26 Jan 2021 – AGM and Colwin Way Demo

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Our AGM went smoothly as usual with all reports etc. sent out to members prior to the meeting and therefore was quite a quick meeting attended by more than we used to see in the hall. John Mitchell, our treasurer was presented in true ‘Oscars’ style with the Presidents trophy for his continued work for the club: congratulations John and thanks for the shortish speech.


7PM saw the start of our demo with Colwin Way, all the way from Lyme Regis, which is about a 5 hour drive from our Club and the reason we have not welcomed Colwin before. We had a short virtual trip around Colwin’s hometown followed by a description of his plans for the evening.
Turned fruit and a homemade ram chuck to hold it in true production turner style followed by a rice bowl and chop sticks; now whilst this may sound beginner stuff, it was far from it as Colwin talked us through the tools, techniques and finishes which will inspire those who have not turned an apple for a long time to try his method.
The screen grabs from the evening will give you a idea of the excellent camera setup Colwin has which is controlled by his wife Vic. During the evening we had questions around tools and methods, Colwin explained how different woods react when turned and also which finishes suit what products; It became obvious that we were watching a very adept and experienced turner who like to teach and entertain and also that both he and all the members didn’t have to travel on a cold wet evening. A big thank you to Colwin and his wife for an informative, interesting, and entertaining Club night for our  members.


After Colwin’s demo, we had a few parts of the AGM to finish which started with the free 2021 Membership Raffle which to be eligable for you had to have renewed your membership by the 15th Jan 2021.  The winner of the £50 Club Shop Vouchers was Mark Saunders.  Please contact Mick Close the next time to collect your prize.

Next we drew the Christmas Raffle of which tickets had been sold by our ‘man in the van’ Peter Hallam during our Saturday morning shop opening days.  The order of the 10 prizes to be won were picked randomly by Mick’s neighbour and the tickets drawn by our Membership Secretary.  This raffle has raised £206 towards Club funds.  Here is the lucky winners and roughly what they won, sorry I missed some of the prize description.  Contact Mick to arrange collection of your prize as and when.

  1. Stuart Lowe – Gift Box.
  2. Alan Buckle – Tub of sweets and wine.
  3. David Moore – Router Mat, cable ties.
  4. Bill Siddle – LED hand lamp, WD40.
  5. Darren Brown – Stanley Knife and Safety Glasses.
  6. Norman Saunders – Tub of sweets and wine.
  7. Brian Peacock – Bottle of Whiskey.
  8. Graham Brown – 8 rolls of Rhino Grip.
  9. Dai Crawford – 3 Chestnut Aerosols.
  10. John Mitchell – Hot melt Glue Gun.

And lastly,

Our next meeting is the very popular Workshop Activity night on the 9 Feb 2021 starting at 7pm.  Please make sure you have checked you are on the latest version of the Zoom App or Zoom client before joining the meeting.

Then on the 23 Feb 2021, we have another new demonstrator we have not had before due to the fact he is based in Hampshire, but thanks to the miracles of Zoom and IRD’s it’s now possible.  We will be welcoming Martin Saban-Smith to our screens.  Check out his website HERE

If you are on the PAYG membership option, please make sure you purchase your ticket to this demo in plenty of time.  Go to the Event page HERE and fill in your details and click on ‘Send your Booking’.  You will then be redirected to a PayPal login page.  If you have a PayPal account log in and pay as normal.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, select the pay by Credit/Debit card option and follow what it says.  Once paid you will be sent an email with the meeting link as normal.  The Booking for this event will close at 7pm the day before so please don’t leave it until the last minute.  Any problems contact me, Martin Pigott via Webmaster Enquiry option on Contact page or give me a call, my number is on the Contact Page.

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  • Chris Fisher

    An excellent Demo
    An informative write up
    And great photos considering they are screen grabs.

    Well done everybody 👏👏👏

  • John Mitchell

    Colwin is obviously a very accomplished turner. His use of just a couple of tools and simple jigs puts his projects within reach of the novice turner who is just starting out. Above all else he is the most fantastic teacher. He explained every aspect of his technique as the projects progressed, showing tool presentation in close up and answering questions as he went along. His finishing using food safe oil which was burnished with 600 grit abrasive and shavings is something I will try when I’m next in the workshop. Another entertaining and informative evening.


    Another great evening with a turner who explains everything simple techniques easily understood. Would be great to have him.back to show other things

  • Mick Close

    Another great demo. We have tried to get Colwin previously but his travel costs have not permitted it. On- line demo’s have brought a new excellent turner to our Club.
    Altogether it was a good night, the AGM format proved a success and was well attended.
    Let’s keep on going forward.
    Stay safe.

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