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Just a reminder that for a trial period we will be holding the competition table during Hands On Night.  Hopefully we will have plenty of entries in all three classes. We know we have really good turners at the club and would like them to show their work to newer members and to inspire those trying out the hobby for the first time. All competition entries are to be booked in by 7:30pm and voting to be carried out during the evening up to 8:30pm where the results will be decided and duly announced.

It will be a good time also to bring your best work for our display at The Midlands Woodworking and Power Tool Show at Newark 27th and 28th March. We have always been admired by others as to the quality of our work, Let’s not let down the tradition and make this a good one. The Committee are working really hard on your behalf to promote our already successful club; so please support “YOUR CLUB”.


It’s that time of year where we ask for your Membership Payment of £15 to be paid up as soon as possible. Please see Alan Selden to check that your personal membership details we hold are all correct and pay the outstanding £15.  It is very important that all the details we hold are correct under the GDPR regulations.  Alan will prepare your membership card and this will be available to collect at the next meeting.  If you have already paid, thank you and please ensure you collect your name badge from Alan.


As a Club, we require all members and guests to display their name clearly at all times during club meetings and events. Why is this so important?  Whilst we endeavour to try and remember everyones name, this becomes difficult with new members and guests who we may have not seen before and don’t yet know.  For your safety, we therefore need to be able to quickly identify everyone in the event of a medical or other emergency.

As above, your 2020 name badge/membership card will be available from Alan once you have checked your details and paid.  Until you get your new badge or forget to bring it, please either wear your 2019 one or write your name on a self adhesive sticker available at the door.  It is also acceptable to wear garments with your name on and this negates the need to wear your badge.  We understand that the plastic holders have had issues and we are in the process of buying some new lanyards to replace them. Obviously, some common sense prevails when it comes to operating lathes and ensuring your lanyard is out of the way.


There are not many days left before the first of this year’s Training Days on the 21 March 2020.  We would like to make it worth while for both you, our turners and helpers giving up their time to set up and run these events. We have introduced the Training Days following your requests, so please now show your support by getting booked in now.  It only costs £10 per hour which for one to one training is good value. There are still several places available on 21 March, 13 June, 12 Sept and 28 Nov.  Please book now to avoid disappointment either online or on the paper form at the next Hands on Night on the 10 Mar 2020.

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