedestal bowl from three pieces of timber; incorporating bowl turning, spindle work and jointing all the pieces, however, as you will see and read, he managed it all.

Starting with the bowl top, an Olive Ash 9-inch blank on a screw chuck, turned the bottom with a recess chucking point that he would later use as the mount atop the centre spindle. The chucking point was reversed onto an O’donnell chuck, this was a new piece of kit to some members and therefore we had a full description of its uses. The inside, fairly shallow bowl was turned, and it has to be said Dennis took great care in his finishing cuts and gave us a full description of his methods. Although he is left-handed much of the inside was hollowed right handed; which he explained that when training he encourages pupils get used to changing hands to achieve best results.

The base was then mounted in a similar way to the top, this time a 6 X 2 Inch sycamore blank used; shaping the base and reversing to achieve an Ogee shape base for the piece. We had a short comfort break although there was still some chat and conversation with those who stayed in their seats.

After the break we had a nice change from most demonstrations as Dennis turned the centre support, a 9 X 3 inch sycamore blank between centres; this showed the skill of spindle turning using a variety of tools including a spindle roughing gouge, a bowl gouge and also the skew, which is one of those tools that many of us find intimidating; not so for Dennis.

Either by accident or design, we’ll give the benefit of doubt, Dennis expertly showed us how to recover if one of your joints does not turn out as planned by remounting and re-turning to make a perfect joint for top to middle to base. A clinical and well-presented demonstration that must have had something for everyone to take from the evening. The camera setup was really clear and well controlled with a full commentary of each stage of the process. There are a number screen grabs from the night to show the processes used and the finished article.

Our 3-hour evening ended with a few questions and answers and all agreed a good night. A big thankyou to Dennis for his evening with us and look forward to hopefully seeing him again in the future.



This Saturday, 1 May 2021, from 10am to midday, Mick will be opening up the Club Shop.  It is then intended to open every fortnight same time.

Don’t forget your mask and please remember you need to be staying 2 metres apart at all times.  It’s for everyone’s protection, so please keep your distance.  Only one customer allowed in the shop at any one time. 

We also have a lot of tools, all sorts of large and small machinery, timber etc from a few workshop clearances, that some of which will be on display, so bring cash or a cheque book!  We have put some of the larger items on Sales New posts so go and have a look at those if not already seen them.

And lastly,

Don’t forget to tune in to the Digital Night on Wed 5 May 2021 starting a 7pm.  The meeting link has already been sent out, so if you have not received it, contact us.  We have lined up for you various videos from recordings that YOU the members have created, so many thanks for getting onboard with this, its brilliant to see them.  Well done and keep them coming.  So we will see you there.

Once the hall is able to be opened up again from 17 May, we are looking at the possibility of some one to one training sessions on club lathes later in the month (22/23 May provisional dates).  Not all the details have been finalised yet and it would be via bookings on a first come first served basis, limited numbers, own tools needed, masks being worn, no catering facilities, all taking into account current Covid restrictions and requirements etc.  Before we go to all the effort to arrange it and appreciate some of you may be hesitant, we want to know is, are you interested or not?  Please comment on this news post if you are or send a message via the contact form.  Unless we get enough interest, this may not happen.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    A great evening by an excellent demonstrator, catering from the beginner upwards explain how to do cuts, presenting the tool etc which is often overlooked in demonstrations. Questions answered quickly and efficiently with the reassurance that his way is not the only way and turners will find their own preferences. I learned a lot so thanks to Dennis and LWWA. I was amazed to hear at the end that this was His first IRD for a club other than his own . A very enjoyable evening

    • Chris Fisher

      Considering it was his first public IRD he did well. Quite a few misjudged measuring errors, but we’ve all made those and still do. He didnt panic and recovered very well. I think its really helpful to those new to Woodturning that even Professional turners sometime get it wrong.
      So yes it was a good Demonstration, and judging by the reaction everyone got something out of it.

  • Gary Gray

    A very enjoyable evening with a mix of spindle and bowl turning. Also good to see that everyone has to make corrections to their work and Dennis was very open and helpful about it encouraging us all.

    I would definitely be interested in a one on one training session

    • Lincs Wolds Woodturning

      Thanks Gary, I will add you to the list of those interested in a training day.

  • Mr David Crawford

    Another great evening, thanks for organising it. Always pick up a few helpful tips on these nights.

  • Rob Smyth

    Good and full evening of a good demonstrator. Full of useful tips and well delivered demo. Nicely recovered from his mishap, good to see that we all have off days !! Great to see turner’s that are new to the club, thanks to zoom.

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