Gerry Marlow Demo and Competition Results – 25 Sept 18

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We had almost a full house at this months meeting with several new faces and a few returning guests which is always great to see.  We welcomed back Gerry Marlow, who last demonstrated for us back in Sept 14.  The evening started off with Gerry making three separate components that would all go together at the end to make a Jewellery Stand.  I don’t know about you, but I was struggling to picture what it was going to look like.  However, the end result was rather impressive and something different to have a go at.  With the festive session rapidly approaching, there could be some Christmas pressies in the making.

Next Gerry made a simple little yew box but went on to put a pattern on the top using his Rose Engine machine.  This machine is rather clever but the concept is hard to understand as to how and why it works to make a wide variety of different intricate patterns.  Gerry showed us how he has used it to decorate several of his display items which were amazing.  To finish the night, he made a Trembleur which is long thin spindle with various beads and coves and shapes and even a captive ring, and its very thin!  Certainly one to practice using a Skew with.



This month’s competition had some excellent and interesting items and its good to see previous demo pieces being reproduced by our members.  We post pictures of our competition table and winners on Instagram, which we thought you might like to know that we have received high praise for the quality of work from Les Thorne, if you don’t know Les, he is primarily a production turner, teaches and demonstrates, so well done to everybody who took the time to enter the competition.

Novice Class Winners

1st Nick Windley, 2nd Ady Backhouse and Karl Leverton and 3rd Alan Seldon


Club Class Winners

1st Andy Peacock


Open Class Winners

1st John Liles, 2nd Tony Cooke and 3rd Chris Fisher


What’s up Next?

Next meeting is the Hands on Night on the 9th Oct 18,

Then don’t miss the all day demo by Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ on the Saturday 20th Oct 18,

and to end the month off, on the 30th Oct 18, we have Phil Greenwood demonstrating for us.  See you all there.

And finally,

Do we have any members out there who are keen journalists in the making? It would be nice to get other peoples views on the club demos, hands on nights, events etc that could be put into news posts like this.  If you are interested, please contact me.

In an attempt to get our members to use the website more and make it more interesting, I am planning to introduce a new Gallery system.  In it, will be more photos from Chris and Stuart who take loads of great shots and we only end up showing a few in these posts.

The other idea is to add a dedicated Forum area where you could post comments into set topics, such as General Off Topic, Woodturning, Ask a Turner and may be a Gallery to upload pictures of your own work.  We tried this ages ago and it was not used very much, but back then, it was the minority of members that were online, whereas now, its the opposite.  Before I look into this further, wasting both mine and my Son’s time (he is my go to Website Developer!) could you leave your feedback using the comments below to indicate whether you would use it or not.  Thanks.

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  • Chris Fisher

    I thought the jewellery stand was particularly nice, it was brilliant when the three parts came together.

  • Mick Close

    A very good demo. night. The competition table had some really good work on it.
    It’s a pity it was Gerry’s last visit with him retiring.
    Your idea for the gallery that everyone can access is a good idea. Not everybody uses facebook or Instagram.

  • Chris Fisher

    Thats two brilliant ideas Martin, the gallery, and a forum. I really like the idea of a forum were questions can be asked and comments made about hands on and Demonstration nights. Because it’s not a face to face thing it might encourage members to make comments and give their opinions on both nights and suggest possible improvements. It might also be a place were members can get things off their chests.
    A gallery gives us a chance to see more photos of Demo night, and if it’s possible some short videos of hands on nights, that decision is not mine to make though it’s just a suggestion.
    I personally would like to see more folks join our Instagram gallery and become followers, not only that its a very inspirational medium. I hope you get the backing you deserve not only from members but from the Committee as well.

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