The first Workshop Activity Night of 2021

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We hope you all had a merry Christmas, albiet a different one to normal and hope this year will improve once the vaccines get fully rolled out and we might start to get back to normal, what ever that is going to be!  Its really important that we all support each other as much as possible and if that has to be online, then SO BE IT.  The media team at the Club are always looking for ways to engage with our members, so your ideas are welcome too.  If you haven’t joined us yet for our online meetings, get in touch via the Contact page.

There is only a couple of days left before our first interactive workshop night of 2021 on Tuesday 12th Jan. 7 PM start.  The meeting invite has already been sent out, so if you have not got it yet, Contact Alan Buckle via the contact page.  Hopefully by now all those who want to join in our workshop activity night will have paid their annual subscription. Whilst the workshop nights are free to join in, you do need to be a member and that means joining the club.  GO HERE to find the membership form and instructions on how to join us, you’ve still got time.  Also, get your membership renewed or join us for the first time by the 15 Jan 2021 and you will be automatically entered in a raffle being drawn at the AGM to win £50 worth of Club Shop vouchers.

If you have turned something you are proud of or to show us something that was a turning disaster, that you intend to hold up at the Workshop Activity night, we would love it if you can take up to 3 photos of your item(s) and send them to us before the meetings, so we can show the photos to everyone.  Sometimes holding the item up does not do it justice, plus we would like to show them on here and our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can now send your pictures via the contacts page HERE.

We hope to try out the Breakout rooms facility in Zoom, so please ensure you have updated your Zoom software (client or App) before the meeting.  Go and have a look HERE to find out how.

If you have not already found it, go and have a look at our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe HERE so you don’t miss when we release new videos.  For the beginners out there, we have a series of 11 videos that are being released one a week on a Sunday night at 6pm. So go and check out the latest one released earlier.

AGM – As we now have a demonstrator, Colwin Way, this will be a paid event.  In other words, if you are on our Pay as you Go option and have paid your anuual membership fee of £18, you will need to go and purchase your ticket at £8, to enable you to be sent the meeting link. Please have a look at this pdf document which will give you some instructions on how to buy your ticket.  Any problems contact Martin via the contacts page selecting the Website Enquiry option.

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