28 Jul 2020 – Online Demo by Pat Carroll

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We decided on a full review for those who missed out on the live Interactive Remote Demonstration (IRD).  We welcomed a few guests to the online meeting, one gentleman all the way from Missouri, USA and also a representative from The Worshipful Company of Turners.  Also good to see we are still attracting some new members to the Club despite now being only able to offer online meetings.  We were pleased to see our usual members and we ended up with 33 attending in total.  It would be great to encourage those of you who are reading this but did not attend as we would love to see you back.

Tuesday 28th July saw our second live IRD this time with Pat Carroll, all the way from Ireland. Pat has always been a friend to our club and we were really pleased to welcome him into our homes with the aid of new technology.

Pat had already prepared a sample of the square painted and textured platter/bowl that he intended to show the process of how it is made. He explained at each stage right from the piece of timber and how the grain was running to various ways of mounting; choosing a screw chuck to mount and prepare the bottom of the piece. Firstly, he established a rough thickness of the wings to the platter and the position of the bowl before using a parting tool to set a rough spigot.  This would be fine tuned after the paint and texture stages.

A Foredom SR pendant motor with a flexible drive, mounted with a sabre tooth cutter was used to texture the outer wings, both top and bottom of the piece. During the demonstration we were all able to post questions on the chat function, which Pat was always ready to answer in great detail, paying particular attention to the safe use of all equipment and tools and exactly how they should be presented to the work.

For those who are familiar with Blue Peter, we had that moment when Pat produced a part turned piece that he had prepared fully textured and painted and having a light copper gilt cream applied to highlight the texturing.  Time now to turn the inside of his platter and so after refining the bottom and trimming the spigot to the correct size Pat turned the piece to finish the inside. We had an explanation of the importance of having your gouges really sharp for the final cuts to reduce the need for a lot of sanding.

When we have met at the Club face to face, we always had time for a question and answer session and online was no exception. Pat spent time when our microphones were unlocked to chat with our members and as usual happy to chat away with anyone from our woodturning family.

Pat advertised his latest Meet the Turner event which is set for another fantastic interview this Sunday 2nd of August 7pm Irish Time, with Michael Allen Alguire.  If you would like to join in, please email meetthewoodturner@gmail.com to subscribe to the mailing list.

Thank you Pat for a great demonstration of which feedback has been excellent.  Report courtesy of Zak.  Thank you.  Some of the pictures shown are kindly provided by Pat.


What’s up Next?

Next meeting is the Workshop Activity Night on the 11th August 2020.  We are pleased to announce that Clive Brooks from Robert Sorby will be our guest where you can ask questions regarding any Robert Sorby products, especially the Pro Edge of which via the Club Shop we have sold many to our members.  We also hope to have some more videos from our resident online turners, Chris, Alan and Zak.  Please bring along what you have been making to show us and any problems, mistakes as we can all learn from them.  Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved.

The Club Shop and Martin Pidgen’s wood sales will be again open at the Village Hall, 10am to midday on the 15th August 2020.  Don’t forget your mask and social distancing.

Then don’t miss our next fantastic online demo by Stewart Furini on the 25th August 2020.

And finally,

Just to prove to me that you are actually reading this post, it would be great before you go, if you can leave a comment below.  Please leave some feedback on the demo if you watched it.  Remember, its your Club, so also tell us who and what you want to see on the Demo and Workshop Activity Nights, any ideas on what we can do and anything we need to improve on.  Thanks for reading…..now please comment below. 

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  • Brian Peacock

    Great report as always must try and get zoom loaded and join the fun

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks for commenting Brian, it would be great to see you back. Get that Son of yours to get you sorted out on Zoom and while he’s at it, get him to join in as well!

  • Paul Tunmore

    A great evening and very entertaining and educational. Pat and Chloe have got the systems running so every now and then there is a break for Pat to answer questions from the audience. For members that haven’t been involve d with the online meeting so far I can thoroughly recommend them . You are not required to say anything but should you decide to you will get answers from fellow club members or demonstrators. We can’t replace meeting at the Hall but we are getting closer, I’m still amazed that such experienced turners answer my problems with support and advice. Hope to see you all at the next meeting

    Paul Tunmore

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks Paul. I agree it will not replace the live demos in the Hall, but until things change we are stuck with online meetings but this is our opportunity to grow and develop the Club in ways never thought possible.

  • stuart lowe

    Great demo and a good evening it was interesting to see the process and the ways of texturing the bowl .will look forward to the next one and hopefully see more members. Thanks for the work you and Alan for the work putting it on also nice report for members to read.

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks Stuart, can’t take the credit for the demo report, Zak wrote it. Its good to get other peoples opinions and views on the these things instead of my take on it.

    • Chris Fisher

      Excellent write up Zak well done slim.
      I hope to see many more visitors to our Online Demonstrations. I think its fare to say we are leading the way using Technology to reach our members, we are also attracting folks from other parts of the world.
      I have a feeling we are going from strength to strength and I’m so proud of our Club, but we still need your help in promoting the Club.
      I’m not as elocquent as Zak but its the way I feel.

      • Martin Pigott

        Thanks Chris for your comments and totally agree we are leading the way.

  • John White

    Sorry that I have not been able to join the last few zoom meetings. The trip back from Spain was horrendous. The drive up to Bilbao took nine hours. No sleep that night because of police raids on lorries in the port. I had intended to join in the meeting from the Bay of Biscay on the Tuesday evening. The ships ADSL was not up to it. Arrived at the cottage on Wednesday afternoon to start our two weeks isolation. And are still unpacking and still very tired. Hope to see you soon.

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks John, good to hear you got back ok sounds a bit of a nightmare.

  • Peter Barrack

    Pleased you made it home John White
    excellent demo

  • Rob Smyth

    Great demo. Well delivered with great detail of the various steps along the way. Pat with Chloe are certainly doing a great job of delivering demos in line. Again thanks to you Martin and of course Alan for all your efforts they are much appreciated.

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks Rob, pleased you enjoyed it and yes I thought Pat and Chloe did a great job.

  • Alan Selden

    A great demo and Pat explained very clearly what he was doing. Holding the online meetings is different but is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with other members and seeing demonstrations.
    I echo the comments of other members in thanking those that are making these meetings a success. If you haven’t yet attended you are certainly missing out!

  • Mick Close

    A really great demo. Pat was as good doing the on line demo as he is live. Thanks to Chloe for keeping him on track.. Missed the flame gun! Great to see a demo. via Blue Peter style from bare wood to completed article.
    I wish more members would ask for assistance to get on zoom, they are missing out so much.
    Many thanks again to the guys for setting it up and Zak for his report.
    Please keep it up. Our Club has a lot to be proud of!

  • Rob Bristow


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