Emma Cook All Day Demo – 20 Oct 18

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Emma Cook ‘The Tiny Turner’ treated twenty-three members to an excellent all day demonstration.  Emma started her demo with her main item, a hanging Christmas bauble consisting of a hand blown glass sphere, a thin wire to which was attached many small LED’s in various colours and a turned top and bottom finial in sycamore.

Emma had used sycamore as it was relatively clean to turn. She spent a great deal of time explaining the various techniques used to achieve the detailed spindle work required for the project and the correct profiles of the spindle/bowl gouges used.

Emma then explained the best way of inserting the LED lights into the glass sphere, the glueing up of the various components and the best adhesive to use.

In the afternoon session, Emma produced two different ‘Cup Cake’ boxes with carved lids and explained her method of producing a correctly fitting lid.  Emma used a small vice which she clamped to the bed bars of the lathe to hold the boxes and lids during the carving. The technique of carving using different tools was explained. In the final session Emma demonstrated and explained the methods of sharpening and honing carving chisels.

Emma’s final comment was that she always enjoyed coming to her ‘Favourite club’ as we were all a ‘friendly bunch’ and she so much enjoyed the full day sessions as it gave her the opportunity to chat and exchange ideas with members during the lunch break.

Anyone who did not attend missed a real treat!  Check out more photos here

The kits for the Baubles are now available From the Club shop.

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  • Brian Peacock

    I have to agree it was an excellent day, one of the best demonstrators that has visited the club in my opinion. Hope she is back on the circuit soon!!!

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