13 Apr 2021 – Workshop Activity Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

It’s April and the nights are getting longer and had travel been possible we could have made the journey to West Ashby in daylight. As that was not possible 34 intrepid souls made the virtual journey via Zoom to once again talk about all things woodturning.

The evening opened with Chris Fisher interviewing the club’s secretary Alan Buckle. We all know that Alan is an interloper from the south (it could be to do with the accent) so we were not surprised to learn that Alan was born and raised in London and completed his education at Southend University. When he eventually saw the light he moved north and took up a post teaching Computing at Lincoln University and stayed with that job until retirement.

As a result of meeting a woodturner he went to the Harrogate show, was able to have a go on a lathe and the rest, as they say is history; another woodturner was born. Having bought a lathe and tools he embarked on the process of teaching himself the art of woodturning. Having joined the club he did take some time off until he was persuaded by Chris to once again take up membership and has become one of the leading lights in keeping the club going during the pandemic. Having a passion for both the craft and the club he has been one of the leaders in pushing and cajoling the club down the route of online meetings.  In terms of woodturning Alan likes turning boxes and has become adept at using the Simon Hope threading jig, although he will have a go at most things. He pointed out that woodturning is a hobby that benefits from the input of others which is another compelling reason for the club to survive and flourish.

Next on the agenda was the breakout rooms. This month the intrepid threesome was reduced to the dynamic duo, Alan having opted not to turn this month. To be fair he probably did need a rest having been subjected to the interview, although that was recorded some time ago. Anyway onto Zak and Chris.

Zak had a heart shaped piece of wood mounted on his lathe which he wanted to turn into a bowl, the difficulty lying in shaping the areas outside of the actual bowl itself. He started by carefully shaping the bottom and hand sanding it before turning the piece around in order to do the hollowing. There was much good discussion between members and Zak about how to achieve the necessary shape and finish required, all of which resulted in a good demonstration. There were many learning points for both the spectators and Zak and, as usual, food for thought.

Chris in the meantime was demonstrating multi axis turning. This involves turning a piece between centres but where the centres are offset from the actual centre of the wood. To start Chris did use the actual centre marks to bring the blank to a circular shape. He then moved the piece to a mark left of centre at the headstock and brought the tailstock up to the corresponding hole at that end such that the piece was parallel to the lathe bed.  Using a ½ inch bowl gouge Chris started to shape the piece to form a cove. After the initial cuts a ½ inch spindle gouge was used to complete the cove. This was repeated at the other end of the wood. The piece was then moved to the corresponding holes to the right of the centre and the process was repeated. By mounting the piece using different combinations of “centres” shapes of great complexity can be achieved which Chris demonstrated by producing a complex multi-faceted piece.  The object of this exercise was not to produce a functioning piece but more to demonstrate what can be achieved by mounting wood in unconventional ways on a lathe. Chris then completed his demonstration by producing an off-centre finial.

We were then entertained by short videos tours of two members’ workshops and we thank those members for letting us into their workspace.

The Show and Tell section this month was a superb collage of different pieces from 10 members, once again showing the skill and artistry of all concerned.

We then had a video from Pete Butcher who showed us his bowl turning skills and the final item was a short video from Dai Crawford who demonstrated the use of his doughnut chuck he uses to remove the spigot from the bottom of bowls. This video has been made available on the Club’s YouTube channel HERE.

This meeting was probably the longest we have had online and that was only possible because members participated by sending in photos and videos in order to share their knowledge and expertise and at the same time gain knowledge from other members.  Similarly questions and answers in the breakout rooms are becoming more prevalent and this helps everyone gain knowledge.

A big thank you to all who attended, see you next month.


Club Shop

As a result of Covid restrictions being eased and the non essential shops now allowed to open, you will be pleased to hear we are opening up this Saturday 17th Apr from 10am to midday.  It goes without question and for everyone’s safety irrespective of having had a vaccine or not,

  • Strict social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Masks are to be worn.
  • Only one customer is allowed in the shop at any one time.
  • Whilst waiting your turn to go into the shop, due to the rule of six, please ensure you abide by that rule and keep your distance.
  • There is no access to the village hall facilities.

We have several items for sale following recent workshop clearances, so bring plenty of money, cash or cheque.

See you there.

And Finally….

Don’t forget we have another new Turner to our screens on the 27 Apr 2021, Dennis Wake, so see you all there.  PAYG Members need to be purchasing their ticket as soon as possible if you want to watch this demo.  Any problems with doing this contact us.

The next Workshop Activity Night is on the 11 May 21, so get turning and send us some photos of what you make to add to the next Show and Tell feature.  Please remember to send them by no later than the Monday before the meeting.  Thanks.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Glad to see so many members showing their work.

  • Dai Crawford

    Another good night. Interesting to see other people’s workshops.. Thanks for the hard work every one. Best wishes and stay safe.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Our club moves forward in leaps and bounds with another excellent evening. As diverse as anything we would have had in the hall. Zak and Chris again sharing their skills with club members , giving and receiving advice when required. It’s cold and lonely in workshops at 10 in the evening at the moment so please interact with the turners to let them know their time and effort is appreciated. Some magnificent member videos were on show and probably the best selection of work ever in the show and tell section. So please be brave and forward pictures of your work for next months meeting. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next demonstration

  • Alan Buckle

    Well done to Chris & Zak for keeping all entertained with their demonstrations, it was good to see so much work displayed, we do have a talented bunch in our club!!

  • Mick Close

    You cannot make anymore favourable comments as already been said. Another great night. Well done and thanks to all who took part or arranged it.

  • Chris Fisher

    I appreciate your comment Paul, thank you

  • Rob Smyth

    Another very full evening of club member interaction. Thoroughly entertaining and packed with numerous and varied interviews and workshop videos. Plus a myriad of very beautiful show and tell pieces. A great source of knowledge and inspiration, well done to everyone and thanks for a fantastic evening !!!

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