Hands on Night 11 Jun 19 – Summer Grill Night Venue Change

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Oh what a night, as the lyrics from the Four Seasons song back in ’63; Hands on night was that night, with the weather trying it’s best to scupper the evening at the Club, we expected it to be very quiet. Well how wrong could we be?

A great effort made by our members and also new visitors to make it through the rain and floods.  Several younger members/guests tried their hand on the lathes with the guidance of our resident group of turners sharing skills and knowledge. Thank you to John Liles, Chris Fisher, Stuart Lowe, Peter Hallam and Richard Holland for manning the lathes.

It was good to see Martin Pidgen with his wood supplies and Barry with his pen kits.  Don’t forget, if you need anything, their contact details are now on our Contact page. Our shop did a brisk trade which kept John Radford busy all evening.  We all enjoyed what could have been a washout, stories shared and tales told over tea and coffee. It seems that there is not much that can hold us back. We are now looking forward to Club night on 25th June with Margaret Garrard. 

We are also pleased to announce that Pat Carroll (https://www.patcarrollwoodturning.com/) has agreed to come and give up a full afternoon and evening demonstration 5th August 2019 following his appearance at the Chestnut Show (https://chestnutproducts.co.uk/woodturning-weekender/).

We are lucky to have secured Pat to attend the Club as he is based in the south east of Ireland on the North Wexford border at the foot of Sliabh Bhui Mountain. Tickets are available at the next club night, don’t miss this one as it may be a long time before he comes again.



Due to issues with our previously advertised venue, the Committee have had no other option but to change the venue.

It will now be held at the Durham Ox, Thimbley, Horncastle, LN9 5RB, on the same date, time and cost.  Please have a look HERE at the menu choices, highlighted in yellow or the choice of curries.  Please let Mick Close or John Mitchell know your choices asap.

There will be desserts etc, but these will be at your extra cost and paid on the day to the Pub.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but we are sure you will be pleased we have.

We are also in the early stages of sorting out the Christmas function, as again, we will not now be using the venue we have used for the last 5 years.  We are currently looking at the possibility of a holding a Hog Roast to be held in the Coningsby Community Hall on either the 7th or 14th of Dec 19.  We will update you as the plans are finalised.  This new venue will of course be closer to home for some and further away for others, but we have not moved venues in nearly 5 years, so it makes it a bit fairer. As our membership is spread across a wide area, finding good suitably sized venues is proving to be rather difficult.  We are always open to suggestions if you know of anywhere that could be recommended for large parties.

What’s up Next?

Next meeting is the Club Night on the 25 Jun 19 where we have Margaret Garrard demonstrating for us.

Then, if you have not got your tickets already, come along to the Summer Grill Night at The Durham Ox (new venue) on the 30 Jun 19.

And finally,

Please be aware, the Club has new smocks, visors and safety glasses (PPE) which are to be worn whilst using the lathes on a Hands on Night.  We are all responsible for the safety of those at the Club, so if you spot someone not wearing the PPE provided, please remind them.

Name Badges – Please make sure you are wearing yours or use one of the self adhesive stickers and write your name on it and wear it during all meetings.  Thank you.

As you may be aware, we normally hold a Turners Raffle which is drawn at the Club AGM in January.  To boost the prize pot, the Club Shop is going to be donating a Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System worth around £350, so tickets will be going on sale very soon.

The Club is also buying one which will come out on Hands on Nights, so that members can bring along their chisels and once taught how to use it safely, will be able to use it themselves to sharpen their own tools for a small donation of 20p per chisel to cover the cost of replacement belts.

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  • Paul Tunmore

    I just want to take a couple of minutes to thank our chairman , Mick, for the work he does. I know his changes to the Christmas dinner last year met with some criticism from some members who didn’t like the entertainment. If that had been me I’d have thought “sod it , do it yourself”. But Mick is made of sterner stuff and is making arrangements for the revamped grill night and Christmas following the splash problems.

    Just a plea to members to think about how much our committee do for this club, they are doing a hell of a lot of work , unpaid, not for themselves but for you the members. I’m new to this but can’t imagine there could be a better club anywhere. Support the committee and the club to keep what we’ve got.

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