West Ashby Church Festival and Hands On Night 11 Sept 18

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Over the weekend of the 8th and 9th Sept 18 there was 45 churches and chapels in the area that opened their doors to the public for the Horncastle & Villages Churches Festival.  For the second year running, Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association has supported the West Ashby Church in the two day Church festival event with a stand to show off our talents.  Stuart Lowe very kindly offered to set up a stand on behalf of the Club and did us proud yet again.

There were other stands representing flower arranging, quilting and not to forget the home made cake display!  The Church Committee were very grateful to us for supporting the event.  The Club also made a step for the organ platform to give better access for the organist.



This month’s Hands on Night, saw another good turn out and lots of new faces eager to have a go on a lathe.  As we had people going away last month disappointed as they did not get chance to have a go on the lathe, we made sure this was not the case this month by setting up 6 lathes.  Thanks to all our resident turners, John Liles, Chris Fisher, Stuart Lowe, Mick Close, Peter Hallam and this month, John Mitchell and Richard Holland joined the team in offering to provide some excellent instruction to those wishing to have a go.


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  • Zak

    Still doing a good job Martin, well done.Z

  • Paul Tunmore

    I always read the articles published as they are interesting an informative especially if you miss a meeting , also on hands on nights you are not aware if everything that’s happening

  • John cox

    I don’t get to the club nights as much as I want due to work commitment so these posts keep me in touch thanks for that
    John cox

  • Shaun pearson

    Interesting read, thankyou.

  • Chico Winterton

    I always check these out and they are always welcomed. Managed to miss a few meetings of late so very handy way to keep abreast of what I have missed.

  • stuart lowe

    Doing a great job Martin I always read them and the email announcing that there is something on the Web site is a very good prompt to look at it’s

  • Stephen Morley

    I always look and read the posts to try and keep up with everything. I might just learn something as well

  • Ron Marnie

    Always read all your posts. You really do a splendid job in keeping us well informed. Much appreciated.

  • alan Selden

    I make a point of reading each post and find them interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.

    • Chris Fisher

      Your saying all the right words Mr Selden, and there in right order.

  • Nigel Gent

    I always have a look at the news posts even if I can’t make it to all the events :¬}

  • JessHill

    Thanks Martin… I seem to have missed a few club nights this year, so your posts are keeping me in the know. Keep it up!

  • Paul Tunmore

    Maybe less pictures of Stuart would be an improvement 😀😀

  • John Mitchell

    Keep up the good work Martin. I always follow the link in the email to get to the post. Our site is always up to date unlike some where the pages have not been refreshed for months!

  • Denis Rowe

    I always read your posts. Good work and much appreciated.

  • Brian Peacock

    It would appear that you have a good response and I agree they are informative and useful. Thanks Martin

    • Martin Pigott

      Thanks Brian, 16 comments out of 72 potentially is not that good in the big scheme of things, which makes you question, why bother?

  • Adrian Backhouse

    Its a yes please from me!

  • Martin Gough

    Really appreciate the post / updates Martin, they’re both informative and timely reminders, please keep them coming.

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