24 Nov 2020 – Emma Cook Online Demo

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On Tuesday 24th Nov 2020, we welcomed Emma Cook ‘The Tiny Turner’ to the club, or that is to say Emma invited us to her workshop via Zoom for an interactive demonstration. It was really encouraging for the club members that joined us to hear how pleased she was to see 36 of us, as many of her other IRDs had not been as well attended.  Emma also told us that as a club, we had really embraced the online meetings to keep our club alive. Thank you Emma, you have always been well received in the Wolds.

On to the demo. Emma showed us the globe table lamp that was to be the project for the night, with a coloured sycamore base with 100mm glass globe with LED lights inside attached onto the top. It started out with two pieces of sycamore measuring 5″ x 5″ x 2″ and a 2″ x 2″ x 6″.  These were turned round and shaped for the base and the stem. Matching beads were turned on both the bottom of the base and the stem to bring the design together. These were sealed with shellac sanding sealer to prevent the spirit stain from bleeding into the beads. A selection of black to blue stains were used to colour the piece.

We had a short break halfway through the evening to allow the dye to dry before starting to finish the project. Throughout the demo, Emma explained how and when she decided on the best way to use the timber and how to achieve the best results. As usual we had some chat and questions. Emma was ably assisted by Roy on the cameras and direction which gave us a good view of the action. Emma was chatty as ever and kept us entertained and promised that as she had recorded the evening, it would be made available to members to view when she had edited it, so we look forward to that.

She has also kindly given us a 10% discount code to use on her website to purchase any of her shop items including her project kits. All those who attended already know it, but we will send out the discount code via email in due course. The pictures from the evening are all screen grabs and not the greatest quality but you will get a flavour of what happened and if you did not attend, what you have missed.



Mick will be opening up the Club Shop on the 5th and 19th Dec, 10 am to midday and Martin Pidgen will hopefully be there selling his native and exotic timbers.  Please support these guys by coming along and making it worth their while.

We have recently acquired various tools, equipment such as 2 lathes, small table saw, small bandsaw plus loads of other items etc from workshop clearances, that it is hoped to have available to view and buy at the hall on the 12th Dec, 10am to midday.   This is yet to be confirmed.

Don’t forget your mask and please remember you need to be staying 2 metres apart at all times.  


If you have not already found it, go and have a look at our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe HERE so you don’t miss when we release new videos.  For the beginners out there, we have a series of 11 videos that are being released one a week on a Sunday night at 6pm.  We have already released 3, so go and catch up on what you have missed.  We also have several other videos on there created by Chris and Zak and one of Stuart making his smoking snowman that he demonstrated for us a few years ago.  Here is one from Chris and Vol 1 of the Beginners Guide to Woodturning to wet your appetite.

And lastly,

You should have all received the 2021 membership payment options with the renewal form to complete and return.  Can I please request that you make every effort to getting it completed and returned to Alan Selden as soon as possible.  For the club to survive next year and for us to be able to provide a full program of demonstrators, we need to see how many people are going to renew their membership or join us for the first time next year. Also, importantly, so we know how you intend to pay and how much we can expect to collect in to be able to pay for the demonstrators. We will have sadly lost some members as a result of only doing online meetings as we know its not for everyone, but we are pleased to say we have also gained members as a result of doing online meetings so hopefully we will be ok.  So please show your support by getting your 2021 membership renewal completed and if possible paid before the end of the year.  Thank you.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Another great demo, Emma us always entertaining and explains things excellently for the beginner but doesn’t bore the more experienced turners.

    Always interesting to see and hear the different techniques and tips.

    LWWA is going from strength to strength any member who have mor renewed htheir membership should do so ASAP so the club can maintain the standards of excellence we gave all enjoyed during this very difficult year

    Keep well and keep safe

  • Mick Close

    Another great evening. Emma was great and Roy’s camera work was really good. The usual banter was a bit slow getting started but once going it was like a normal demo. It ended too suddenly with no chance for members to comment, we MUST have control of the zoom for all meetings.
    Well done everyone. Good attendance.

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