20 Aug 19 – Bizzy Fingers Craft Group

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On the 20 Aug 19, we opened our doors at West Ashby to a local ladies craft group called the Bizzy Fingers.

They are a friendly group of ladies who meet in Coningsby Methodist Church on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 7pm – 9pm.   They have a mix of craft nights and also have demonstrations with 2 meals out each year.  Members can do any portable craft, such as knitting, crochet, cross stitch, card making to name just a few.  The group is currently all ladies but its open to anyone interested in crafts.  If you or your partner is interested, please contact Anita Pearson, on Email: a_l_pearson@hotmail.co.uk (putting craft group / Bizzy Fingers in the subject) or Tel No: 01526 344541 for more details.

The Club was approached to see if we could arrange a private hands on night so they could all have a go at woodturning.  We were thrilled to be asked and it helps to promote woodturning to show that it is available to everyone and its not as hard as it first looks or to be scared of.  We had 9 ladies and one gentleman who came along which was great, as we were able to set up 6 lathes.  Thanks go out to Mick Close, John Mitchell, John Liles, Chris Fisher, Stuart Lowe and Peter Hallam who provided the one to one tuition on the lathes.  We all had a good laugh and everyone was able to go home with something they had made which they were thrilled about, making it a very successful night for both Clubs.

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  • Chris Fisher

    It was a very entertaining night and think the Ladies really enjoyed it.

  • Mick Close

    A really great evening with very friendly guests. Everyone enjoyed
    themselves and we may even get a couple become regulars at the Club.
    Thanks to all who gave up their time to make it a success.

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