Online Demo – Chris Parker 30 Jun 2020, Workshop Activity Nights and Club Shop

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All those that have shown an interest and previously replied to Alan Buckle about wanting to join the Clubs first full online demo by Chris Parker, should have already received an email yesterday, Sat 27 Jun 20.  This has the link required to join the zoom meeting on Tuesday 30 Jun 20.  If you have not had the email or would like to join, there is still time.  Please contact us as soon as possible via the contact page or message on Facebook.  We need to know who is coming before the meeting as part of the security aspects to then only allow join, those who’s names we have listed.  As they say, if your name is not on the list, you ain’t coming in!

The meeting will open at 6:30pm to give members a chance to get connected ready for the demonstration to start at 7:00pm prompt.  Anybody that has any problems joining, call me on 07960 065691 and I will try and help you.

When you join the meeting, you will be asked to enter your name – please ensure you do enter your full name and not a nick name.  Do not use the name the device you are viewing it on has automatically assigned, such a ‘Fred’s ipad’.  If you already have the Zoom App or program installed and have set up an account because you use it to keep in touch with your own family or for work (you don’t need this to join our meetings), go to setup, profile, edit my profile, login and edit your name accordingly.

Please do not share the link with others as you will be asked to wait in the waiting room prior to being let into the meeting, you will then be admitted. Is that easy.

During the meeting, your microphones will be muted.  If you need to ask a question which we welcome the interaction with the demonstrator, open up the Participants List and click on ‘Raise Hand’.  Then in Chat type you question. The question will then be passed to the demonstrator.  Remember to Lower Hand once done.  You can send private messages to anyone in the meeting, just select their name from the drop down list and type your message.

After the demo, I will be putting out a news post later in the week, which we would welcome your feedback by using the comments underneath the news post.  Let us know what you thought as we want to get it right and provide our members with the best we can during this difficult time.

We will shortly be publishing our new online demo program up to Nov 20, with hopefully subject to availability, some exclusive international turners from around the world, a first for our Club.  So watch this space and check your emails for further details.


Following the success of the first previously named Show & Tell meeting on 16 Jun 20, we have decided to now run these nights on the 2nd Tuesday of each month replacing the Hands on Night, which we can’t obviously have at the moment.  So the next one is on the 14 Jul 20, meeting will be open from 6:30pm. We were very impressed with the turn out and all the pieces of work that were shown, but also felt that our less experienced turners may have felt that the standard was too high to be able to show the items they had been busy making during lockdown.  Rubbish, we would love to see everything you have made, irrespective if it went well or a total disaster, as we all learn by our mistakes, so share with us, it might just stop someone else doing the same.  Don’t be embarassed, take part as that is what these evenings are for.  What woodturning problems do you have that you need help with?  We hope to have some workshop videos and tours over the coming months, so if you have a camera take some pictures and send us them or use a video camera show us around your workshop, show off a little and its a good excuse to tidy up first.  Speak to us about how we can then view your videos during one of these meetings.  For your security, the videos and photos of any workshop tours won’t be published online or recorded.

Anybody who has previously been to a meeting, you will be sent the meeting link.  If you didn’t come along last time, contact Alan Buckle to be added to his list.

Hopefully see you all on the 14th July 20


Mick will again be opening up the Club Shop on Sat 4th July 20, 10-12am should you need to restock on essentials.  To be confirmed, but it is also hoped that Martin Pidgen is going to be there with his wood supplies.  If you need anything specific, please contact Martin Pidgen in advance so that he has definately got it on his van.  His contact details are all on the Contact page.

Social distancing rules all apply, so stay safe.

The Village Hall is finally having its carpark sorted out, starting on Mon 29 Jun 20 – Hooray no more vehicles stuck in the mud!  We don’t know whether it will be finished by the 4th Jul, so be prepared to park on the verge outside the hall on the main road, please be careful.

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  • Rob Smyth

    Are you still taking items for the Ambicopter when the shop is open ?

    • Martin Pigott

      Yes Rob we are. Unfortunately we can’t get them to collect at the moment as there shops are still shut.

  • karl leverton

    Hi Martin could you place me on the list for online demonstrations for future online demo’ membership has expired ,how do I go about renewing my membership many thanks Karl leverton .

    • Martin Pigott

      Hi Karl, the membership Secretary, Alan Seldon should be in touch or go to the contact page on the website and scroll down until you get to the Committee listing and his contact details are on there. Thanks.

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