Don’t miss Cindy Drozda Demo – 27 Oct 2020

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With less than a week to go, we hope you are looking forward to the next Club Interactive Remote Demo (IRD) on Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 7:00pm.  We are fortunate to have Cindy Drozda, from Boulder, Colorado, demonstrating her signature “Fabulous Finial Box”.

Can I remind all members that the meeting will start Sharp at 7:00pm, so please give yourself enough time to get onto Zoom, all microphones will be muted, but Cindy has assured us she is looking forward to questions, you can unmute your mic via the Spacebar, or click on your mic icon, alternatively you can enter a question on the Chat Function and one of the Co-Hosts will either unmute you so that you can speak or alternatively we will present the question on your behalf.

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, and remember get yourself comfortable, sort the drinks and nibbles out and have a great evening.

This event and all other demonstrations in 2020 are FREE for all paid up members.

As a member, you will have already been sent the Zoom meeting link.  If you have not received it, please contact the Club Secretary, Alan Buckle using the contact form, selecting the ‘General Club Enquiry’ option.

If you are not a paid up member, why not come and join us, your £15 membership includes all events for the rest of the year, including our workshop nights.  Please contact the Club Membership Secretary, Alan Selden using the contact form, selecting the ‘Membership Enquiry’ option.

Also, if you are not already aware, have a look at the following:

The Club now has a private Facebook Group open to paid club members where we will be sharing various things and gives you somewhere to show us what you have been up to, ask questions and have a chat, so please check it out.  Click HERE to go to the group, agree to the rules and request to join.  We moderate all the requests to join to ensure only paid members are allowed in.

We also have a YouTube channel where we can share with you various videos either open to the public or private ones only visible to you with the relevant link.  Please subscribe to our channel HERE.  We have recently uploaded a few new videos, one of which is our resident Skew expert, John Liles, so go and check out his video which can be found HERE.  Also, we have Chris giving some tips on sharpening, check that out HERE.  We are planning to upload more videos soon, so keeping checking to see what’s new.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    Looking forward to seeing our first American demonstrator, sign up and join us if you’re not a member 😀

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