25 Aug 2020 – Online Demo by Richard Findley

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Last night, was the Club’s 3rd online interactive demo, this time with a last minute replacement, Richard Findley who very kindly swapped with Stewart Furini who was taken poorly.  Stewart will hopefully be able to do his demo at the end of September.

Richard’s demo was actually his first online live demo, but the way he controlled his cameras and presented perfectly his demo, you would have never had guessed. It was obvious from the beginning that he is skilled at presenting to an audience and entertained us for a full 3 hours. Many of us know Richard from his projects for the woodturning magazine.

We were showed around his workshop and how he has set up for online demonstrations. Richard then showed a sample of the lidded box, with pewter insert, that he intended to demonstrate. Throughout the evening he took us through the complete process and even managed to cast the pewter insert in front of us (well not exactly), however, the atmosphere was almost as if we were in his workshop. The safety aspects in dealing with melting pewter and all the things that surround the process were made clear before he moved on.

The box was made from walnut, as you can see from the pictures below. We were shown how to mount the work and the best ways to present tools safely and for the best results from each cut. Richard had a camera set up to show sharpening of his tools and especially the skew chisel, which lots of us find challenging. There were lots tips throughout the evening from jam chucks to sharpening and how to get the right balance when making your box lid fit; to pop or not to pop, that is the question. Whether a new or old turner, he made sure there was something for everyone.

We were really pleased to have 47 participants attending the demo, which is also a record for the Club during these difficult times.  This included some guests and a recent new member joining us from up North, in the Shetlands.  So it doesn’t matter where you are, as along as you can get a good internet connection, you can still join in. The word is getting out there and we are attracting new people wanting to become members, plus gradually getting back some of our members who are finally taking the plunge into the wonderful world of Zoom.  It has been said that watching these online demos, you are probably getting a better view of the action than normal, plus its in the comfort of your own home.

There are still a few of you who are reading this….. yes you! that have not given Zoom a go yet.  We would love to encourage, persuade or twist your arm to come along.  Don’t worry if it all seems too high tech and you don’t understand it, we can help you, just contact us.

A big thank you to Richard and all the members who attended making this yet another big success for the Club and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Pictures shown of the finished item are kindly provided by Richard.


What’s up Next?

Next meeting is the Workshop Activity Night on the Tue 8 Sept 2020.  We have arranged for Terry Smart from Chestnut Products to join us for some of the evening and he will be doing a Q & A session, so start thinking of your Chestnut Products questions now.  Terry is giving up his free time to do this for the Club, so please support us and actually have loads of questions ready for him.

If you don’t want to ask your question(s) yourself, no problem, you can either, send in the question(s) via the contact form selecting General Enquiry in advance of the meeting and we will ask it for you on the night, not mentioning your name if that’s what you want, or use the chat facility on the night to send a private message to me, Martin Pigott or Alan Buckle, or simply enable your micro phone and ask it yourself.  You are amongst friends, so don’t be shy.

The Club Shop and Martin Pidgen’s wood sales will be again open at the Village Hall, 10am to midday on the 5th and 19th Sept 2020.  Don’t forget your money, mask and social distancing.

Then don’t miss our next fantastic online demo by Stewart Furini on the 29th September 2020 (hopefully).

And finally,

I have said this before, but it’s still important to get your feedback.  Just to prove to me that you are still actually reading this post, it would be great before you go, if you can leave a comment below.  Please leave some feedback on the demo if you watched it.  Remember, its your Club, so also tell us who and what you want to see on the Demos and Workshop Activity Nights, any ideas on what we can do and anything we need to improve on.  Thanks for reading…..now please comment below. 

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  • Stuart lowe

    A great night and a very good demo by Richard good to see more people joining the meetings.
    The views of the turning was great. Hope more members will join in .

  • Stephen Malcolm

    It was good to be back in the company of turners and much appreciated Richard’s presentation pitched at a good pace and lots of useful detail (for someone getting back to their turning training after a year out). Looking forward to the next event.

  • Chris Fisher

    The best Demo I’ve seen in ages.
    And it was wonderful see so many folks in attendance.

  • Paul Tunmore

    Last nights demo was superb ,Richard’s attitude from the start was friendly, chatty, informative and knowledgeable. He is a natural presenter covering every aspect of every task with tips and importantly safety. Having seen him at West Ashby last year and last night I think he’s the most natural woodturner we’ve had it seemed almost instinctive.

    It was also very pleasing to see the biggest turnout we’ve had so far online and must be nearing attendances we’ve had at the village hall. We are leading the way in this part of the world so please if you are a member and not attended yet please come along you’ll have a great time.

    On behalf of myself and the club I would like to thank our secretary, Alan Buckle , for sorting last night out. I been in lots of local clubs and in other parts of the country and on hearing that a presenter was ill and couldn’t make it most secretaries would send an email to members simply saying the evening was cancelled. Alan got on the phone and got another presenter at was was very short notice whilst keeping Stuart on board for later in the year. Thank you Alan , you must have been very pleased at the outcome

  • Peter Hallam

    Good night

  • Dai Crawford

    It was a great night and Demo. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to all concerned for putting it on.

  • Ron Marnie

    Are we recording these demos for our “library”? This was a superb evening in every way. The technical aspects of both turning and presentation were quite outstanding. He left no stone unturned to give us the best possible view of the work he was doing, stopping occasionally to move a camera to give us a better angle.
    Grateful thanks also due to the team for their work in arranging and smoothly running the show. What a club! How lucky we are indeed.

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks Ron, no we currently don’t record them in the same manner as we no longer record physical demos. This demo was done on Richard’s zoom account so we would not have access to it anyway.

  • Geoff Espin

    By far the most interesting demonstration i have seen in a long time. Considering this was Richard’s first time it was amazing. I was reluctant to join Zoom at first thinking it would be similar to youtube – it’s far superior. A great evening and looking forward to the next one

  • Terry Bradshaw

    I agree with all that has been said, a super night, very well organised and a big thank you to all involved. Regards Terry Bradshaw

  • John cox

    I agree totally with everything that has been said. Thank you for all the work you do to make these evenings so successful

  • Gary Gray

    This was a superb demo. I’m very new to this and I learnt so much in one evening! Richard’s tips for doing things were all so clearly explained – he is obviously a gifted teacher. It’s great to be part of such a friendly club. Thanks to everyone for putting so much work into it. Looking forward to the next one!

  • John Mitchell

    Very good demo, one of the best I’ve seen for some time with every thing explained as the project progressed. It was an added bonus. to see Richard’s workshop and get some close up shots of his sharpening techniques.

  • Chris Fisher

    Nice to see so many commenting on the night, it makes a pleasant change.

  • Pat Carroll

    Richard is a great demonstrator. I am looking forward to watching some of his IRD”S
    . You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

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