8 Dec 2020 – Workshop Activity Night

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Welcome to our Workshop Activity Night

On Tuesday 8 December, we once more met via Zoom for the last Workshop Activity Night of 2020. On this occasion 30 members logged on for an evening of woodturning education and entertainment.

In what is becoming the major feature of these evenings, our resident turners once again rose to the Chairman’s challenge of being given a piece of wood from which to produce something reflecting their skills, technical knowledge and design expertise.

Alan opted for a cube shaped box with inlays on the sides, Chris also chose a box but urn shaped with a flared, or domed lid – more of that later, whilst Zak set about producing a hollow form made in two halves and glued together.

As is now the norm the three turners started their projects, we left them to it and moved on to “Meet the Woodturner”. Three members readily (well put it this way, not too much pressure was exerted on them) told us how they took up woodturning.

Our first member had an interest in the craft and 10 years ago went on a pole lathe turning course. He was put in touch with a club member, attended one of our meetings and has been turning ever since and thoroughly recommends electric power over pole power.

Our second respondent had been interested in woodwork since his school days but lacked the time to pursue the interest. Earlier this year he was persuaded to come to one of our meetings and had a go on a lathe courtesy of Chris and John. Despite that experience he has now acquired his own lathe and showed us his first piece, an egg cup which means that one member of the family can now have boiled eggs for breakfast!

Our last member went to a RSPB meeting 20 years ago and met a woodturner which resulted in him taking up the hobby and joining the club. Whilst not actively turning at the moment he remains very committed to woodturning and the LWWA.

During this interlude the turners were making progress, Alan was creating recesses on the sides of his cube to take the inlays, Chris was shaping and hollowing his box and Zak was hollowing the base of his piece.

Unfortunately, we did not actually see what can very often be the downfall of a turned piece – a catch. Alan’s work apparently flew off the lathe but fortunately did not sustain any serious injury, the wood that is. Alan survived as well! We look forward to seeing the finished item which has the makings of a very interesting piece of work.

Zak completed the hollowing out, drilled a hole through the top half of the vessel and glued both pieces together using a series of beads to conceal the join. At the end of the night he had set of a support round the neck so that he could turn it without damaging it. As the glue had not properly cured we were not able to see this process and again we await the finished article.

Having completed the body of his box Chris turned his attention to the lid. Chris encouraged much debate about how the lid should be shaped and, unusually for Chris, did as was suggested and domed the top of the lid.

All three items encouraged members to participate both giving advice and asking questions. For their part the turners were able to demonstrate the various techniques that are required to produce different forms and shapes.

As usual several members showed items that they had made (see photographs below) and once again we saw a diverse mix of items that displayed the skill and talent of our members.

We thank all who make these meetings a success but we must also thank you, the members, for continuing to support the club by attending these meetings. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Thank you Alan Selden for providing the above report.


2020 Membership Draw

At the end of the evening we held the Membership 2020 Raffle where any paid up member of the Club had the opportunity to win Club Shop vouchers, 1st – £50, 2nd – £30 and 3rd – £20.  In first place was Mark Saunders, 2nd Place Alan Clift and 3rd Place Rob Smyth.  Well done to you all.  To collect/spend your prize vouchers, please see Mick Close in the Club Shop.

Club Shop Opening Dates

The Club Shop which will be open Saturday 12th Dec and 19th Dec and then 9 Jan 2021, 10 am to midday.  There will also be timber and tools on sale from several workshop clearances we have just done.  Martin Pidgen will also hopefully be there selling his wood supplies, so please support him as well. Peter Hallam will also be selling raffle tickets at £1 each for a members draw being held at the AGM.

Do not forget your mask and social distancing.  Only one customer allowed in the shop at any one time.

Christmas Online Social

Next Tuesday 15 Dec at 7pm we invite you all to join us on Zoom for a virtual Christmas get together, bring a drink, mince pie or something you like to eat and if you have a Christmas jumper, hat etc, lets make it a bit festive.  This meeting is just to have a general chat amongst members, so hopefully see you there.

Walnut For Sale

A neighbour of David Birks in Edlington has asked if any of our members would be interested in some pieces of walnut that he has for sale.

His contact number is 07986 538117.

Here is a photo of one of the pieces.  For more details please contact the above number, as that is all we know.


and Lastly…

We are pleased to announce that we will be having Colwin Way from Axminster Tools demonstrating for us after the Club AGM being held on 26 Jan 2021.  Meeting starting at 6:30pm.  Please support this meeting as there has been several changes to the way the club is being run which we need to tell you about.

Lastly, if you have not sorted out your membership renewal for next year and hopefully have paid your annual fees, please can you get this done so we can see how we stand going into next year.  If you go to the Club Shop you can also pay the fee there, don’t forget to download the membership form, fill it in and return it to the Mike or email it to the Membership Secretary, Alan Selden.  This year has been obviously difficult for everyone so lets hope 2021 might be a lot better.

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    Another great night on Tuesday but a query, having been given a piece of wood by the chairman is it permissable to cut it into pieces? Either way they entertained us all evening and it was great to see Chris back to Hands on night form complaining about lack of response to his request for suggestions as to shape and form then on getting a number of suggests did whatever he wanted in the first place, LWWA is definitely back. Thank you again to Alan, Chris and Zak (alphabetical order to avoid inflating any egos lol) also to Martin for holding the whole evening together. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday then its onwards and upwards in 2021 whatever it brings but sadly no Newark show

  • Chris Fisher

    Another successful night me thinks. Its was a shame about the technical problems, unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about it.
    I was please so many offered their advice on the shape of my box lid it was like being back in the hall. The box is nearly finished and I’ve left it as asked. I’ll give it a few weeks until everyone’s forgotten about it and.. change it to my preferred shape🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    It was great to see a few more speaking up and giving me grief…bring it in boys.🙂🙂

  • Zak

    In response to Paul T, Mick gave us a bit of wood and from all our efforts I guess cutting it into pieces was the least of its fates, as usual 90% of mine went in the shavings bin, LOL
    I am in the process of trying to condense 2.5 hours of video into 5 minutes of interesting content to post on out wolds Facebook page and YTube. One benefit of zooming if you are on the lathe is you can stop, albeit briefly, to see how the rest of the ‘room’ is doing; something difficult to do in the hall, but looking forward to that day.

  • Mr David Crawford

    Always a good night. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can finally meet again at the club.

  • John Mitchell

    Fantastic evening, without the need to sweep the floor afterwards! It was good to see so many joining in the banter with the three “demonstrators”, just like the hands on nights in the hall. Pity about the internet connection, at times it was not good but I suspect it is a fact of rural life. It’s incredible to think how far the Club has come in the last 9 months. We have gone fro strength to strength and have have achieved so much in keeping the Club going. We are now in a very good position to take the Club forward into 2021.

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